HEB / double charged on milk

United States

I went to heb on bellaire location on monday 10/17/2011. I have been rush to stop by that heb late at night around 11:15 pm just to get a can of milk for my daughter. I give my credit card for my husband to pay for it and he swipe card only 1 time for 1 can of milk is 16.68. But 2 day later I check my credit card online and I find out they charge me 2 time $16.68 at the same day. I go to the store said that I need to talk to manager. The guy at front desk tell me wait for while. After that a lady came out (her name is belen) and ask me few question then she said I can do anything you have to come back on friday. I ask her why? Why you can solve my problem. Are you manager? She said "no, i'm bookkeeper." she just tell me have to come back talk to the manager. They let me wait for 30 mins for that and tell me come back another day. That's how they service their customer. I don't think I can get money back. Cheat store.


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