Home Depotservice provider dispute

I am a service provider for the home depot 881277
mvendor # [protected]

I recently received a notification from home depot saying I was missing a form for a permit on an installation.

Install # [protected]

store # 3409

key rec date 11-19-18

they are looking for a permit or permit waiver form.

I clicked on no permit when I was uploading to HDConnect

I am not able at this time to print this form they are asking for, since the job is completed.

I have brought this to the attention of the store and to the district install manager and I have not heard back on how to handle this.

I replaced two doors: both in the garage. one leading to the house and one outside.

I replaced both with the exact same type doors as the customer required.

Please advise on how to handle this situation.

I am a new vendor since June and I am a bit confused on how this works. They are claiming to charge me $500.00 plus for this so called violation.

I would like to settle this with a person I may have a conversation with. I only have contact by computer.

You may reach me at [protected]

contact by e-mail can be a start.

Best regards,

Sam Petillo
New England Carpenter Specialties, LLC
Pvendor 881277
Mvendor [protected]

[protected] cell


Dec 02, 2018

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