Hyundai Motor America / 2013 hyundai sonata certified pre-owned car

United States

Bought this Car as a Certified Pre-Owned In July of 2016. Has been in the shop so many times for so many problems its absolutely astounding. Car had about 41, 000 miles at time of purchase. Car had 57, 000 miles at time of trade 14 months later. Depreciation $6500.

August 2016 ~ AC Failed (Had car about a week)
September 2016 ~ AC Failed (Had car about 2 days)
September 2016 ~ Notified of class action lawsuit that engine could fail.
October 2016 ~ Took in for an oil change and was told the car was due for its 45, 000 mile service. (what the heck we just bought the car 4k miles ago and now you are pushing big ticket service?)
November 2016 ~ Thinking there was no charge to the 45k service check took it in. They said the rear e brake pads were shot as were the rotors. After much arguing got this fixed with no charge. Both front sway bar links are replaced. Other squeaks and rattles are fixed, others not. (had car for 4 or so days)
March 2017 ~ Recall work completed (oil feed tube) Other squeaks and rattles can't be identified for repair. (had ar a day)
September 2017 ~ Recall work completed for seat belt tensioner and Engine inspection. Also Replaced a tie rod end and rear sway bar link. (Had car almost 1 week.)
September 2017 ~ Less than a week later the check engine light came on. Replaced an o2 sensor and seat belt (It hadn't been retracting for some time) The car is now in need of tires and front brakes/rotors (had car for part of the day.) Immediately went to Honda and bought a New CRV.

Time lost monkeying around with this car was endless. Sure the items were covered under the "warranty" but who cares? It takes at least 1 hour to drive to the dealership, drop off the car, then pick it up and all that goes with the process.

Sep 27, 2017

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