H&R Blocktaxes for 2014 filed incorrectly buy h&r block now I owe

I received a letter from the IRS stating that I owe money because I failed to report earnings which were clearly given to the agent I hired at H&R Block but she failed to include in my tax preparation this has caused a great stress and hardship on myself I submitted a claim through H&R Block under the Peace of Mind Act that I purchased with them they denied me once so I went into an office and reapplied again for the peace of mind to cover this debt knowing that it was no fault of mine and I clearly gave the representative all documents to file. Interesting a professional that knows what they're doing I assumed everything was done correctly. Once again I was denied so I called again and the representative only could tell me I was denied and why and I clearly disputed that was incorrect because the paperwork was clearly provided and in the packet still so basically it's their word against mine and now I'm just stuck with having to pay a fine because of their negligence? I called back and got an email address to the Palm claim department, was never given a direct contact person. I was sent an email back stating they would not cover it because it was my fault so I responded and basically said I need someone of higher status to speak with that can help me because I'm not going to take no for an answer without being given a really good valid reason I'm at a loss of what to do at this point any suggestions besides not using H&R Block ever again and interesting them with my finances.

Jan 25, 2017

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