Huntington Bankcustomer service

On January 15th, 2017 to the Huntington Bank located in the Giant Eagle on Stelzer Road in Columbus Ohio. I was in line for what seems like forever. There was only one banker working (Erika) who was doing a really good job. Suddenly another banker and the branch manager appear and begin to start chit-chatting with another customer, leaving many of us still in line watching them. By the time I got to Erika and explained what I needed I now was third in line to talk to the branch manager who was not doing a damn thing. I over heard him talking about how he had only been at the location for six months and he came from a competitor bank. No one cares. He finally came over to see what I needed and I explained to him that I had a check that needed to be wired and the transaction was time sensitive.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Columbus, OH He began to talk to me in a very condescending tone that I did not appreciate. And then he continued to speak to me as if I was a third grader by telling me about how it was the weekend and the following day was a holiday. Excuse my French, but no sh** Sherlock. Not only am I an adult who has been with Huntington for awhile, I also closing in on my PhD. Finally he said that there was nothing he could do because he didn't know me and so he could vouch for me. That was not my question, nor what I wanted him to do. He clearly was not listening to a word I was saying.
I want a written apologize from that branch manager to me, including how he is going to work on his customer service skills when dealing with individual and how to actually "manage" the bank when the customer line is streaming through the store. I was embarrassed for Huntington Bank because of how this manager was handling business.

Jan 16, 2017

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