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Complaints & Reviews

unauthorized charges and customer relations are rude

Tried to rent a car with Hertz for a day to attend a funeral. Pre booked online entered my partners name as driver and my credit card details as i don’t drive and she doesn’t have a credit card. That was the fatal mistake since in the terms and conditions it says the names have to be the same. Yet somehow even though they can’t accept payment from a card in a different name, they have no problem taking the payment off the card all the same.

Presumably using the incorrect name for the card. When we turned up to collect the car they refused to let us take one as the card was mine, the staffs were rude and refused to help. I assumed that cause they could not accept the card to pay, that no charge could have been taken. But of course the workings of this firm are a mystery that someone can pay for the car and yet not be allowed to pay for the car at the same time.

I find this practice disgusting, payments should not be accepted if the name is incorrect and if it is legal to still accept the payment it could be checked and hertz if that’s their condition reject the reservation at that point. But no they deliberately allow the transaction and just put the condition in their terms and conditions, so they can still take the money. This is a disgusting shameful practice.

After finding I’d been charged complaining was an even worse experience. Customer relations are downright rude and even tried to threaten charging us more as a no show fee to cover their costs is more than our rental was. Do not use hertz they have no service standards and will try their best to charge you as much as possible in all circumstances.

  • St
    Steven Riker Mar 25, 2009

    Was quoted a price of $288.40 usd for the week and was charged $331.89 usd.

    Rental Agreement # F0286063 1

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  • Jk
    JKDE Mar 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From HERTZ customer support:

    Q: Can I use another person's credit or debit card for payment of my rental?

    A: Charge cards and debit cards must be in the renter's name. The renter's name must be embossed on the front of the card.

    You ignored the rules and tried to rent a car using someone else’s card. Their staff found the fraudulent attempt and they cancelled your rental.

    Q: What can I do if I do not have a credit or debit card in my name?

    A: Cash Rentals are accepted with a Cash Deposit ID Card. Applications for a Cash Deposit ID Card are available from your local Hertz Office. Applicant must be 18 years or older and the application process takes approximately 30 days. There is a $15USD nonrefundable processing fee. A Hertz Cash deposit ID Card may be used at a Hertz Location.

    Rules are rules.

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  • Je
    jefwol6 Feb 26, 2012

    you busted the tire, take some responsibility

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  • So
    solom May 11, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi I rent my car overseas in Pakistan city Lahore from 04/13/2015 to 04/26/2015.They promise me car no more 2013 model .when I get there they refuse to take credit card .Cash only, we don't have Pakistani curreny.WE pay them US dollars they calculate current rate we pay them and go to the car .Car which they offer us with no choice take it or leave .UNBELIEVABLE
    Car Honda City .2009 miles on car 250.000 .Seats rigged . Ac no cooling, warring engine sign on.
    Not only this when we return the car they give us our US dollars back and say US dollars rate were drop in the morning give us Pakistani currency or pay more 500.00 Pakistani rupees.
    No choice we pay 500.00 more and come back to U S A

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  • Re
    Reviewer43338 Dec 06, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dears, you charged me for a fine because of the car wrongly parked in Cinque Terre. I already paid the fine to the police and now you are charging me again. Worse even, you debit it from my Visa Account without my consent. I will put a claim again Herz since you did not have my agreement. Pls return the money back

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let my experience give you the assurance needed to shop elsewhere for your car rental

In August 2009 my family made reservations online for a small SUV. The night before we were to bring it back the car started running very rough and would max at 15 mph at best. We contacted their roadside assistance department they claimed that if the car was “running” they would do nothing to help. The next day we limped back to the airport, barely made it with 20 minutes before we missed our plane.

Hertz charged us for an extra day, since we were late due to their car problems. Next they charged us for the GPS, which we did not use, but could not prove. We repeatedly called Hertz after receiving the fraudulent bill finally they said they would remove the charge. Yet, a month later, the fraudulent charges had not been removed. Finally, I contacted my credit card company and reported the fraudulent charges and they immediately removed the $167.00 overcharge.

