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I usually do my taxes myself online. Simple 1040A. This year I needed my refund faster so I thought I would let H&R Block do them and just get a refund advance. First let me tell you that $332 is ridiculous! They actually had the nerve to charge me $298 to do my taxes and $34.95 to do a refund transfer to have the fees taken directly from my refund. I was willing to pay those ridiculous amounts just to get the advance. Well don't fall for this scam. The advance is a loan from a bank for which you must have great credit. They don't tell you that. It is not an advance from H&R Block. Oh and the loan? They don't even tell you how much you might get until after your taxes are filed and then they text you within 24 hours to let you know if you get the loan and how much it will be for. It is just a ploy to take advantage of the neediest people that would require that loan.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Ocala, FL Once they con you into letting them do your taxes at the hope of getting an advance, you're out $332 and still have no advance. The loan has nothing to do with your taxes at all!!! In fact, you have no idea what your fees are until they are done with your taxes. I could of just filed my taxes for free online! In fact I had to correct the "Tax Pro" when she told me I couldn't claim an exemption. She argued with me and finally called someone and they told her she was wrong. So now I'm paying for bad advice and being conned into thinking they are doing me a favor. This is a complete and blatant ripoff! I will be posting this all over the internet to warn people. In fact I think a class action law suit is in order. Oh, here is another piece of information you may not know. Anyone filing a return with EIC or Child Tax Credit this year will not have their returns processed until after Feb. 15th. Thanks to last years fiasco with fraudulent returns. So even though the IRS accepts returns beginning Jan 23, they won't process returns with EIC or Child Tax Credit until after Feb 15th.

Jan 17, 2017
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      Feb 25, 2017

    The returns are being processed, but refunds aren't being released until Feb. 15, however refunds aren't in you bank until the 27th.
    Next year try Turbo-Tax, they honor their free file and it's easy, line by line assistance online and live chat help

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