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I screwed up! Overdrew checking, I am human. Too bad the bank policy is to charge 37.50 per item daily until the account is in the black. They charge this amount peritem for three days, then I had a 7 dollar charde.

What the hell!

Thanks for hittin us little peons when we r down. What makes you think I have that much money to pay the fees plus my bills?

How much did the ceo and friends receive in bonuses this past year?

By the way, never had this problem with overdraft in the 30 plus years I have been banking with you! So much for takung care of your loyal customers.

Think about the asterik I want to add below!

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      Mar 14, 2012

    I would just like to say Huntington Bank is the best bank I have ever banked with. The 24 hour grace is amazing!! After all of the bad reviews I have seen, I have found out its lack of knowledge with people. Quit complaining about 24 hour grace if you dont know how to use it. They have a call center and banking offices to explain it to you. Also if you have online banking it clearly states you have to make a deposit to cover the negative balance and keep it positive to the following day. Its not rocket science to understand if your account is negative to make a deposit for what its over drawn plus all other items that havent posted. Dont try and play the system and pretend you forgot about a check you clearly wrote and when it comes through you get charged fees. Obviously you dont keep a register and balance your books. That may mean you are not grown up enough to have a checking account or you are one of those people who try to play the system and when it back fires you call to complain about the mistake YOU made. Huntington is the only one who has 24 hour grace to make things right for your first overdraw. No other bank out there does this. Either stop over drawing your account or cover what you over draw and stop complaining. It gets old!

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      Mar 14, 2012

    Ashley, it is quite obvious that you are young and work for Huntington. This is a COMPLAINT board, not a place to advertise for your bank. I am quite old enough to handle an account. Did you retire at age 39, you little twit?!? I love Huntington, been with them, as I stated, for over 30 plus years. I just think hitting up a person for OUTRAGEOUS overdraft fees (37.50 per day for three days then 7 bucks thereafter till in the positive) is ROBBERY OF THE PEON. CHARGING SOMEONE EXCESSIVE FEES WHEN THEY DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY IS A KICK IN THE ###. Guess u never been there. Must b a spoiled brat.

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