Now three months later, December 2009, Hertz has tried to charge my credit card each month (hoping I would not catch the fraudulent charge), and I have had to call the dispute dept. with my credit card and have it removed three times. This last month, I canceled the card to eliminate any further charges and hassle.

Then, yesterday, I started to receive harassing phone calls from an automated collection agency saying that Hertz wants more money. I refuse to be stranded, over-charged, and now harassed by this company without a fight! This company has compromised their ethical standards. I only wish I had found the hundreds of complaints on the Internet about this company before I made the reservation. Let my experience give you the assurance needed to shop elsewhere for your car rental.

  • Du
    DumbRentalPractices Aug 15, 2013

    I also got a rental at one of the crappiest Hertz locations ever becasue my car was in the shop. I was offered a car with low tire pressure and told to drive home and come back the following morining. I did, and I was late to take pictures that Saturday moring, but they did swith the car for me, but the car wasn' t clean. It drove really well. Needless to say I allowed someone to drive it and they got a ticket. Hertz could not supply a copy of the violation, the site just said submitted electronically but, they expect you to pay an administration fee for what? TO print the alleged violation on paper and mail it. How can you expect anyone to pay something if you cannot provide proof of the alleged expense. I later found out the violation was vaild, but I had to do all the legwork to get the support. Pay an administration Fee for no adminstration services besides printing and postage. Hertz needs to do better.

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damage charge

Reference # [protected]: Upon returning our car to airport in Madrid we were told there was damage for which we must pay. We indicated both in person and in writing "Addendum and Statement of Vehicle condition" that we do not know how the scratches occurred on the front passenger side bumper nor were we aware of any other damages anywhere on the vehicle. We also saw them and documented them as normal "wear and tear". Neither the clerk nor the person who reported the damages would discuss the issue nor refer us to someone who could assist. English language comprehension was difficult and we were told we needed to pay in order to leave. Additionally, although we were returning the vehicle a day early and had been told upon pick up that we would be credited, we are not certain of the evidence of that credit. We are disputing the damage charges and the additional day charges. We agreed to the additional driver charge and the vehicle upgrade (as the regular daily rate had been paid via Capital One Rewards) for the dates of February 20-24. Thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter.

damage ripoff

Rented a car at VIE for a few days and dropped it off early morning before the counter re-opened. A couple of weeks after the rental, I got a letter in the mail with a 1000 euro bill for a 150 euro rental. The reason? A scratch on a front hubcap and some supposed "scratches" on the rear bumper cover. The hubcap scratch was undocumented (but I did bump a curb one time while parking, so it's possible that there was a ding that I didn't notice... they charged me 20 euros for the hubcap... whatever... no big deal and just not worth complaining about - it's Austria, land of nickel-and-diming). My big complaint is the 730 euros they billed me for repainting the back bumper. The "documentation" they sent me shows a reflection of the guy taking pictures and a bunch of stick-on arrows pointing to "scratches" on the top of the bumper cover. If you look really hard, there's what looks like a scuff mark (maybe someone in my party pulled a suitcase out of the hatchback and it rubbed over the paint???? Maybe someone walked by in the parking lot and tied a shoe using the bumper as a footstool after I dropped the car off?) that could likely have been removed with cleaner wax. Instead, they chose to get a body shop quote and bill me for a repaint. If I'd noticed, I'd probably have gotten some wax and rubbed it on the bumper to make the "scratches" disappear... it is, after all Austria... there's a fill mark on drink glasses, and restaurant minimum napkin size and absorbency is legislated for a reason. (I'm Austrian, not just a whiny tourist)

Bottom line: see for yourself if you think this is worth 700+ euros without a hint of documentation that any work was even done on the car???!!! (note that the big dark thing in the middle of the photos is the guy with the camera... not what they're actually photographing). Judge for yourself, then decide whether or not you want to give these people your business.

