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Harley Davidson / sales

1 Saint Paul, MN, United States

Hello, my husband and I visited the Harley dealership in Saint Paul, MN yesterday to buy poker chips for a pub table that we are making, when my husband found his dream bike. We were not in the market to buy one, but the sales people involved of coarse wanted our business, so they told us it was the end of the year and Harley had all kinds of promos going on and that they would work with us on whatever worked for us to get that bike. They said they could do no money down, push out payments, lower the price, have the bike delivered to our front door and possibly even pay off our other bike loan. We asked if we could call our bank as we have a very good repor with them and they said that they could get us better deals with Harley because they were able to negotiate better with them than a personal bank to get us the best deals. The bike was a 2012 yellow Harley Road King with 48, 000 miles on it and they were asking 14, 999 with a crossed out price of 15, 999. The bike was beautiful and everything my husband wanted. The bike previously belonged to one of the saleseman's best friends (which is why I believe we got screwed over) and of coarse were told all the miles were highway miles (but then in a later sentence we learned that they went to Sturgis, which is obviously not just highway miles). The one salesman Cody kept asking for my husbands drivers license and kept telling us it would only take a few minutes to get us approved and kept trying to get us not to leave. We later left to get something to eat and did some checking on blue book and found that the were asking more than the blue book price (which we told them about), but since my husband loved the bike so much and since they said they would work with us, we had decided to call and have them check on getting us the loan because of all the previous promises made. They later called and said we would need 1600.00 down with payments of almost 400.00 a month, but to come back to the dealership and they would work with us. We went back to the dealership and told them we did not want to put money down and that we needed lower payments and were told they could not lower the price of the bike only but maybe by a couple hundred dollars because of all of the add ons it had on it and that they already had the bike marked down for us (the crossed out price on the sign that anyone could get). If they would have told us they couldn't lower the price of the bike in the first place, we would not have even bothered with it!! They filled us a whole line of bull and we were completely suckered in! We asked once again about just calling our bank and they said they would like to re-send everything through to "Wings" because they could get us a lower interest rate and lower payments and that they are much better ( was not sure why they just didn't do that in the first place, because then they had to pull our credit again!). They kept asking that we not leave (probably because they knew would research and find better deals), but we really needed to get home so we left. The next day they needed my social so I gave it to them to run it through "wings" and they said now we would most likely need 800 down...If we could have just called our bank and they would have worked with us we wouldn't have had to deal with all of that and now they had our credit pulled twice! Overnight we found a yellow 2013 Ultra Limited with 10, 000 miles on it for 12, 145 without even negotiating yet, but had to travel 5 hours to get it, and I did tell them that since the bike they were trying to sell us had almost 40, 000 more miles on it for more money (still no negotiating). Truth be told...we still would have bought the bike, but they would not do anything for us like we were promised and now they pulled my credit twice which could have been avoided if they would have been honest in the first place and they would have just let us deal with our own bank. (My husband even asked why they just wouldn't let us call our own bank and he fumbled on his words telling us how their bank was so much better). I am not complaining that we did not get the bike because apparently everyone is intersted it (which I'm sure is not true), but because I don't appreciate looking like complete fools falling for every promise they made to us that they couldn't keep. I never buy from dealerships, but thought they seemed super sincere and thought we would give them a chance since it was everything my husband wanted and deserved. They confirmed everything I already believed! We are super disappointed and determined to not be made a fool again along with any of my
friends. We will not be returning...

Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson

Dec 28, 2018

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