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Hyundai Motor Copany / Neal And Massy Trinidad And Tobago / defective vehicle

1 Korea (South)

Neal and massy automotive.
Lady young road,
Trinidad and tobago.

To whom it may concern:

This is to inform you that I the above mention will be acting on behalf of my client dr. Muntaz muslim whom in 2007 january 12th purchased a hyundai tuscon from your company,
From that day onwards he have been experiencing problems with the said vehicle first was his certified copy of ownership a legal document in which the wrong color of the vehicle was written and which took your company 13 months to rectify
Then in 2008 march the a/c started giving problems in addition to that the automobile horn. The a/c compressor was changed
Then in may 2008 the said situation happened again this time the a/c compressor was changed together with the automobile horn.
Then in july 2008 the said problem recurred the a/c compressor was changed along with that the radiator was deemed defective and was changed.
In august 2008 there were oil spills on the inside of the bonnet my client called the gm of the company and 2 technicians was sent to ascertain the magnitude of the problem they told him that the damper cable needed to be replaced but when the vehicle was taken to the company to rectify the problem the engine was washed and they told him that nothing was wrong, on inspection of the vehicle my client found the engine shield missing, the then reported it to the service manager in which they placed a substitute one which was old.
Then in october 2008 the smell of electrical wire burning was being smelt anytime the a/c was on my client reported it to the service manager he was never told what the problem was but when the vehicle was returned to him he was told that he should not have any problems again.
In august 2009 the a/c was not working for the fourth time he reported it to the service manager he was then told that the company had to request an advance module from their suppliers in which it took three weeks, then the company replaced it.
In october 2009 the engine was leaking oil and giving problems in which a harsh grinding sound was heard anytime he started the vehicle he told the service manager the service manager told him to bring in the vehicle to the service when they examined the vehicle the told him that there was a build up sludge. Build up of sludge can mean a lot of things the viscosity of the oil, the climate or the overheating of the engine but the lay blame that my client did not service his vehicle for 20k km but then what baffles me is that the engine had over half the required oil so tell me who is telling the truth and who is not.
Well we will deal with that in due time the engine was overhauled and deemed to be in proper working condition with the exception of the a/c pulley which they the company had to order ans when the vehicle went in for service on the 1st june 10 it was then fitted on.
My client was then requested by your officials that he should desist from sending the company which is hmc and nmatt email which make them look bad
But what about the inconvenience of my client for the past three years plus what about the stress your company has put him under because for the stress my client has been suffering from epilepsy can hmc and nmatt pay him for his mental stress by them selling him a defective vehicle.
Regardless of how many km the vehicle has done the amount of time the said vehicle was in your service department is ridiculous.

I have advise my client that all correspondence should come through me before he speak to any official from addition to that my client have made certain claims as regards the defective vehicle which was sold to him either a new vehicle or a full refund which I deem should be most agreeable.
If this matter goes to high court you are liable of loosing much more than that plus all his legal fees
Neal and massy automotive.
Lady young road,
Trinidad and tobago.

Hyunday motor company

To whom it may concern:

This note is to inform you that in due respect to my emails to you in which you blatantly disregarded and without hesitation you have disrespected and insulted my client dr. Muntaz muslim by firstly selling him a deffective vehicle and now you have the avudasity to offer him a what you call a reasonable price.
If you call this justice I barrister donald wayne don't, I call this robbery with a passion a total rip off, you just cannot take customers money and give them third class vehicles.
That is what you have done to my client and you have 5 more days to come up with his offer of all his monies he spent for his car his attorney fees plus fees for his mental anguish or a brand new hyundai tuscon without defects
If his demands is not met within the 5 day period you will feel the full brunt of the law
P. S there is more clients like dr. Muslim and I will be most eager to work with them for their satisfaction

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