I was an exclusive Hertz renter for roughly 15 years and have rented from Hertz AT before... I have one word for them now: Goodbye! Avis, I'm back... Sixt, I'm coming...

  • Pa
    PavelN Oct 16, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When returning the car I have experienced a similar claim for a damage to 2 wheel trims. I refused to accept it and have seen the car again with the manager. I was then told that everything is ok and I do not have to pay anything. Two weeks after I have received an invoice with a DAMAGE 50 euro(+tax). I am claiming a refund. Do not trust this group of crooks ! Take pictures and do not leave the office without signed final invoice. Paul (Australia).

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wrong identity

For some reason, we have been linked to a Hertz car rental out of the LA Airport. For some reason, someone told the Napa Police department that we rented a car at the LA location in November 2010 and then this car ran a red light in Napa. My daughter and I did not rent this car from Hertz in November. This is a hardship that Hertz told the Napa police that it was us. People should not rent from Hertz. I have asked them to send me a letter that we were not involved in this incident and they won't. Why did Hertz do this? Hertz told my daughter that I was the one that rented the car. I didn't. Could someone from [protected]@atsol.com or by phone at [protected] why they gave my address to the Napa Police department? How did they get my address? Am I barking up the wrong tree. Why won't Hertz resolve this. Lesson to be learned is don't rent from Hertz especially when they give out your address to the Napa Police!

  • Be
    BethOcomplaints Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for you comment, the problem is they now say I didn't rent the car. I know that. I need proof from Hertz that I didn't rent this car. Do you have any suggestions Brenda or any one else? I have a feeling that others have been taken by Hertz steeling their identity and giving it to other police departments. Napa Police told me that Hertz identified me as the person that rented this car, I didnt! It is scarey to think that this could happen to anyone. Hertz is so big, any suggestions on how to get them to fess up to what they did and mail me the documentation of why they sent my drivers license info to the Napa police? I think they stole my ID last time I rented from them so beware!

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  • Je
    Jediplay Feb 03, 2011

    I had a similar case like yours with Dollar rental car where someone rented a car from Oakland airport rental station and returned at Sacramento. It was one way rental charge and three days of fee equal to $350 which was billed to my Amex card. It took me over a year to straighten this mess out. To make a long story short, what happened was someone with the same last name as I am reserved a car using Dollar frequent profile but instead of pulling his profile, Dollar employee pulled my profile and printed contract under my name which he signed. When the car was checked out, the security check should have caught it but with the same last name, they did not and he was drive rental car under my name for three days. Fortunately, he did not get any traffic violation or speed camera when he was driving. He did however evade bridge toll which I received six months later from collection's department for $39 bridge fee plus late fee and some other charges. I had to work with the collection's agency and told them I am FastTrak account holder so they will get off my back and had to work with FastTrak to settle my bill. In the end, I ended up paying $4.00 dollars which I gladly pay to close this case. For the rental car, I ended up using Amex as my shield and fought Dollar collection's department (I did not pay Amex and Amex ended up not paying Dollar so it went to Dollar collection's department) using three way conference call for several times. The Dollar collections department traced frequent renter profile and found the real renter who rented the car but not sure if they were able to collect the money. Once the case was solved, I closed Dollar frequent renter program and removed credit card from personal profile. It will take some time to solve your problem but don't give up fighting. I don’t rent from Dollar anymore in spite of apology letter from them because when I called and wrote to them, they simply would not listen what I had to say.

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mafia service

I had an minor accident - tail light. Insurance paid for damages - Herts still collected Adm fees and others for $200 after getting $450 in damages. Thieves!

They were not willing to give Fleet utilization log to the insurance company which was willing to pay the fees provided Hertz could prove the log to prove that they lost revenue due to the damage and had no other cars to rent.

