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I called to make a payment of $900.00 through my checking account and gave the correct account number on the system. Hsbc said it was accepted and they would charged me a $15.00 processing fee. A month later I recived a bill with the payment amount added to my balance where it was never processed plus an additional $29.00 finance charge. When I called the customer service department (which sounded like they were located in another country) they said I gave the correct checking account number, however, two extra numbers were added to my account number of which I did not give them. They now charged me extra fees for their mistake. I have paid off this account with the exception of these additional fees and feel I was unjustly charged this fee of $44.06. They have now charged me an additonal $2.00 finance charge on the $44.06 which is now up to $46.06. I feel that this is a situation that they created illegally to get additional money for their use. I feel that this is a gross injustice and they prey on consumers because we have no other resources available for us to fight against these charges.


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      Oct 17, 2009

    I received an unjust $15 late fee today. My purchases were made on 9/26/09 and they are telling me they billed me on 9/20/09 and thus the late fee. What?! How does that work? I have tried calling them at 3 different phone numbers only to get the same menu of "press this and that" with no options that take me to a human being! So then I tried contacting them via email and they refuse to understand the situation or waive the fee. And you cannot "reply" to their email, so every time I want to write back, I must log online to do so. Therefore, there is no log of email questions & responses. This is the most unbelievable "customer service" I have ever experienced. So I am supposed to pay the $15 fee for their shoddy billing system?! And if I don't pay it, I'm sure they will charge me late fees on top of late fees. What can I do? This is so unjust! How do they get away with this? Needless to say, I chopped up my credit card and refuse to ever shop at Younkers again.

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      Mar 21, 2011

    I have been disputing finance charges/late fees with the BBB since Nov, 2010. I had been paying my David's Bridal account between the 3 and 25 of each month for the months that I paid earlier in the month IE: Nov 4 they charged me fees and finance charges claiming I did not pay for the month. They have changed my minimum due from 20.00 all the way up to 108.00 which I told them I refuse to pay anything over the 20.00 a month unless I feel like it. The bills are not due until the 28 of each month and one would think paying early was a good thing but not with HSBC. It has gotten so bad that I wrote and told them to write it off as paid in full because I will not pay another cent to this annoying debt. Why should I have to incur late fees and finance charges when I have never paid my bill late not even once. They make the error they should have to pay for their mistakes. This CO makes a habit out of bad business and should be shut down for illegal practices.

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