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Hyundai Elantra / illegal service denial!

1 United States

I bought a Hyundai Elantra 2006 from the Egyptian market, The Authorized and official dealer in Egypt refused to conduct any service on the car at my cost, because they said "we took a decision only service Hyundai cars bought from us at Egypt and your car was bought originally from Saudi Arabia and then came to Egypt and we don't want that to happen so we took that decision".

So my question is:

1- Should it be broad casted to the world , don't come to Egypt with your Hyundai car because if any thing happened to it during your stay the official dealer won't service the car and you are stuck. Hyundai cars are only good for use in the country you b0ought it from and it should stay their.

2- The Hyundai's Mother Company doesn't keep track of its dealers behavior and abuse of customer, they can spend a lot of time and effort on improving their cars and that will be wasted because of their dealers giving them a bad name with their bad behavior of their customers.

3- I am waiting to see if the Hyundai mother company will contact me because if they don't that will confirm my suspicion about their poor job of trying to satisfy their customers.

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