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scooter 150 il bello

The scooter arrived damaged in the truck with a big hole in the packaging. I asked the driver if I could reject it and he said yes, however he called in to FamilyGoKarts and establish a delivery claim and wrote with his hand on my delivery receipt that damage was evident.

FamilyGoKarts told me to not refuse the delivery that they would make it good and ask me to take pictures of the scooter which I did and included the delivery hand receipts with drivers stating damage and sent to them.

They in turn have not done anything since Dec 16 2019 but harras me to return the item before replacing the purchased scooter. However the scooter is still in my posession due to their force request for me to keep it, and do not reject(this appears to be their agenda, to force customers to accept damaged goods).

The finance company Bread is not willing to reverse the charges paid to FamilyGoKarts and thus I believe they go hand in hand with their false advertisement of goods as new and their policies that the customer must do what FamilyGoKarts says. I already been forced to accept a damage purchase scooter so I am not going to be returning the scooter to familygokarts until a replacement is sent(and it better be new and undamanged), nor will I make a payment to Bread.

go kart

So disappointed. We purchased a go kart for a Christmas gift and it broke the first time riding it. Customer service is rude, and lacks integrity. They should be ashamed of themselves ripping off people. I still do not have my go cart replaced.
I purchased it 12/06/2019. I have all the emails and transcribed voicemails that clearly show the state of this companies customer service. Horrible I recommend everyone file a complaint with the states attorney generals office. Here is a link.

go kart

  • Updated by Durf · Jan 14, 2020

    Copy of the voice mail left on my phone: And I just hear FamilyGOcarts um I sent you an email back on Jenry fourth asking you to verify your address and then I get it again last night _⁠_⁠_ just need to respond to the ticket you need to be rude to our staff people a simple yes this is the right address I need it documented so we can get the part out to you so um you are welcome to talk to Bbb you can talk to your attorney just give me his phone number or her I'll talk to you on my cell this is a very reasonable request because in the past people have _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ addresses we ship parts to the wrong location and then people get upset like you were upset this morning with _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ show um we just need you to respond to the _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ I will resend to you what I sent last night at 8:14 my time which is 914 your time and if you could respond professionally _⁠_ yeah this is the right address we can rock 'n' roll for you a ring get it out to you so simply responded to that allows us to help you take care bye…”

new go kart

I am completely disappointed with the damage on our new GoKart. I had to follow up more than once on delivery. I was told not to refuse the shipment if it looked damaged. It wasn't until my husband starting putting it together (without instructions I might add) that we noticed how scratched it is. Not to mention it has a hole in the seat! I'm gifting my son a GoKart that looks used for Christmas. Fantastic!

Katherine Glidewell

new go kart
new go kart
new go kart
new go kart
new go kart
new go kart
new go kart
new go kart
new go kart

vitacci t rex go kart

We purchased a Vitacci T Rex Go Kart for our 2 grandsons for Christmas. It arrived on time, but it takes FOREVER for it to get enough speed to go. My son is a mechanic so he submitted a ticket with Family Go Karts requesting a manual in English. We were told there is none. We have had no response for 2 days from technical support. My husband sent an email to the owner 2 days ago (they will not let you speak with him) and no response. My husband called again today and go the MOST RUDE person that began being rude as soon as she answered the phone. He found another number on YouTube for Technical Support and spoke with a different woman. He explained this was for our grandson's Christmas present and he didn't want to give them a present that didn't work. She said she tells her sons that "sometimes life just sucks". My husband said we just want to speak to a technician for one minute. She told him they work on problems during the day and process trouble tickets at night on their own time. WHAT TYPE OF COMPANY IS THIS?????

missing parts, unauthorized charges, awful service

We ordered 2 ATV's for our sons birthdays. To start, shipping was a nightmare but it wasn't 100% their fault. However, once ATV's were received & finished putting together we noticed nuts, bolts, washer etc... was missing for one of the back tires making it inoperable for my 5 yr old to ride. I called company who refused to discuss anything over the phone & said I had to fill out a request form before anything was done. Then I noticed we did not get the oil, lube & filters for either of our items. Called comp again & was told to fill out request form. Today I found an extra charge of $139 on my account from the comp. Called again, guess what? I was told to "fill out a request form". I very nicely told Andrea that this was the 3rd form in 2 wks & NOBODY has resolved anything. Andrea was defensive from the moment she answered the phone. She did find that the oil & items were sent to an address other than where the ATV's were sent & that if I wanted to get them I would have to "figure it out my self as it's not her problem". Verbatim. I finally asked why she was being so rude to me as I was the one missing items & money but I was not being rude & she, verbatim stated "I am talking to you like I talk to my ex husband, I do it because I can." So here I am, missing parts for the ATV, no oil, filters, lube & $139 missing from my checking account. If I could send this $2000 ATV back I would! Stay away from this company.

missing parts, unauthorized charges, awful service
missing parts, unauthorized charges, awful service

go bowen - delivery

Ordered an electric go-kart 10 days before a birthday party, expecting delivery in 3-5 days. Your website says "In most of the US, orders arrive within 3 to 5 business days. No one ships faster!"

