H&R Block (Canada) / tax return

On Feb. 15, 2011 I called a local office to make an appointment. I asked what I needed to bring with me, I was missing a form. I was assured that I could simply walk in, and they would obtain the info from Revenue Canada. I went to the little kiosk in Walmart and was told that he couldn't get the info because Revenue Canada was closed and I would have to come back the next day so he could call during business hours... Ummm it's tax season ### and you're telling me they aren't open? So it's useless to argue with him because all he says is they are closed. I go back first thing the next day and finally get my tax return completed. I had to pay them almost $100 to file simple taxes (I'm on disability, no children, and don't work). Today I call Revenue Canada to inquire about my quarterly sales tax cheque (as I'm low-income) and they tell me that they haven't even received my tax forms yet!!! Today is July 7!!! 5 months have gone by and they haven't even sent it in it!!! I call the idiots, and he tries to tell me it was sent it but they never got it. I tell him I don't care what he says Revenue Canada says it was never sent in so that's all that matters. I'm not getting any GST or HST payments because of this. I'm on a fixed income and I depend on those cheques to make ends meet. I will never use H&R Block again my life.

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