Huntington Bankpoor manager

D Sep 27, 2017 Review updated:

My experience was with the north Barrington branch. My advice is find another bank. The tellers are polite. The Bank manager disregarded court orders to uphold power of attorney orders from Cook County Illinois. Instead, the manger took into her hands to close accounts. Funds were dispersed to a documented ward of the court. This disregard caused additional attorney fees. Not only account issues, but also they opened a charge card for someone that was known to them to have cognitive disability. This account took longer that it should have to close. Now they are still charging fees for late charges on an account that should have never been opened. The manager did not return phone calls. This banking situation was very poor.


  •   Sep 27, 2017

    And the entire story is what?

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      Oct 11, 2017

    Just had a situation where they put a $3000 check on hold. They froze the account and all the money in it. Then closed the account and they still have the money and are telling me they don't know when I can get the money back. Their excuse "the check was counterfeit" which it was not - It was an insurance check for property damage made out the address (since its a condo master agreement). Made 3 complaints requesting someone call me back and no one has over the past 2 weeks. Banks are supposed to be able to handle difficult transactions. Huntingdon Bank is irresponsible. DO NOT PUT YOU MONEY IN THERE - they can put a hold on the account and freeze all you money with no answer when it will be released.

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  •   Oct 12, 2017

    @MaryEllenD Read the TOS of your account.

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