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Home Depot Canada Installation Services / installation services misrepresentation

1 Aurora, Ontario, Canada

I am purchasing a hot water tank from Home Depot Canada and wanted to get it installed. The web site says that they will install same day if you order before 12 noon. It's not until you are ordering it that they tell you it's not available on weekends. Then the price wasn't the same at the store (higher) then online. Then they charge you $40 for a quote on the price of the install. That part is fine but I wanted to know the ballpark price that would be charged before paying for a quote that may or may not be reasonable. They didn't want to give a ballpark until I pressed. Sure enough, they had a pricing available to see, so why the resistance? A basic installation was $215 plus extra expenses. Removing a water softener was $40. OK, sounds reasonable so I order the quote and pay the $40. Sure enough the quote was $215 for the basic install, plus $40 for grounding the unit (that's not basic?), plus $33 for an overflow tube (that's not included or basic?), plus $80 for venting reconnection (that's not basic?), plus $80 for removing the water softener in lieu of the hot water tank as it is a rental (up from the $40 quoted at the store when the store associate was talking on the phone with the installation company). No wonder they didn't want to give me an initial ballpark figure. The one thing Home Depot did that was right was refund me my installation quote fee when i pointed out how crazy the extras were. Unfortunately, some people that don't know any better would pay the extra fees. By the way, did I mention that i was replacing an identical unit that was up to code so there were no additional steps required, just swap out the old unit and bring in the new one. The fitter that ended up doing the job (for a lot less then quoted by Home Depot) said that this job was about as basic as they get and that everything in it should have been a "basic installation".

Jun 8, 2015

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