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The person calling for collection is using foul langauage and asking me to change my husband as i cannot make payments or beg on the streets for the same the person calling from HDFC is Mr. HARPREET and a female friend of his the numbers from which i am reciving calls are 011 [protected], [protected]. [protected], [protected], [protected],
i agree my check got bounced is this the scene if payments get delayed i intially asked them to relaxe and talk but after repeated efforts when i got no response i came to their level, but is it that if your checks get bounced come to me but is this the way to do things
And these male and females hired by HDFC are very sure that lodge my complaint on any platform it wont matter to me.

i will keep abusing you and hitting your personnel life like how you earn how to sell urself and earn or beg and many more things

WAT IS THE SOLUTION to all this?


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      Oct 02, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I Sandeep arora, Karnak has issued a credit card fron HDFC Bank. I did't got any statements from bank & on the purchaseing of 12-13K, I have paid 17K approx but still getting harrasments. Bank is claiming very high R.O.I from me instead of commitment of 11% annualy by executive.
    Pls help me. I want to pay my balance.I am not getting how much i have to pay & to whom?
    Pls call as accepted

    Sandeep Arora,

    BCC to : SP, Karnal, HDFC Manager, Karnal,

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