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Hyundai Motor India / Hyundai Santro / poor and expensive servicing!

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My Car Santro XG 31000 kms - HR 51 S 6181 was serviced at Nimbus Motors Noida workshop recently and following are the points i noted are below par standards of service I am used (this being my third car and have experienced different service centers so far at various places:

1. Brake pads were replaced again (last being replaced at 16000 kms) - I feel there is something wrong here as I have never experienced this before and strongly recommend checking of quality of spare parts being used here
2. Alignment of the car at such major servicing interval was not taken care of and the car swerves to the left noticeably if not severely.
3. Minor complaints like headlamp adjustments, windshield water spray adjustment, glove box loose etc were disregarded altogether
4. Last but not the least the cleaning and washing of the car was so poor that i had to take the car back again to the workshop and even the workers agreed that there was some problem as there was still dirt remaining inside. The dashboard was polished on top of dirty surface , engine was not washed, battery water top up level doubtful and water not added to the water tank.
5. Cleaning was still not satisfactory after the second round and on my insistence that i dint have any more time they asked me to get back the car again for a free wash - which shows that I was right on my part but is of course ridiculous to take the car thrice to the same workshop for cleaning.

I was charged INR 7800/- for the servicing and I feel almost cheated and doubtful whether they even replaced the engine oil properly - forget about engine decarbonization.

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  • Vi
      14th of May, 2007
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    I am strongly agreed with Mohit's Comment.

    Even I am really doubtful that Engine Decarbonzation works. They charge INR 2500 for Engine Decarbonzation and Car works fine for 15 days only and after that it runs like hell.

    Mohit, was your complaint to hyundai responded? If yes, please send me the contact details for further escalation. Thanks...

  • Sa
      28th of May, 2007
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    Even i have a santro which is 4 yrs old and has run 46 k kms. I was charged a whopping 3.5 k six mths back on periodic servicing and again i was charged 8k,they said my brake pads are worn out. I am shocked at the amount i end up spending on periodic servicing of the car.

    In fact i have started wondering whether i should have opted for santro in the first place. I never knew servicing is such a costly affair


  • Ga
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    I have similar experience of Mr.Santosh Shetty. I have given the vehicle for normal servicing at Sarayu, Navi Mumbai and informed of 3.5 k towards servicing and oil change.

    However, I got a call from Sarayu shortly informing me that the brake pads were worn out and the drum to be replaced which will be costing another 5 k. I told them to keep the brake drum as it is, but they informed their inability to do so. I never had a problem with the brake previously.

    I presume this is a regular foul played by the service centers and needs intervention by Hyundai.

  • Ch
      12th of Sep, 2007
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    I feel Hyundai service people charge a hefty amount towards service and labor. They don't cover many things under periodic maintenance and charge some 100-400 rupees for multiple things that shoots up the bill. My car (3.5 yrs, 25K km) was serviced last day and the bill was 4.3 K. Out of this 1.4 K for towards oil, brake fluid, wiper blade etc. Although I didn't have complain on half of these items, but still I was okay as I assumed they have put new parts on my car.

    But the worst part was 2.4K of service and labor charges! wiper blades the costs some 70-80 rupees but the installation of the same was 110/- If they were doing only replacement of this part then I agree there should be some charges, but if a vehicle is given for general servicing, all this should be part of it.

    And another 500/- was paid from my pocket (as tax) to the government because my car was serviced!

    Another trick that I have noticed at Hyundai service centre is that the service person tells the bill amount and gives the papers to billing person and he immediately asks for the mode of payment and in all this hurry we usually forget to even see the bill and notice all this once we reach home! So my suggestion to all is, before doing the payment, verify your bill and try to bargain on something that you feel was added extra!

  • Rd
      22nd of Nov, 2007
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    I want to purchase India car no. DL 1Y 2951, RC NO. 0493425, PLZ TELL ME IT'S STATUS OF ANY POLICE CASE, COURT CASE ETC.

  • Es
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    Dear sirs,

    I am working in a company named maruthi electrical engineers, i bought a santro car from my ex- coleauge and iam using this car for more than 2 years, i gave my vehicle for servicing at DSC Hyundai, chinnamalai Branch, chennai. I used get bill for suspension lubrication charges of 175 rs. i need a clarification whether is there any greese nipple or any other system for lubrication suspension .dealers are making customers fool and blaming it on hyundai company ,and argues as they are collecting as per hyundai schedule. recent days i gave for an paid service, igot a bill with electrical checkup of rs 120 . i have found that indicator flickering fast and fog lamp not working properly brake light not working properly. i am not happy with after sales service. please advice your dealer DSC HYUNDAI NOT TO FOOL CUSTOMERS

  • Su
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    hi m sushil mishra .

