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Hyundai, Genesis / service & seat

1 CA, United States Review updated:

This is Mr. Oh, Sang-man who just leased a New Genesis. I’d like o file a complaint regarding this New Genesis with the problem. Please read below and advise me what I should do.

I am one of royal customers of Hyundai Cars since 1987. Starting from a Pony Excel, I used to own an Avante, a Sonata and a Galloper when I used to live in Korea. None of your products disappoint me until now.

I saw an ad on the newspaper about Special Lease Program for Hyundai Genesis. So I went to LAX Hyundai Superstore in Inglewood, California with my wife.

1. Problems of First Vehicle: Mileage, Engine Noise & Side Mirror

a. Feb. 6, 2009, around 4:00 PM, we arrived at LAX Hyundai Superstore and signed the 27 months lease contact from “Skye Chung/Salesman”.

b. It was a rainy day, so we skipped the test drive

c. He showed us briefly about the car, what switches and buttons do in the car, how to start the engine, etc.

d. And we left the dealership and arrived at my Irvine house around 6:30 PM. (VIN# KMHGC46E69U033165)

e. On the way back home, we noticed odometer displayed 320 mile. (Total driven distance was 60 miles on the contract.)

f. We could hear abnormal engine noise at low speed.

g. Also, right side mirror was not working properly. – when you put the gear in reverse position, both side mirrors supposed to tilt downward but they didn’t work properly.

2. Dealership Response

a. It rained over the weekend (2/07 & 08), we drove it for the church trip.

b. Kept wondering about the mileage; odometer read 380 miles.(we thought it was driving distance with current fuel level.)

c. Sunday, Feb. 08, 8:00 PM, called the dealership and left a voicemail for a return call.

d. Monday, Feb. 09, received a return call from the dealer and discussed the mileage problem. We double and triple checked the odometer reading.

e. After the checking, odometer displayed over 400 miles. Called the dealership back and reported this finding. Dealership asked us whether we had a long driving trip with this new vehicle over the weekend. (We were shocked and offended by this very unreasonable question.) Dealership insisted 60 miles is the mileage at the delivery.

f. Regarding the engine noise, it is very popular and common question among New Genesis Owners, so the dealership recommended us to bring in for free of of charge Saturday Clinic.

g. Tue. Feb 10, Called the dealership again appealed why we didn’t received the car as specified in the contract. Also, we asked for the explanation how it happened.

h. Dealership replied that they checked the system, managements and asked around but they couldn’t figure it out. We asked the dealer to exchange us a new vehicle since the answer from the dealership was totally unacceptable. We got “NO” from the dealership.

i. I asked them to cancel my contract due their ignorant, unpleasant, unprofessional answers and attitudes. The dealership told me that they will call me after the discussion with their managements.

j. The dealership called and told us they figured out how that happened. They found the car from san Diego area and they drove it to the dealership and forgot to recalculate and adjust the contract accordingly. They told us to come in for the exchange.

3. Problems at the second visit.

a. As discussed during phone conversation on Tue. Feb. 10, the same color show room model (57 mile) will be arranged for pick up 2:00 PM Wed. Feb. 11. Price, terms and conditions will stay same as the first lease transaction.

b. Called the dealership 1:00 PM and informed them we were on our way.

c. Arrived 1:50 PM and disappointed by LAX Hyundai, again. The price was gone up and I had to follow what they said. Mr. Izamago - not sure about the spelling- was raising his voice and gave me the pressure to accept these new terms. His obnoxious attitude and loud voice made me feel very uncomfortable.

d. I asked for Mr. Skye Chung one more time we didn’t want to do any business since they kept changing their words. Mr. Chung went back to his people and brought me the same payment terms.

e. I was told the car should be ready in a moment but I had to wait two and a half hour.

f. I had to rush and left the dealer since I had another business meeting to attend.

g. I was disappointed one more time since the car wasn’t ready for the delivery.(lighter wasn’t there, , , )

h. Throughout these conversations, I don’t remember getting an apology from this dealership.

