Hertzcars are being stolen in my name!

I have recently been contacted by numerous investigators (including Hertz) about cars rented in my name in the San Francisco area. I did not rent these cars. My wallet was stolen while on vacation in San Francisco in September 2016. Someone is using my ID to rent cars and not return them. I think the count is up to four cars. I am trying to contact anybody to talk to at Hertz but the phone lines just lead in loops. I just want to notify the Hertz location directly to help catch this thief and clear my name but I keep running into roadblocks.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Francisco, CA
I just received an invoice from Hertz about a Camero that was rented. It says I owe $1010.10. I did not rent this car. I have proof that I was in Denver, CO working at this time.
The rental agreement number is: [protected]. The invoice date is: 04/27/2017. Document number: [protected].
The reservation ID: H2441858007. Frequent Traveler: ZE1.
The car was rented on: 03/18/2017 11:07 LOC# 126110
Can someone please contact me about his matter? This person is renting this vehicles and not returning them. Please help to stop this thief!
Thank you for your time.
Dustin Young

May 05, 2017

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