This is standard trick and Hertz is top of List of Mafia companies. Never Hertz again

rude comment from branch manager

My colleague got into a car accident today and he needed a rent car to get around so I gave him a ride to a...

employee goes bizerk

I am a Gold Corporate customer of Hertz for 20 years. A Hertz employee Goes Bizerck while I am in a Hertz...

visa charges

Rented car in May 2010. Received documentation and two charges of 30 Euro in August 2010--Information from...

poor customer service

Hertz has displayed poor service from top management to the lowest employee on the rung.

Upon arriving at the PHL airport location I was greeted with the longest, slowest-moving line I have ever endured at a car rental location: one hour to get to a representative. This was only the beginning.

Once I do reach an assistant I still do not immediately get assigned a car. "Try again, " I hear my rep tell the guy on the other end of her headset. As I wait, a distressed female employee behind the counter asks another employee what to do. They don't, she says, have enough cars for all the reservations. I wait patiently. My fiancée who has been standing outside with our luggage, calls me to find out what is taking so long. I tell him they seem to be low on cars. Then, miracle of miracles, I am assigned a car, handed a contract and told to exit behind me and pick my car up curbside. I go to fetch my fiancée & luggage outside the other exit. I find him on the phone with my nephew; he hangs up and follows me to the pick-up area. Arriving at our car we find another couple loading their things in the car assigned to us. After comparing contracts we find that we were both assigned this car. I go back to the rep. A different rep takes over and says that he will get us another car and personally escort me to it. That seemed nice, I thought. It wasn't.

The rep escorts us past the pick-up line and into the lot itself. There was a line of cars poised to go somewhere behind a row of cars in parking spaces. We are escorted behind the cars in spaces, next to the line-up of poised cars with keys in the door. We stop behind a black Ford Fusion which was first in the line, without a car in front of it. The rep says "Here you go, take it and run, " he says before handing me the contract and damage sheet and taking off. I laugh. I'm still not mad. Tired and frustrated, but not mad. That changes as we load ourluggage into the Ford.

A worker on the lot runs over to us and tells us that we can't have that car, "it doesn't belong to you." I tell him that we were escorted personally to this car after an agent double-booked our original car. He (a guy named Joseph) asks to see our paperwork. This Ford is apparently a new return awaiting detailing. I hand over the contract explaining that I never looked at the contract because we were personally escorted here. Joseph shows us to a white Gallant parked in a space diagonally from the Ford. My fiancée starts snapping photos of the fiasco. Another yellow-shirt wearing man joins Joseph to make sure we get out of the Fusion. I tell Joseph that this is my first Hertz experience and I am not impressed. Could things get worse? Funny you ask.

Joseph tells me that there is no need to inspect the car for damage because it is brand new. I insist. When I walk to the front I notice deep scratches and a pushed-in lower grill. When I point it out, Joseph marks it down saying that "it must have happened on the carrier." As if that would explain his trying to stiff me with the damages. Then Joseph goes away along with his co-worker. My fiancée turns to get his phone (a new iPhone 4) that he had just used to take photos documenting the situation from the black Ford Fusion. The Ford is gone and so is his phone.

Greg yells for the return of the car. Joseph and the other guy are nowhere to be found. A nice lady employee attempts to help us but she doesn't really know what's going on. No one knows what Ford Fusion we are talking about. "It was just here, " we say, "waiting to be detailed." again we tell our story. Eventually Joseph returns telling us that there is no way to know what car that was since we didn't ever have the paperwork for it. He says that they have "lots" of black Ford Fusions with buttons above the door handle. Obviously, Joseph didn't know that I knew that there weren't enough cars on the lot for all the reservations and that cars were revolving from return to was to new renter. He refused to help in this regard. Greg asked to see the lot cameras in that case--track the car--but Joseph says the cameras don't reach that far. Joseph told us to leave and it will turn up in lost and found. I then see the still-wet Fusion pull to the loading curb. I run as Joseph tells me I can't--that might not be the same car, he says.

