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Brandon, MB, Canada Review updated:

constantly receive calls every 45 minutes from this company.They are blocking their number.When asked for a company name was told cannot disclose that information that john was calling regarding a personal matter.Asked for a phone number and was told that they would try later.So itold them that I know who they are and would be launching a formal complaint to the authorities.John opertator just keeped saying hu.Must have a grade 3 education or some thing.What can be done for them misreresenting and not disclosing for such a simply request?

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  • Or
      Jul 17, 2009

    I would call it harassment. We have a few credit cards that run through HSBC, and if we so much as miss the payment day by 1 day, they start calling. Half the time, if I pick up the phone, there is a recorded message telling me "that my call is important to them, and for me to stay on the line as it would be faster than hanging up and dialing again."

    Ok, wtf? I never called them, they always call me.


    That if we pick up the phone and there is no one there, and we hang up, they call right back. Sometimes like you said up to and over 10 times per day, even if we have spoken to a CSR. They even phone if I have made a payment, and then they want more...cause they can't be too sure that i did make the payment even if I give them a reference number. So, yes what you are experiencing is harassment. They suck large.

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  • Gj
      Sep 16, 2009

    I have a best buy card with a no payments for 12 months balance on it..and yet they are calling every 30-60 is harassment and it needs to stop. It is utter BS the way this company does this. I can understand going after people that owe...but not when I don't have to make a payment for another 11 months!!

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  • Ju
      Apr 30, 2010

    HSBC will call even if you haven't missed a payment. They have done this to us many times in the past. Now they are calling several times a day (as many as 4), from 1 800 361 5783. After saying hello 3 or 4 times they simply hang up in your ear. Or they have you listen to background chit chat for a minute, and then hang up on you. Bloody rude harrassment ...considering WE pay THEM! Never do business with them - NEVER finance through the Brick or Future Shop because it is HSBC!

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  • La
      Jun 12, 2012

    They call five times a day - every day How do I get them off my back?

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  • Ma
      Aug 23, 2012

    How can companys get away with this. If us citizens tried to harass people on the phone, we would get charged. Very unfair.

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  • Sc
      Mar 26, 2013

    Constantly calling our work number asking for an employee. I ask what company they work for and they keep telling me it is a personal business call. They refuse to tell me what company they work for. They say that they will try calling the other number they have on file. I ask them to kindly not call back to our number. Yet they keep calling and get the same answer. With all the scams out there, do they really think they would get passed reception without saying what company they work for?

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