Hertz / rental record #375436703 - date of rental 2/4/19

Sunrise & Flagler Pep Boys, Miami, FL, United States

I am a driver as part of the Lyft/Hertz rental car program. I rented the car with a $250.00 deposit. While attempting to pick up a passenger I found cockroaches in the vehicle. I then called Hertz to ask them to pick the car up - no one answered. Then after numerous calls they said they would pick it up but would charge me for the pick up. I then called Hertz Roadside for them to pick up the car. They proceded to have the car picked up. On Wednesday I called to get my receipt and they said the vehicle has not been turned in and they don't know where it is. I have called countless times to be told that they have not closed out my ticket and as a result I have not had the $250 credited back to my card. It has been a week now and the charge is still there. This is beyond frustrating.

Steve Segui

Feb 14, 2019

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