I insist on looking through the newly detailed car and there is no phone. My fiancée gets furious, refusing to leave without his phone. Joseph says he'll get it back to us. We leave--knowing the phone is there somewhere-- because we can do no more. Needless to say lost and found never located the phone. With an astronomical resale value on eBay and Craigslist due to jailbreak-ability, I know someone at Hertz kept the phone. The cost to replace the (uninsurable) iPhone was $599+tax+cost of new software (to locate the phone in the event of another incident like this)=$792.88.

We spoke with Hertz customer service at their main headquarters and was refused reimbursement for the phone due to the fact that we sign a contract making Hertz not responsible for "lost or stolen items." They offered a very modest discount on a future rental. We obviously declined. As if we would use Hertz again.

the cause of 9 overdraft fees

My wife rented a car at the Akron-Canton Aiport on August 30. She told the rep she would be paying cash when she returned the vehicle. The rep then said she needed a credit card on file, my wife then asked if there would be any monies taken out, the rep said no. Well, to our surprise, she put the full amount of the rental on the card anyway and it caused 9 overdraft fees on my bank account. My wife was mislead, plain and simple. She would have used a different card if she knew that they were going to put a hold on the card. Now, Hertz says they are not responsible for the overdraft fees and that it is standard practice to put a hold on the card. This was obviously not stated to my wife, if it was, I would'nt be all over the internet on business complaint web sites. Bottom line is, they caused overdraft fees with a deceptive business practice and we want our money back. I have already sent a copy of my bank statement, I will send it to them again if they like. We will not stop until
the right thing is done, our $315 returned to us.

Scott and Alaina Lipovsky

  • Ki
    King1970 Nov 07, 2010

    I find it shocking that you think that you can rent a car without security. This is a standard practice with all rental car companies and hotels. When you rent a movie from blockbuster do you not have a credit card on file?? Are you required to pay when you return the movie or at the time of pickup?? Next time have the required money in your account or use an actual credit card not a DEBIT card!!! Wake up

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bogus damage charge

The Hertz car rental agency at Barajas Airport in Madrid is billing me nearly $500 for damage to a rental car. The evidence? Photos that are time-stamped six hours before I returned the car and a blatantly altered document attesting to the car’s condition.


dishonest sales, misleading explanation and horrible customer service

Let me tell you my story and my first time rental car experience.

I’m a customer who was sent to get a loaner car from my car dealer through hertz rent-a-car south orange blossom trail, orlando, fl.

But unfortunately, when the sales person explained to me about their loss damage waiver (Ldw) costs $19.99 and partial damage waiver (Pdw) costs $31.99 policies. She used the misleading and dishonest sales presentation.

False: 1. She tried to mislead and confuse me that I had to accept either waiver above, which means I can’t decline both.

Truth: 1. Actually, I do have the right to decline both of them, they are opitional.

False: 2. She dishonestly lie to me that both waivers above will be only charged when I hit something besides human, such as door, tree and wall etc, which means I don’t need to pay any payment unless I hit something.

Truth: 2. I ended up to be charged ldw $19.99 which I forced to pick by dishonest presentation. The whole story suddenly changes after I signed the paper when she did mislead me to.

False: 3. As a sales representative, she never acknowledge client that these policies will be charged immediately, therefore it causes me can’t realize in time that everything that she explained were all misleading to misunderstanding.

Truth: 3. The ldw or pdw will be charged immediately no matter you hit something or not.

False: 4. After this happened; there is no branch manager to call back for details. All it’s happened is just let her to call me back for another dishonestly explanation. Without any apologies and she even threat me to let me take 3 options. First: accept $10.00 credit back. Second: accept $25.00 gift certificate. Third: get nothing. Noemi actually threatened client for her mistake and let client shut the mouth up and leave it or take it. This behavior was completely against a business regulation in any type of industries in any countries, especially in a democracy country like united states.

Truth: 4. That’s a hertz rent-a-car which is big and famous in their business field. But for what their staff did was totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Other clients like me should have rights to know what really happened and deserve a fair justice.

Her colleague and somebody else, even you might ask why she would do this. Because she heard my conversation with another clients that I came from another foreign country and it is my first time to rent a car. That could be or actually was her original intention which she just wanted to simply take advantage of people who like me.