    I have bought the second hand car in ur deep hyundai outlet WAZIRPUR
    when i bought the car the manager told me one year warranty of my car given by the hyundai company , the manager name is mr gulati (9873825747) in wazirpur industrial area.but never given me warranty book let or service book let till date.he always said i have mailed to the company about ur booklet

    can u have the solution. if company given me the one year free service and warranty it means i can service my car in any other nearest outlet but how it can be possible without service booklet and warranty booklet.

    Plz take action as soon as possible either i will go to the consumer court

    Sushil Mishra(9891455455)
    Car :- Accent Gle
    Model :-2001
    Car No:- DL9CC 4040

    Chasis no:- MALCH41GR1M021127
    Engine no:- G4EB1A08777

  • Dh
      28th of May, 2008
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    I am agreed with all of you.

    I also have Santro from Aug-2004. Very first day I reported the problem of CAR balancing but they simply replied due to Air Pressure. Till date I am trying to get resolved this problem from Hyudai Service Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai. Every 2 months I need to take CAR to service centre for Alignment and Balancing problem. Due to this, now Tyres are also damaaged and they are not ready to accept this fact.
    They are doing balancing on damaged tyres. I don't know that it is possible to do alignment and balancing with faulty tire. When I asked to write the report then they simply reply, there are not supposed write any comments about this on the service report.
    Everytime, I need to spend more than Rs. 1000 for each service even it's under warranty.

    Actually, I am looking for the email address or contact of CEO of Hyundai Motors (India or Korea).So I can inform them what kind of service centre, they selected.

    Like Sushil, I am also planning to go to Consumer court for this issue.

  • Ra
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    I am working in a company Oracle i bought a santro car, i am using this car for more than 1 years, i gave my vehicle for servicing at Deep Hyundai, I was told by one of the technician that there is problem in my tyres & suspension so they recommended me to change tyres . But when i asked them which tyres do you recomend ; their answer was Bridgestone .They recomended me one of the tyre shop near by where i was charged double the market price . I need a clarification whether dealers are making customers fools & moreover they would be getting some thing in return from that tyre dealer. Iwould suggest Hyundai dealers not to lose their valuable costumers & should take an intiative not to recommend to change something from outside market ..
    Appreciate your concern .& for that tyre dealer, I am also planning to go to Consumer court for this issue.


  • Ra
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    i am rajat, i have Santro XG VD, and i am here to share my unpleasent experiences yes not experience but "experiences" in the hyundai workshop .
    i have "starting problem " in my car since few months and for that i have visited the " Ultimate Hyundai" workshop four times bout i don't know what kind of people are working there, they are no be able to diagnose the problem properly and inspite visiting there four times for tha same problem wasting my time and money i am fed up with this so now i have only one alternative with me to complaint about it.
    Actually, I am also looking for the email address or contact of CEO of Hyundai Motors (India or Korea).So I can inform them what kind of service centre, they selected.
    Rajat Joshi(9915861411)
    car- santro XG vd
    engine no.- G4HD3C36023
    ADDRESS OF THE workshop:
    Ultinate Automobiles
    #155, industrial area-1

  • Su
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    i an from shimla, went to tapan hyundai, solan.for my poor performance thy told me to replace my clutch assembly, thy kept my vehicle for 9days, doing nothing, slight modification wiyh my clutch, and dispactchd my car not telling me that they done a good job, my performance has drasticaly reduced after that job, they told that u have the most diffrent clutch in d whole world, whereas it ws once changed by an authorised dealer, plz suggest me wht to do, iam moving the case with consumer court soon.

  • An
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    Why Hyundai not bothered about the after sales service ?, the main reason of not buying a Hyundai product is due to its service and cost of Spares.

  • Ch
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    I bought a new ACCENT CNG on 13 august 2008 from the compnay owned showroom in delhi named Hyundai Motor Plaza. The company gave me a 2 years warranty on the car. The first problem arose right within the first 1000 kms that too within 15 days. It started making a humming noise which gradually started incresing day by day and finally had to be taken to the worshop where it was found that the bearing was at fault. does a new car have such a problem????? seondly the metel sheet base of the boot on which the CNG cyinlinder is resting started to rip apart and cracks started emerging. Now again the car is in the garage and they are saying of either cutting a section of that sheet and putting up a new one or changing the whole sheet. why the hell should i get my sheet changed or repaired when i have not done anything with it, its the company faulty sheet or the workmanship thats showing out. The repair or change in sheet would lead to more dangerous situation which could lead to some mishap as the cylinder might shake and cause leakage of gas and thus explsion. so whos is at loss ??? and why should the customer bear it???

