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Lakewood, United States Review updated:

As a customer I have lived in Lakewood California all my life. I have shopped at home Depot for many years. Today I went to shop at home Depot and realized every white person and African American that use to work there do not work there anymore. Everyone has been replaced with Latinos that barley speaks English. Is this not America anymore? Do we only hire one race of people? Half of my family is Latinos but I would never want anyone race of people to take priority on who gets a job. I will never shop at home depot again and I will make it a priority to talk about this to all my neighbors in Lakewood. Lakewood is still a small town and words travel fast. Shame on you Home Depot, Lowes will take over your business in Lakewood.

Dec 19, 2014
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  • Sk
      19th of Dec, 2014

    I was hired to work there. They are indeed discriminatory against Latinos (then) and blacks and age. There was one black person working their and all others were white. They gave an employee orientation stating how bad Lowes and Wal Mart are to shop and that their prime shoppers are mexicans and black being the ones who shop at their competitors. I could not believe what I was hearing. Then the kept me and I worked harder than anyone else there at my age worked circles around the young ones. They let me go because of the reason "you are not happy"? Then they had security escort me out their door? For not being happy? Then corporate office told me weeks later that I was let go due to workload being low and that any Home Depot would hire me????? They hire these people to meet their quota and then find a reason to fire them. They tried to set me up before I left there but I was smarter than them and not "thief" mentality. These are federal government contractors but I do not see how. I have worked for 5 different federal agencies and these are like no other federal contractors I have known. This is a based place to work and they should have been in trouble already. The managers are the only ones who make any money and they also do their own hours and drink in the parking lot. There was an employee who was smoking "weed" in the womens bathroom and I reported her but when I did nothing was done. They made sure they gave me the locker at the very bottom of all the lockers (I am in my mid 60's) and it was a little hard to crawl to my locker every day but I did not complain.but I did not complain. The problem with your locker being at the bottom is when drill bits or small things that are in apron pockets fall they will fall to the bottom of the locker and always into my locker so they could try to have gotten me for having store stuff in my locker. When I left there the security women stood in front of me and made me empty my pockets in front of her when I was let go for being not happy but treated like a criminal. That was why they put mine at the bottom and I wonder how many people have been fired for that simple reason! These are bad bad folks to work for. Racism and discrimination runs rampant at all the Home Depot's but they meet their quota of what race to hire and then fire you. This is how they get by with it all.

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  • Am
      19th of Dec, 2014

    Welcome to AMERICA

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  • 1s
      25th of Feb, 2015

    I thought I had something to add but bigotry, bias and federal conspiracy are out of my league.

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