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Berlin, Germany
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I rented a Mercedes Vito minibus from Hertz at Berlin Tegal airport. I only had the vehicle for a few days during which the black plastic backing to the wing mirror came of when I was driving and got damaged. I retrieved the part and tried to order a replacement but it would not arrive in time before I had to return the vehicle. The cost of the part is no more than 50 Euro and it clips on the back of the wing mirror. It takes seconds to fix and if I could have got the part in time I would have fixed it myself no problem. I informed Hertz of the damage when I returned the vehicle and they informed me that they would send me the bill once they had got an estimate of repair. I was shocked to find that they had charged me 380 euro for the estimated repair. I questioned this and they said that they work on a computer matrix that gives them a repair cost. I have been trying to get through to them that this matrix cost is not accurate and they are trying to charge me at least 3 times the cost of repair. I have been sending numerous mails back and forth and they will not reconsider. I think this is fraud and they are cheating their customers. They want me to pay 380 euro for a piece of black plastic! My details are as follows Ref. No: 5918910
Rental Agreement #: [protected]
I have contacted an Ombudsman to try and get a resolution to this matter. I have also instructed my credit card company to retrieve my funds because I did not authorize this transaction and Hertz are trying to cheat me by overcharging for a very minor repair. I will also be putting my experience on as many internet complaint sites as I can find!

Jul 16, 2016

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