Then again, even i’m a new comer (The truth is I have been us for years) and i’m a new user for rental car (Because I always have my own car) should not give her any chances or excuses not to only do the business by cheating and misleading, but also for her horrible and insulted way to deal with the issue caused by her during the after sale service.

For what she had done went a way too far and it does cause the damage of trust and hertz’s reputation.

I hope my experience can help to do warning for all of the first time user or the international client to watch out what you are going to go through.

Never listen to sales person, only read the paper that you signed!


In may I booked a car rent with Hertz for an Indian family.
The offer was 417 euro and they were forced to pay 777 euro at the end.
After our objections afterwards, Hertz agent Bultman in Harderwijk promised to settle within 3 months (??).
At September 8 and after many reminders, we received a message that 360 euro was ready to be payed back. Now it is September 27 and I still wait for my money. They do not answer my requests for proceeding any more.
I will never again recommand Hertz to anyone.

  • So
    Sofia Sevilla Jun 19, 2009

    Resv.#E8234581E7. in my contrat I had 1 car upgrade, and they charged for it, I just ask forLis Insurance, and they charged others, like Pai, Pec and Fla&CR&CFC, I want that you credit in my Platinum Card the extra charges. Thank You,

    Sofia Sevilla

    RR 159974975

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fraudulent charges

On april 2-2010 I reserved a car through priceline.com, hertz rental car was offered by priceline.com, priceline.com immadiately charged full amount including tax on my credit card

The car was pickup on april 4/2010 for 7 days at lax los angeles.

When I pickup the car I was very cautious about all the service that their sales people offred, I made sure that they understood that I want nothing else beside the car rental fee and it was paid through priceline.com

I return on time on april 10-2010,

Everything was usual until I received the charged on my credit card an extra 117.00 $! I was shock and calling my cc to dispute this amount and also sent an email to priceline.com to query about the charge!

Priceline told me it was a ldw (liability insurance which I declined) charged, and they offred no help beside it!

I was disappointed of priceline.com irresponsibility in this matter, try to contact hertz to find out... So far no luck. And I still not going to rest until I resolve this matter

This is a business fraudulent committed by herzt and I will tell everybody that I know to stay away from priceline.com and herzt.

They are not trustworthy to deal business with.

I hope everyone choose a different vendors to rent car when they travel

And it will save you a headache

please, please do not use hertz malta

I have recently returned from holiday from Malta. We book a car every year in Malta with no problems. This year however, we booked for the first time with Hertz Malta. Please do not book a car with this company!!! We were given the vehicle condition report at the airport, as normal, which showed no damage to the vehicle. After locating the vehicle in the car park we found excessive denting all around the car, which showed the vehicle had not been checked from the previous hire. We reported this to Hertz prior to leaving airport and they amended the condition report. We considered asking for the car to be changed but as it was peak holiday time we knew our options would be limited. During our journey to our hotel the front bumper fell of the car. Luckily other vehicles were around and no one was hurt. The following day we reported the fault and after a lot of waiting around they replaced the car. The holiday continued as normal but on our return to the uk we found our credit card had been charged an additional £407. We have been trying to contact the manager at Hertz Malta for over a week but no one will get back to us.

Please remember when you book with Hertz Malta they have your credit card details and can charge you what they want!!! Please also note the also the condition of your vehicle and if any doubt don't except it!!!