4. Problem of Second Vehicle: Pan Cushion

a. After the short drive to Los Angeles for a business meeting, I had a lower back pain. My wife had the same uncomfortable feeling from the seats.

b. We both suffered lower back pain until next day.

c. Next morning, we realized that there were no pan cushions left on both driver and passenger seats. I could grab extra leather from seat pan without any efforts. We tried to adjust seat position and lumbar control all the possible way to suit us but that was impossible.

5. Visit @ Turtle-Click Hyundai in Irvine, CA

a. Friday, Feb. 13, 10:00 AM, I went to Hyundai Service Center in Irvine and asked for repair or replacing the seats under warranty. Mr. Brett Bocart/Service Engineer advised me that he couldn’t do anything for me since they are not manufacturing or design defect. He told me to go back to where I got this vehicle for help. Or I could call [protected].

b. The same day, arrived at LAX Hyundai, Service Center around 4:50 PM. Consulted with Mr. Chan Park/Service Engineer for this seats issues. Mr. Park tried both front seats and told me and my wife that he could not feel anything wrong with them. He told me to go see the Salesman for help.

c. We asked Mr. Park to come with us to the showroom and try other seats.

d. He tried two other vehicles – same Genesis V6 models – he had almost same feeling but he couldn’t see the problem. But he agreed the seats from black color model were very firm – almost felt like a Mercedes Benz – and other Light Blue model seats were more firm.

e. Due to the warranty, seats couldn’t be replaced with new ones. We could have repair done under warranty.

f. Repair service could be performed by Upholstery Specialist LAX Hyundai hires. Hyundai does not have seat repair capability in the states. Each dealership hires third party Upholstery Services. Mr. Park was not familiar with the detail spec. of pan cushion. If we decide to repair, he will make the arrangement to match the firmness we want. (Estimated Repair Time: 1-2 days). He also, suggested us not to repair. After the upholstery work, seats would not look new most of time. He wouldn’t touch the seats. He suggested us to use extra cushion for lower back support.

g. I invited one of my personal friends LAX Hyundai to get a fresh opinion. He tried to the same three Genesis seats - black & blue in Showroom and mine- he mentioned that mine had almost no pan cushion left. Also, backseat pan cushions were collapsed distinctively compared to the black showroom model.

6. Good things about Second Vehicle

a. There is no engine noise at low speed – unlike the first one.

b. No right side mirror problem. - working properly

c. Engine is very quite, smooth and responsive at all time. - We both love the style and performance of Genesis!!!

My wife and I drove many Hyundai cars in our life but this is the first one giving us the “lower back pain”. But I strongly believe Hyundai will take care of this seat problem and satisfy us like other Hyundai cars did.

Truly yours,

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  • Ss
      18th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    The issue with the mileage resonates with me. My new Genesis V8 was delivered to me with over 250 miles on it. The dealer's representatives (Plaza Hyundai, Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) told my insurance company when asked that the car had less that 15 miles on it. In accepting delivery I as shocked to see the mileage on the vehicle. On questioning the dealer about the high mileage I was told that the car was driven in from upstate NY. I had already accepted delivery and because of various immediate constraints decided to keep the vehicle. This seems then to be a very deceptive attitude of the Hyundai dealers. I am unable to enjoy the concept of purchasing a new vehicle which turned out to have been driven over 250 miles, am untrusting of the dealer and I now have an "attitude" about the dealer and my car buying experience with them because of my distrust. My first service is to be this morning at 8:00 a.m. I'm still considering whether or not to take my car back to the dealer for such service.

  • Bm
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    men... c'mon... what s cheap is cheap... Hyundai is a fake luxury!!! Live with it... every Hyunday owner deserves those problems coz they opt to own a hyundai... dont be cry babies.. hey... remember it won JD Powers Initial Quality Survey... and I guess you believe it... right.. so you guys deserves it... sorry no offense...

  • Ky
      29th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Drive before you BUY!! or lease and drive more than one so you know if one has a problem that another does not. Drive like 3 or more at different dealers before you buy you will get a better deal and you will know how many miles it has on it too! I like the new genesis coupe so far I have driven 3 and will drive more before I buy and I'm looking at other cars too! don't be stuck on one brand there all just as good as another!!! good luck with your car's! and remember repairs take away from profit and no company want's that!!!

  • Do
      30th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes


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