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HSBC Mortgage Company / won't credit payments

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I have been trying for over a year to get HSBC Mortgage to correct my account. I have faxed and mailed copies of all payments they say haven't been paid. They're saying I'm four months late. I paid almost $1,000 in late fees that I didn't owe, also HSBC didn't credit me my annual insurance, and tried to triple my payment for that as well. I had to fax copies of my canceled check and also have my Insurance Agent call them before they'd correct it. This has ruined my credit, that's all I have, I'm a widow at 49, three children, with no life insurance to help and lots of bills. I'm sinking and dying fast. I've always done my best but I can't make it without the help of my once good credit. I don't have any money at all. HSBC says their records are right, how can they do this when I have concrete proof of payment from canceled checks and bank drafts? Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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  • Ti
      7th of Apr, 2008
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    Please explain how HSBC can mail me documents showing my mortgage with them 11/1995 when I have my mortgage papers from SAXON & Meriteck showing my mortgage was paid off in 1997? I also recvd HUD papers (detailed) from HSBC/HFC Mortgage with my signature forged dated 11/1995. What started me looking at my mortgage papers was when HSBC/HFC sent me a check stating they were monitoring my mortgage account for late fees acessed in error so I thought what else did they due in error & there it was over a period of several years starting with when I started using HFC/HSBC July 2nd 1997 they added disability & credit life into finace & deducted from a revolving loan same day July 2nd 1997 & than added the disability & credit life into my refi even though the insurance was cancelled the same day than they did it again in 1998 & 1999 which adds up to apprm 30, 000.00 & now HSBC is sending me fraudulent papers! I sent copies of all the paperwork I had to their research department + called first, when I called they stated I didnot have disability or life insurance on my loan numbers however when I disputed my finding all of a sudden I had disability or life insurance ! I sent them proof of all my original documents & all they did was copy & paste information to what I sent them even copying & pasting my signature! When I addressed these issues with OCC, Nation of Banks, BBB & FTC all I got was the run around, each department said to contact this one & that one. Than when the OCC sent a letter giving HSBC/HFC a date to respond all HSBC/HFC did was send them the samething I sent them except HSBC/HFC did not send the 1995 fraudulent documents to Nation of Banks or the OCC . Where is the justice? I am now after 14 years living here walking away from this house because I refuse to pay a company that has raped me + on top of everything else HFC/HSBC knew what I was going thru during those years. My daughter was bit by a dog July 2nd 1997 & it took off half of her face, they acted like my friend when all they wanted was my money. My daughter is now 20 she was 8 at the time & we are still going thru surgeries but I will be darn if I give one more penny to the devil himseld! Regards E.C.S

  • Ki
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    My problem since they bought my mortgage note from my original mortgage lender. I'm been through hell with HSBC going on for nine years..

    HSBC is out of the U.K. and many other banks in a America are based from other countries out of the U.S. well.

    These banks have the power to do as will without U.S. congress permission. This to me have proven that America is being sold out and land squeezed out from it's owner's through the power of interest and late fees. Look at the amount of it is applied towards interest vs principle. "Go ahead I'll wait".

    Well? It's simple the word is: RIDICULOUS!

    With jobs declining rapidly, and no pay increase for many existing workers and that number is increasing too. How is one to battle the war on interest and late fees with no little or no ammo?

    I had my existing problem for nearly nine plus years and in a recession still and hanging on like millions of other homeowners facing similar or close to the same issues many have with these banks.

    I contacted the US White House via their homepage and click on the link "contact us" and select area of issue. Got a reply around thirty days later but help was not a consideration only additional contacts to other useless organizations like H.U.D and B.C.C..

    Ok bottom line I been through four attempts to refinance and four attempts for a loan modification. Unsuccessful last attempt with an outside company to get a loan mod stole my money fifteen hundred dollars. I went with this company based on BBB ratings and good standards. Why is the number of home foreclosure are increasing still and not being mentioned via news media. And now a number of loan modifications company are scamming homeowners to push them deeper in the hole.

    Is this an agenda taking place?

    If a international bank holds title to land in the U.S.. They have the rights to claim that land as ownership also titled to the bank that resides in their country. Well this is my case point that America is being bought out. And the way to push American citizens out of their property with our own laws and law officers is through the power of interest and late fees. With money that doesn't exist, 97% of money is through electronic transactions data.

    Also like to mention how unfunny home value are still decreasing, but your home property taxes go up because your local county state assessment office value your house twice as much than it would sell for. Giving them the justification to raise your property tax.

    Is this an agenda taking place..hmm!

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