Order and paid on a wednesday.
Called friday, assured there was no problem, they are working on it.
the weekend couple days.
Called, assured there was no problem, they are working on it.
Next day called, assured there was no problem, they are working on it.
Next day called, assured there was no problem, they are working on it.
I'm called back and told it won't be delivered for a week.

Price and product were good, but there are plenty of other companies out there.
Buyer beware.

And BW Inc, fix your email contact on your website, it further shows your incompetence in customer support.

destroyed oil drain plug, customer service, no warranty

Rep. Backer apparently owns Family Go Carts. This post is to show you how shady your representative is:

So we bought my son a 150cc scooter. When wife first contacted this POS company the sales lady told her that there would be MINOR assembly necessary. The sales lady also told her that we would get a $50 rebate that would be subtracted from the bill. Best we can tell they ADDED $56 to our total.

Now. It shipped in a metal cage. The first thing we noticed was that the rear spring was not bolted in place. The bolt was through the eyelet, but the spring was resting on the rear fender, instead of being bolted to the frame. Other parts that required assembly was the front tire, front fender, headlight, handlebars, the mirrors, the battery had to be charged, and the rear luggage rack. THERE WERE NO ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS, the video they sent us was for a completely different model with different parts, was compiled by a "fan", and the only other video on YouTube was a 1:30 video done by a guy in Pakistan that did not go over all the parts. Niether of which discussed the wiring issues that we found, fender installation nor the luggage rack.

So to fix to the rear spring, we ended up having to put it in the back of my truck, use a tow strap to strap the rear tire down and me lift as my cousin pushed the rear frame up while amber moved the spring into place and secured the bolt.

We got everything else assembled, after realizing that you have to drop the license plate bracket to put the luggage rack on, put gas in it and cranked it up. Well guess what. The oil plug has a hole in it so it started spraying oil everywhere. Oh. And the rear cowl... doesnt fit over the seat like it's supposed to. We still have not had resolution in regards to the wiring, nor a commitment to send us an oil drain plug replacement.

We followed the companies guidelines for tech support. We texted pictured as well as emailing them. I just tried calling them. They've been open for about 4 hours at this point. When I called them i was not allowed to talk to tech support. I was told they would have to call me back. Last night I received an email telling me that they would not discuss the issue with me, and to have amber email them. As of 11:42am on June 4th we still don't have a resolution to our issues.

As we can't crank it till the new oil drian plug comes in and i change the oil, we won't know if there are further issues that the company will undoubtedly not fix.

This purchase has been a nightmare. If I could return it easily, I would have already.

Do yourself a favor. Avoid this company. Buy a grom or the Kawasaki zx125

For transparency, I have emailed them this link in order to see if they can justify themselves publicly.

Edit Wednesday June 5th: they have credited Amber's account for the rebate. Despite them requesting amber email them the pictures in order to cut me out of the loop, they still have not answered her emails and it looks like they are breaking all contact.

destroyed oil drain plug, customer service, no warranty
destroyed oil drain plug, customer service, no warranty
destroyed oil drain plug, customer service, no warranty

scooter engine damaged when received claim #46459

I paid family go karts for a new engine for my scooter. I bought the scooter and the engine from them. The engine I received had a cracked case. Customer service (Kayla) told me my problem was with the engine manufacturer ( on my 7/07/18 credit card statement I paid $210.00 to Family go Karts) and then hung up the phone! I only want what I paid for, a new engine free of defects.

scooter engine damaged when received claim #46459

cheetah tao 125cc

The spark plug harness on the cheetah quad went bad I contacted Jeff Becker and talk to them about the problem he told me that the part cost x amount of dollars. I asked him if it was covered under warranty he said yes and ever since then he will not return any of my emails or phone calls. I do not recommend anybody buying anything from this company.