  • Va
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    DL8CS-1161 hyundai complaint
    Mail IInd .

    M/S. Hyundai Motors

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    As per my eairler mail regarding problems with my car registration no : DL8CS-1161. I received a call from himgiri hyundai for my car cheque up. I have give them my car for one day in the evening when I reached there they told me that your alliengment problem will only be solved when you change your tiers & it can’t be sought out with anything else & about A/C. they told me that we have cleaned the filters & there is no problem & you can drive the car & give us the feed back. I took the car & the very next day I have to go to out of Delhi I was expecting that my car should perform better than before but I was wrong the problems are same occurring again & again . then I called to the person he told me to bring the car to the workshop. Tell me one thing don’t I have any other work except getting my car to your workshop. I also received a call from samara hyundai they asked me the problems. I told them all the things. They asked me for tyres reports by bridgestone done by himgiri hyundai. I told they did not make such kind of report by bridgestone. They told me that you please bring your car to samara hyundai & we will do that & the person calling said that I am taking appointment with the bridgestone excecutive & then tell you the time for the next day. But two days gone & I didn’t received any call. Then I called those guy’s they said that you have purchased the car from himgiri & they only will do this job & we will not. Tell me one thing why are you making your customers a fool. Now I want that my tyers shoud be changed by you & I will drive the car for 10000 kms. If tyers remains okay then I will bear the cost & If they didn’t you will have to bear the cost & Now I will not go to your workshop & if you don’t want to do tell me very clearly. Then I will have to take some action against you people. Now tell me what should I do? Should I go to consumer court ?

  • Su
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    Hyundai Motors
    Dear sir/Madam
    I have purchased one Hyundai i 10 era from Oja Hyundai at Guwahati on 30 Th
    March2009. After 2 months of purchase the vehicle started giving problem. The fan for
    cooling Engine moves contnuously more than 30 Minutes non- stop. In June i had gone
    Oja Servicing centre, Guwahati four times. First they did not found any fault and finaly
    on 28 th June, 2009 they told me that Thermostat valve has been changed and now
    onwards it will not give trouble. Fortunately for next 2 months it worked ok, but after
    that it again strted giving same problem. On October 29 the fan moved for more than 40
    minutes non- stop. finding no alternative i have switch off the Key. On 31ST October I
    had given the vehicle to nearest Hyundai Servixing centr, Saraighat Hyundai at
    Adabari, Guwahati. They kept the vehicle for 2 days for finding fault. After 2 days they
    diagonized that Censor was not working and there is no stock for censor at theit stock. It
    will take 4 days to requisition for censor and asked me to take the vehicle without any
    rectification. Such was harassment i am getting after purchasing such condemned
    Service Engineer are never capable of finding fault and rectification. A vehicle of 2
    months old if gives problem in such manner it should be substituted by a new one. Why
    under these circumstances i should not be provided with a new car as your
    service Engineer will never be able to rectify the problem and I have bear life long with
    this condemned vehicle. So please guide me what to do
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Sulay Kumar chanda
    Sagar Housing Complex
    Kamakhya nagar, Adabari
    Mob No-94355 99084

  • Aj
      18th of Mar, 2010
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    Hi Firends,

    I Purchased Santro GLS (CNG)from Hundai Motor Plaza in 2008.I spent 55000 extra for CNG varient.At the time of delievery they told me that after three months they will provide me CNG papers but after 1 YR and N number of meeting with them they can not provide me any CNG documents and till now I am not able to endorse my registation card.There behaviour was really redicilious.They really harras me and finally I decide to run my car without CNG endorsement.This is really cheating by company and after N number of meeting with Hundai Motor Plaza I got only assurance not else.

    Second thing I faced same problem as other friends, I visit Himgiri Hundai(Peeragarhi) for regular service.I have no complaint about break shoe.I droped my car there and there executive told me that there is exp of 3-4 k.But once I reached home I got call from service advisor that your brear shoe need replacement, I said that I don't have any problem with breakshoe so please don't change, he said that sir this is in bad condition and ur phone was not working so we already changed that.I got shocked.I have another car Swift.I done 55000 but till now Break shoe are prefect but how can they change break shoe after only 15000.

    There only objective during service is shotup our bill upto 7-8K.They r really big cheater.

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