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Rented sod remover week of may 13th to prepare new garden. Since it was busy time of season I worked may 21st stat in order to be off fri may 25th and rent a rear tine tiller to avoid busy weekend. Called on tues may 22nd to book tiller on friday. Rental told me they do not allow pre-booking so I asked what time they open friday as I want to rent rear tine tiller. They said 6am so I was there at 530am... Unfortunately when I went in someone had rented the tiller the night before... Service person told me he rented it around 4pm and guy said he would return in the morning. He took my phone number. I called back after 10am and still not return. I waited until 4pm in case of shift change and lady this time said depends on customer and if late they just charge them... They called me at 430pm... Told my wife that I need to hurry as they cannot hold more than 1/2 hour. I got their by 5:07... I told her it is hard to rent without camping on their door step... She told me again it is first come first serve... Grrrr... Even after I told her my plans above... She then said return is due at 9:07... No option to return next am at 6am when I am driving by... Special trip back again that night (live 1/2 hr away)... No problem. So I return it early... Around 8pm just in case someone else is waiting. When I return it another service person I rented sod remover from before who didn't know my story asked how it worked... I said great... He then said we just got our other rear time repaired and back in service today??? I didn't say a word but was ugly. Unfortunately during the day thankfully no stores had the tillers in stock or I would have bought brand new. At no time did anyone say they had 2 tillers and one is being repaired... There is no offer to book even with a credit card, etc... Why not for good customers... Charge me if I cancel... I am ok with that... Just give me a better option than camping on a door step even when I take a day off which is rare to do a the end I bought a used one for next year because that is not worth the hassle. I have rented other tools over the years, home depot is my store of choice for shopping and rental but lowes is closer to me... Not that I want to go there because I simply like home depot more. I feel I am completely let down in where I was put into same box as a poor customer with first come first serve option only... Even if they had recommended or mentioned someone might rent night before... However I only wanted it for 4 hrs but paying the extra for the day would have been done if I had known. I have bought so many things from home depot and need to rent a carpet cleaner soon but not sure if I should. I am a very patient person (business professional as well) and this is first complaint letter I have ever written to a company because if this was my customer service I would not be happy how this worked and would want to make my system and people better. At no time did any of the customer service people at the rental place say sorry for your inconvenience, sorry you had to wait... Nothing... The lady was cold. I was prepared to rent each year vs buying one as 10 rentals sure pay for the tiller but I can have new every 10 years. I would except a free rental since I plan to do carpets to restore my faith in continued rental. My contact is [protected] or paul. [protected]

Jun 11, 2018
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  • T2
      Jun 24, 2018

    Rented a two man auger with a 16 inch bit. the young man at the desk was distraught about how busy he was for a Sunday and commented that people should just stay inside and rest on Sunday. He was not at all pleased that he had to go to the back of the building to get the tool and told my son and I he would need help getting it on the cart. He and my son loaded the auger head and I at age 58 was told by the associate that "the bits are down there" meaning I was loading it onto the cart myself-which I did. It wasn't small or light. The auger was missing part of one of the cutting blades which greatly hindered its performance. We fought it for over two hours to dig (2) 32" deep holes and gave up after 24". It didn't have the power to go any deeper and was beating us to death because it easily bogged down and got stuck.
    A few weeks prior, I had rented a 70 lb. electric jackhammer and found after I got it home that the end of the power cord leading into the machine was pulled out of the sheath. Luckily it worked. For the prices we consumers pay to rent tools here, they should (and used to be) in perfect working order and newer and the associate(s) a little more helpful getting them ready for loading. Finally, they need more than one person on weekends manning the rental area. It would be nice to have the heavier stuff wheeled out to your vehicle and have help loading and unloading.

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  • Ji
      Jun 27, 2018

    home depot store 143 north shore blvd, Slidell, La 70460. I am a big home depot shopper been shopping at this store since it opened. the prices where ok but I keep going back because the people who work there are very nice . now the complaint is, every buggy and kart are always scattered around the parking lot,
    I don't know if you've been to this store or not but when I walk thru to the enter side of the building and there's no karts there to load your lumber or anything else. I have to walk back out the exit side to get one and then go back around to the enter side again. now I have just walked a mile to get a kart before I have even started shopping. I know things happen and the store can get a little busy but dam every single day I mean come on man damn ?!

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