M Duca

  • De
    Demi29 Dec 07, 2010

    I went on-line and reserved a car for the day and it said that i could prepay on-line, so i did but to my surprise when i got to the airport which was an hour and a half away, the clerk tells me that my capitol one new credit card was declined. I called my bank and as i knew already it was fine. So i leave the counter in go to Avis and my card works just fine. I called Hertz to see when they where going to put my funds back on my car and the RUDE representative tells me that i canceled the car so i forfeit my money. I ask to speak to a supervisor and another Rude person gets on the phone and tells me the same thing. I told them both that i did not cancel my reservation, i went to pick up the cat but their machine apparently wasn't working. The Rep got really RUDE and hung up. To all, take my advice do not rent from these people, they are a ripe-off. How can you charge a consumer for a product you didn't provide. I paid for a car that someone else drove and paid for themselves so who won HERTZ. 1 car (2) consumers PAY

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fuel surcharge

- Fuel Surcharge Scam – Hertz Warsaw Airport
- We rented a small car, Reno Twing for one day at Warsaw Airport.
- The car was returned to their downtown parking and the keys given in an envelope to the parking keeper the same day at 18:30.
- We filled up the car with 17 litters, till the benzene spilled out, but the fuel indicator showed only 5/8 of the tank.
- We have called immediately the company and they told us to leave them a note about it.
- We were surprised to be charged extra 35 Euro for fuel.
- After 3 phone calls and 3 letters we still did not get an explanation and our money back.
- They have sent us a receipt according to it they filled up the next day, 16 (!) hours after we have returned the car, and the car number on the receipt was not printed but added in handwriting, they wrote that they have added 16.5 litters.
- On that day we drove 307 km, so its not possible to use 33.5 litters with such a small car. We have a strong feeling that nobody checked our complaint seriously and The company had cheated us.

check card transaction

hi my name is andrew jorsling i had rented a car from hertz rent-a-car at the philadelphia international air port on the 06/24/2010 and was returned on the 06/25/2010 i had to gave to the hertz counter my driving docutment in oder to rent a vehicle witch i did and they rented me a vehicle, so on my way to my adress i was stop by two female offersers of philadelphia police department and was gaven two traffic citations for disreguard a study red light witch they sed happen at 9:00am witch i was not in possion of this vehicle at the gaven, the time i rented this vehicle at the air port in philadelphia was 10:02am witch i have the contract to prove it, and then the vehicle was towed buy the police department because the two offersers did not actnolage my international driving document witch they broke an international agrement, i was not charge for eny of this offence, so the car rental went in to my account without my permission and took out the some of $1503.26 for the rental of the vehicle when i talk to the manager on site he sed that i did not have a driving document this was just about 43min after i rented the vehicle from the air port so i ask him how did i drive out of hertz with out gaving up my driving document to prove that i have a vilid driving document to drive one of there vehicle, so i went and file a check card dispute for the $1503.26 witch there were no money on that account so the bank went ahead and payed a debit of $1503.26 of witch there were no money on my account for that transaction the bank has a pollicy for debit transaction if there is no money on your account eny transaction attemt the debit card will decline because of insufficient funds so there fore how come this transaction went true when there were no funs avallable so the bank freez all of my account and withdraw all the money from my saving account and my next checking account and freeze all account i went in to my branch and talk to the manager witch is located at 6740 germantown ave philadelphia pa 19119 and proceed with a dispute on 06/25/2010 witch i hand over all proof of documents witch they have at this present time so why should hertz take money out of my account when i was not charge for eny of the traffic violations so the bank payed hertz $1503.26 for charges that i was not gulty of and money i did not have at the time this transaction should have not took place because of insufficient funds were not avallable so i will like a feed back on this dispute

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    I rented a car from Hertz as part of an insurance claim. I gave them the insurance information when I made the reservation and asked them to make sure it would be billed directly to the insurance. They assured me that it would. When I picked up the car, I asked them again and they again assured me it would be direct billed. At the end of the rental they told me to drop off the car at the repair shop and they would pick it up. They did not give me a receipt. The day after I dropped the car off, Tom from Hertz called and said he'd be charging my credit card. I explained that that was not the agreement and again gave him the insurance information. Then I called the insurance and the agent there then called Hertz directly. Hertz would not provide an invoice to either me or the insurance. I called Tom back and during the course of our conversation he hung up on me (even though I was being very polite). Two weeks later they charged my credit card $139.91. The insurance won't reimburse me without an invoice and Hertz won't provide one.

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