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Home Depot / door purchase & installation

1 Waltham, MA, United States Review updated:
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In February of 2008, purchased 2 new exterior doors, 2 new storm doors and four new interior doors. Scheduled installation for March (all doors were to be in). Installation was to be done by H.D. sub-contractors (one to do the exterior doors and a different one to do the interior doors). I took a vacation day to be there for this work. Note: H.D. uses one installation contractor in this area who subs his work out to other sub contractors! The installers arrived to do the 4 exterior doors. They set-up to do the front exterior door, only to find out that the door was the wrong handed door. The front custom storm door was not in. They went to install the custom interior kitchen door only to find it had hairline cracks in it and now had to be reordered. They left the kitchen storm door and materials in my garage. H.D. went and found another door from one of the other stores and had it delivered to Waltham. Scheduled another vacation day for the install. Recieved a phone call from the installer late that morning only to tell me the door came in incorrect. This time the box was marked correct on the outside but was the opposite handed door in the box. Now they had to find another one and I would now have to take more time off! A different installer came back this time and only had time to do the front exterior and storm door install. He left the new kitchen door replacement in my garage and would have to ccome back another day to do it's install. That weekend I checked out the "new" custom kitchen door, only to find out they brought back the same door which was rejected! Would now have to wait almost another month to get this door reordered and installed. Another vacation day lost, installer came back took off the old kitchen door and tried to install the new one. Only to find out that the door hinges were manufactured incorrectly (door cut wrong). Temporarily installed door and ordered another door. Keep in mind, that the kitchen storm door has been in the garage all this time. The new door arrived and was to be installed by the manufacturer's rep and not the sub contractor. Did this on a Saturday (lucky me I didn't have to take another vacation day, right). He took off the temporary door installation, only to find out that the sub-contractor did a "make shift" job on building out the side studs. Went and picked up 2x4's and had the new door installed properly by the manufacturer's rep. NOTE: This door was measured by the sub-contractor and said it needed to be custom made. According to the manufacturer's rep, an off the shelf door would have fit (which would have saved me money & time). Now I have to call the sub contractor back to come out and install the kitchen storm door, which was not the responsibilty of the manufacture's rep who only was representing the extrior door company (another day off). The owner's son came out to do the work. Installed the door and determined this door was warped. Had to now reorder the custom storm door. Door came in and was installed by a different sub-contractor (another day off from work). Now keep in mind, this entire project which was to be completed in one possibly two days by two sub-contractros, did not get completed until September 2008 (took approximately 7 months form the original order). Lets talk about the interior door replacements: These were custom sized doors (measured by the sub-contractor) and were to replace existing slab doors. These doors were measured to fit over a wall-to-wall carpet (not installed). The doors were installed on the very first day they were scheduled and seemed to be just fine. The carpet came in and was installed. Only then did I find out that only two of the four doors were cut properly. Being very frustrated and not wanting to take more time off from work, I planed one door by myself and got that to work. Tried to plane the second door only to find out the bottom plug of the door was almost completely gone (cut-off during initial installation). These doors were to be custom made and there should have had at least 1" of plug in the bottom of the doors. Also during all of this time, two of the interior doors were hitting the srike plates and would not close. My front exterior door was hitting the strike plate and had dropped to the strike plate side. My exterior front storm door had dropped and could not be locked. Had to schedule another day off for both the exterior sub-contractor and the interior sub-contractor to come back to fix the problems. For the most part, they were resolved (front exterior door still swings in by itself and the storm door is not plum/level but locks). I paid for all of the materials up front and had a balance of appx $2000 for the labor/installation. During this whole process, I dealt with the same expediter at H.D. and he was always very understanding and apologetic. Said he had never had an order for work go so wrong. From the get go, I told him we would need to address all of my lost wages (vacation time) if & when this work was completed. He agreed! I met with him and discussed what I thought would be a fair reimbursement for my time ($1400.00 could have been more). My daily salary is $280.00). He said he would discuss it with his manager. Approximately 45 days later [protected]) a service manager called and left a message that they were going to give me a 10% discount!!! They want $1743.00 for the install. I called and talked with the service manager who was told to talk to me by the store manager. I told him it was unacceptable and that I needed to discuss this with the manager (who was not in). I will be calling him onthe 25th. FINALLY, NEVER WOULD I USE A HOME DEPOT INSTALLATION SERVICE OF ANY KIND! ALSO, IF THIS ISN'T RESOLVED TO "MY SATISFACTION", I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN A HOME DEPOT AGAIN (THERE IS A COMPETITOR!).

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  1st of Oct, 2010
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I would like to know the name of the main contractor that subs out the work.

  1st of Oct, 2010
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I really want to know the name of the main contractor, not the subs.

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