  • Updated by Michael Tam · May 10, 2019

    The 5 star reviews are fake. Do not trust this company. They act like your there best friend and soon as you buy they do not want anything to do with you.

electric atv & customer service

I brought a electric atv for my son costing me $450 total, when I receive it to find out it wasnt moving at all so contacted tech support through email only apparently for weeks back and forth. So o finally give em and wanted to send it back for refund. They tell me im responsible for shipping it back so i had to pay $200. Then wait weeks for a refund they tell me i will get back $369 for the item and when i get my refund it was only $283 they said because they charged me for the shipping fee when they shipped it out to me!! This is a total scam!! Do not buy from them i warn you! How they charge me for almost everything when the item they send me that was defective! Hope everyone learns from this. Worst customer service ever as well all they do is hang up the phone when your tryna get your point across.

Family Go Karts / Backer Wencelair hockey table

If you do not get what you ordered perfectly on the first go round, you are screwed. The company goes by Family Go Karts, Family Pool Fun and BW Inc. The latter is the parent company owned by a politician family. Turns out the tables are sold by another company called Blue Wave Products. You can just order direct and save some money before you find out they have screwed you too. Family Go Karts just resales them. Don't trust the reviews on their site, customers are hand picked to be allowed to post them. I was never offered the option.
I purchased the "Top Shelf Air Hockey Table" for $742.95 plus a $20 liftgate charge for easy unloading on December 20th to give to my kids who I see part time. I called to ensure it would be to my house by December 31st and placed the order based on their people telling me it would. By December 28th and 29th I was calling as nothing had shown up. I learned the table was just being put on a damn train and would not arrive to me until after my kids had left. When it did show up, a driver called as it was shipped on a freight line and they did not have a lift gate as I had paid for. They also only had 18 wheelers so I had to meet them 5 miles away.
Once home, I found that a forklift had run a single fork right through the top of the table. So I reported the damage and asked to cancel the order as it showed up after the kids left. They ignored me over and over again. Promised me a call tomorrow… a total of 4 days in a row. Even set up a conference call with me and the warehouse but they never called. I even asked to speak with my contacts boss as I was being ignored. They straight up told me they would not give me that information. Then I got an email saying they sent a new table with no phone calls. I call them and I'm told the warehouse says I can't cancel. Says I can on my contract, but they will not return my money. They also will not pick up the old table so I have to find a way to dispose of a 320 pound table.
I drive 5 miles away and get friends to help me a second time loading and unloading in a pickup. Get it home, plug it in and the scoring doesn't work. Start from scratch and try calling all over again. They tell me they are working with technical support. Weeks later I finally reach someone that says replacement parts are being sent. Then I get a phone call from the freight company. They sent a 3rd table. I get my friends for a 3rd time. Set up this table and it also does not work. So now I have 3 tables that do not work and no way to dispose of them.
By the end of March I was able to scavenge enough parts from table one and two to make one table that works most of the time. But I still have 650 pounds of tables to dispose of.
Spend your money with Brunswick or someone you can count on.

Family Go Karts / Backer Wenceldune buggy

Customer service is a joke! Product received broke 2 days after Christmas. Sent an email. Was asked to upload pics. I did. Waited a month for a response. Had no idea I had uploaded pics and asked me to again. I told them I did. Waited and received questions like "why did you take this pic?" Ummm, it's a wheel in my hand that broke off?! Called today, lady answering the phone was one of the rudest individuals I have ever spoken to. Refused to put the person I was requesting to talk to on the phone and then hung up on me. A month and a half, no resolve, broken dune buggy. Was MORE that friendly when I was placing a 3k order...liar and used car salesman. STAY AWAY AND FIND ANOTHER VENDOR!!!

Broken wheel
Doesnt turn
Faulty from the beginning
No company resolve
I have photos, too large to upload

Family Go Karts / Backer Wencel — kids atv 4wheeler

brakes won't hook up to wheel, not hooked up on steering wheel. wheel on right side caliber won't up wheel dragging, making noise. Goes faster backing up then going forward. Thi...

Family Go Karts / Backer Wencelgo bowen go kart

This company sucks, damaged kart since Christmas, was told to glue [censor] back together, hung up on by both Jay and Jeff, they are real tough when they know they are hundreds of miles away from the the purchaser, then confrontation on the phone makes them hang up, they are scam artists and low life's, they will tell you they are on the board of county commissioners to get you to trust them but they are liars and scam artists. All I wanted was for my 9 year old to have a great Christmas, now I am struggling to try and convince her Santa is still real cause she don't understand why Santa sent a kart so banged up and won't fix it. Stay away, you ate warned

Familygokarts — gokarts

I purchased two gokarts assembled by Jeff Backer. One kart worked, one had a deflated tire and steering problems. I t was used once. I asked this Jeff backer who seems to be their... — junk 4 wheelers

I have purchased 2 110cc 4wheelers for a christmas gifts for my twin 4 year old boys from Jeff at family go and they came not running for more than 2 minutes and then it...

