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McCook NE, United States

I filed my taxes on the 27th of Jan. I was turned down for the loan option offered to us for the IRS not releasing any money till the 15th. My state tax I new would be hitting my bank account Onthr 6th last week I talked to my tax pro of 10 years and a lady from emerald on the exact same day and both told me that I should receive my money with not a problem since it was only the 6th and payments are not due till the 15th. I talked to both pryer to the check getting in my account to make sure this wouldn't happen. I have e called all morning and explained my situation to over 30 ppl answering the calls everyone of them said they would transfer me to there supervisor . Not one time did a supervisor pick up there phone to talk with me about this confusion. Emerald advance payments are not even due till the 15th. Plus knowing there is a chance we can't pay because federal money doesn't even start getting released till the 15th so are you going to take my money then cause my paycheck is direct deposited. Anyway I counted on my state refund my electric is getting shut off and my water already has. I've gotten no answers no help and hours of total run around. I'm extremely angry cause two tax people told me it wouldn't happen one being my tax pro the other being a agent. And now that it did NOONE is helping me in anyway. I'm very disappointed In H&R Block and extremely ticked off considering my payment isn't even due till the 15th. I am without water and electric because of counting on what your ppl told me wouldn't happen. Plus no body helping me at all. So now I'm pretty sure I'm done using h&r block ever again.

Feb 6, 2017

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