Home Depot / corporate policy falls short on stolen store credit. home depot lets the thieves win!

Yardley, PA, United States

Purse was stolen 10/6. Police notified and are researching footage in local stores in which the thieves have already used several of my credit my purse were 2 home depot store credits ($641.84) and ($170.57) totaling $812.41. I have both register receipts that verify the date, time, transaction number and the last 4 digits of the two store credits. Corporate has verified that the credits were not used as of writing this complaint. However, according to ms. Clare with the corporate resolution team "home depot views the store credit as cash and will not reissue or replace the stolen cards with new cards". Ok, understood but still terrible customer service if you ask me, especially since I have the receipts and its been verified that the credits were not used (Looking to take a little extra from your customers hd? A free $812?)... But the worst part remains that home depot knows the cards have been stolen but still refuse to cancel the numbers associated with the stolen cards. Its one thing to not reissue the money, but its a huge disservice and a mark of shame on home depot that they refuse to even cancel the cards and thwart the thieves. Really hd? Isn't this one of the reasons why you instituted new cards being linked to a driver license? It was confirmed that these two cards were issued right before hd instituted the driver license association, however, they still have record of the card numbers, they still can see the dollar figure available and they still can see that they weren't used as of today, yet they will not cancel nor flag the numbers so the thieves cannot use them. Way to go hd. It's either a clear $812.41 gain for you or a nicely assisted win for the thieves.
Case # [protected] (Please note, upon calling to file a formal complaint, your "corporate resolution team" barely listened to what I was saying, totally missing the emphasis on police, proof of receipts and shutting the current cards down. She was only interested in repeating the words "treated as cash". Upon asking the rep to read back the complaint, she replied "I just have key words, when this call is over i'll finish writing my notes"
Receipt # [protected]
Store credit ending in 3454
Receipt # [protected]
Store credit ending in 6413

Oct 6, 2017

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