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H&R Block Tv Ads / insensitive and thoughtless ads

1 New York, NY, United States Review updated:

I can't believe H&R Block can be so insensitive as to air an ad that shows people half bald with their hair coming out in handfuls. As the wife of a man approaching chemotherapy and having been exposed to family memebers after chemo, and their hair coming out by the handful, I find this very annoying and insensitive.
It actually makes us sick at our stomachs. Shame on you, and you can rest assured that we would NEVER use H&R Block as tax people.

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  • Jo
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    As a person who just completed Chemotherapy and lost alot of hair, I do not agree that this commercial is annoying OR insensitive to those going through Chemo treatments. There is not intent to make fun of people who loose their hair from such treatment. It depicts the stress of the tax season and frustration of our tax codes.

    I actually think this is one of H&R Blocks better commercials. The commercial that aired on the Superbowl with the grim reaper was, in my opinion, more annoying and the commercial with the one-eyed people was even more disturbing.

    The nice part about living in America is that you have choices. You can simply choose not to watch the commercial and not to patronize H&R block. However, instead, you and others have take the right of the actors involved in these cammercials to earn a living and now that will not be paid for their work.

    A better use of your time would be to write to the networks about the violence shown on TV.

    I find it difficult to believe this 15 second commercial is the worst anyone sees on TV, with all the violence, the sexuality and the blood and guts of shows like the vaious medical series and cop shows.

  • Lu
      11th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree with John. The purpose of this commericial was to let people know the dreaded tax season is here and there are people to help, so you don't have to pull your hair out over your taxes.I found this commericial funny and one of their better ones that points out what some people do go through as the tax season approaches us.
    The only ones that are truly getting hurt by this commericial are the actors who were counting on a steady income until April. In these hardtimes, it could be the actors only income to put food on their table or pay their rent. I'm sure the actors would not have wasted their time if they thought this commerical was offensive and would be pulled.H&R Block should bring this commericial back. Just because some people do not like it, there are many more that enjoyed it.

  • Pp
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    What people say and do only becomes a problem when you make it about you...

    Adopt this line of thinking and you'll be in a better position to support your loved ones in their time of need.

  • Me
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    Wow.. sorry to hear about your luck in life, but I think you need a reality check.

    The image of people pulling their hair out because of stress/anxiety has absolutely nothing to do with chemotherapy... yes, losing your hair due to chemo is terrible. Letting it become so terrible that any image of a bald(ing) person upsets you.. well that's just beyond reasonable.

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