HSBC Retail Servicescharging me interest to 2010 evn if I pay offf today

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these people are scam artists, i will never use them again, i wont go into my long story, because its similiar to everyones stories, all scams, people should form agroup and stand up to these credit card
companies, they hide all there crap in small print, hell i cant hardly read it with reading glasses on.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Tuscola, IL
we need to stop talking about it and start a large law suit, i also think think all credit card companies
should have there small print made into large bold letters, and what natioanality these card are
owned by, i want my money im spending and interest to stay in usa, how do we know these
companies are not owned by some foreign company, that we dont want to deal with, this should be
on the front of there statements, big bold letters, usa company or whatever

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  • Br
      Jan 12, 2008
    HSBC Retail Services - Harassment!
    HSBC Retail Services
    United States

    Bought my motorcycle Oct 3,2017 then received a phone call on Nov 6th saying payment was late. Found out it was due on Oct 25th. Make an immediate payment the next day and they agree to drop late charge. Make another one on Nov 14th and and it arrives via my online bank's bill pay system ontime but it's not processed until after the due date. I get another phone call around Dec 10th saying that payment was late and so was the one that was due on Oct 25th. I disagree and told them I will give them back the motorcycle if this continues. I make another payment for Dec 25th payment it arrives Dec 22. It's late too. No matter when you send it and how early it gets there, it's always late. I guess they think I must be mailing this through the USPS and cannot prove arrival date. Thank GOD for online banking. I can't wait for them to keep this up so I can go forth with legal action.

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  • Cw
      Jan 31, 2008

    I got my motorcycle with my suzuki card that had a 0% APR for the first six months back in June 2017. Got my first bill and WAM there is a 19.99% interest rate on my loan for the motorcycle and the loan went to Retail Services (hsbc). I was floored to say the least especially when my credit rating is 753. I called the company and they told me that the 0% interested was something the motorcycle shop did and not them. I explained that when I signed the loan papers it said that I was to have 0% apr. Well after months of phone calls and complaints, I am still paying the 19.99%APR. Then to top everything off I sent my payment out on the 19 of Dec and my bill was not due until the 27th. When I got my Jan bill I had a 39 dollar late fee because they did not receive it until the 28th. I explained to them that I mailed it out on the 19th and that there was no reason why they did not get it on time since they are just in the state beside me. Well they said that it was probably due to the mail being behind. I asked that since it was not my fault about then getting it one day late due to the holidays if they were going to remove the late fee. They said no because it was not there fault and I quote what I was told here "It was not there fault that the mail system has slackers working for them and because they do, I am the one that has to pay the charge for it". Means to say that I am looking into taking my loan elsewhere even if that means that I pay more for my bike.

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  • Mi
      Aug 22, 2008

    HSBC starts with phone calls at 8.24 am EVERYDAY. I'm currently unemployed and have told them for weeks. But they continue with 4 to 6 calls a day. Then calls from "unknown" number and place start. Is there any way to stop them. They are harassing me and my family with these calls and I have told them as much. What can I do to make them stop or better yet, start HARASSING THEM!?!?

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  • Di
      Oct 09, 2008

    Has anyone ever attempted to drive to the HSBC building?

    I used to tell the person what I was wearing, if a lady called I would ask her about her underwear. Eventually they quit calling. I got butt munhced by this terrorist orgnization also.

    Blow up the building.

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  • Cy
      Nov 11, 2008

    I bought my motocycle 2 years ago my apr was 18 and went up because i supossibly made a payment late i always send it on the recommended date and it is still always late im tired of that im just gioing to return the bike even though it affects my credit but im never going to finish paying the bike with taht interest rate there full of ### RIPOFFS

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  • Sd
      Jun 10, 2009
    HSBC Retail Services - Overcharges and processing delays
    Art Van

    Very rude and not sympathetic. Out of 8 payments 4 checks where lost in the mail. According to them if no payment is given on the due date it must be lost!!! Because I'm from Canada i need to send payment minimum 15 days ahead of time (break down... 3 day mail delivery and between 10 to 12 days processing from them). My bigest problem was the processing from the company and the ridiculous overcharge late payment fees. Ì'm very happy that I transfer my account away from them, and most of all I have a great job where I can talk to many potentionel clients to not do business with HSBC!!!

    Finally, they still got all the money, but if I can prevent even 1 customer to do business there I will accomplish my goal!

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  • Sh
      Sep 01, 2009


    Wow! I thought it was just me, actually it doesn't matter when I send in my payment, they always attach a late fee. These people are so rude! I can't wait to pay off my account. All these things that people say about them are true. I have had many bad experiences. Thanks for your comments!


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  • Br
      Nov 18, 2009
    HSBC Retail Services - RIP OFF
    South Carolina
    United States

    I purchased three four wheelers and they are financed thru HSBC retail services and the more you pay the less the balance goes down, two of them were for my son and nephew and should have been way lower balances by now but it still has me oweing only a thousand less that what I paid, this company is a fraud and a rip off. the customers shopuld be cut loose of there debts.

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  • Kb
      Jan 27, 2010
    HSBC Retail Services - No Customer Service
    British Columbia

    During the short time that I have had my HSBC Retail credit card I have had nothing but issues with their customer service department. A simple request constantly turns into an hour long phone call where I keep getting transferred around. They aren't consistent with the stores that sell their product. The store tells me one thing and the customer service tells me another. I am cancelling my account and advising other people not to waste their time with this company. All they know how to do is say sorry instead of making a negative experience into a positive one. Thank you HSBC for waiting my time.

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  • We
      Feb 11, 2010

    I purchased a motorcycle in 2017. My loan thru HSBC was for $13, 500. I have made every payment on time. April 2017 will be my last payment. EXCEPT...HSBC just sent me a letter saying that I still owe $12, 100. What?! How in the hell can they do that? Waqs my last 5 years of payments for nothing? What can I do?

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  • Vt
      Oct 18, 2010
    HSBC Retail Services - interest charges
    The Brick

    I buy the furniture on JUNE 13 2017 under the no payment NO interest for 3 months plan. The amt for 4 items was 342.29.

    Out of four items two items whose amount is $ 67.98 CDN. The delivery of these two items I received on SEPT 04 2017. i.e almost after 3 months and i pay 342.29 on SEPT 29 2017. They did not revise the invoice and make necessary change to my bill for 67.98 CDN under three month plan. And in my next invoice they charge me $ 22.55 CDN as an interest. Due to their negligence and mistake I have to pay $ 22.55 interest.

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  • Ni
      Dec 02, 2010

    HSBC sent me a remortgage rate of 3% higher for 5 years (no less number of years) when all other mortgage companies were offering their lowest rates. Then they dragged
    on putting mortgage through for five months, charging the highest rate. Employee at HSBC office blamed it on Head office and Head office blamed it on local office. Employees at local office and head office gave incorrect information, then were rude when I brought up inaccuracies. Hate this place.

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  • Ma
      Jan 30, 2011
    HSBC Retail Services - The Worst
    HSBC Retail Services
    United States

    I was given an original payment price of $87.13 by the store where I purchased my furniture, paid my bill one month early. I then received a bill from HSBC for $123.93 saying the original bill was supposed to be $88 instead. So, I get that taken care of supposedly, they tell me to send in my $88 a month from now on, I don't miss a payment for 6 months, but little did I know (because I do the paperless billing) I still was being charged the original 93 cents I missed that they told me they refundef my account originally. So, now I have amassed $195 in late charges. a big thanks to the Indian/Pakastani customer service rep for explaining to me in the first conversation that I had to pay the 93 cents he credited back to my account on my next bill. And to the second rep for being a [censored] about it this time.

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