Family Go Karts / Backer Wencel — go cart

Bought one for my son 3 years ago. Assembled it and tried to start it but it wouldn't. Waited thru Christmas morning and the cart was well received. Tried to start it again...

worst company ever

Forget about going into too much detail. If you purchase anything from you will regret it. Just do a google search and there are enough negative reviews for a...

horrible do not buy

Horrible experience... We bought our son a brand new 110 ATV with black and spider webs on it. Delivery a day late with crate banged up. Were told when we purchased that if any damage to crate, no matter what we do, we can not refuse delivery. Opened crate ATV seemed ok. Noticed a large slap of fix paint on rear fender. Defitely not something you do prior to shipping a new ATV. Contacted company was told they only take complaints online. So we submitted pictures and documentation. they got back to us and the only thing they will do is send out another plastic piece, which in turn. We would have to take apart the whole quad to switch out the plastic body. Or they will send out info to return it. REALLY... HORRIBLE QUALITY CONTROL AND NASTY PEOPLE WITH COMPLAINTS... FIND ANOTHER DEALER

familygokarts.compoor service

Please, I implore anyone considering to purchase any product from to know in advance they are not responsive to phone calls, messages or email. After waiting an entire week to get tracking info, they would not provide customer support in the least. The owner, Jeff, ducks calls including calls he takes on his cell and denies who he is. The order we placed was for two atvs for our children that were going to be Christmas gifts. Day in and day out we were notified the order was being shipped and that never happened. We would be told to contact tracking and as expected no reply. Needless to say we were left with no choice but to contact our bank and file an affidavit to have our money returned. As expected, wasn't cooperating with us to issue a full refund and cancel our order. They have no business being in this line of business that should aim for customer service and support. Their attitude is simply casual at the most and certainly the tone is short, rude and not near businesslike.

  • Ch
    Chris hemmy Jan 25, 2013

    I to purchased a trailmaster 150 worth over $2400.00 from and was ripped off. To begin, I picked up my go kart from the shipping company and it was not even protected. There was nothing around it but a thin sheet of plastic with rips everywhere. When I bought it home after renting a u-haul and I started to unpack it there was scrapes and scratches all over it. Upon taking it out of the crate i realized that there were no rear hubs. I immediately called the company and told them that. I was questioned like I was lying and trying to get something for free. I eventually got the hubs about three weeks later. After I got the go kart together I found that the top hunting lights were also missing, I called the company back nd told them what was wrong. Both times that I contacted them, the woman on the other end would tell me to send them a detailed email explaining the problem and also pictures. I sent them what they wanted and I was getting emails back from them saying that they can't believe so many parts were missing. They were very disrespectful to me. I tried to talk to the owner a few times but never got nowhere with them. The only time that the owner would talk to me was when I placed my order and he took my money. I have so many emails from this company telling me what to do but they wouldn't do anything for me. The owner, Jeff told me to make a video of the sound that the go kart was making and email it to him. There is no way you are going to diagnose a problem from a video and you know nothing about the product but selling them. After about a week of it sitting there and being started a couple of times the go kart started leaking oil. I asked Jeff on the phone if he was honest and would back up his product because I told him I am terminal and I dod not need the stress because of my health, and he promised me the world. I got every excuse and lie and disrespect that you could think of. This company would not lift a finger for me. They told me if I returned it there would be a restocking fee of about 24% and that the go kart would be considered used and only get back half the value. When the shifter would not work Jeff told me to follow the d.i.y. Video that explains how to drill out some metal on the top and bottom length of the shifter travel. Why should someone that bought a go kart that cost over $2400.00 have to do something like that to a brand new go kart? Jeff's answer was that since I paid such a small price and their was no middle man I should expect to have some problems here or there. I told him this should be in perfect working order. The company has over 115 complaint against them to the better business bureau. also says they have a b.b.b. rating of "A". This is the furthest from the truth. When I did some checking on them with the b.b.b. site I found out that they have no accreditation with the b.b.b. and there b.b.b. rating was a "D", which was dropped to an "F" shortly after. I then saw a warning on the b.b.b. site that said, "familygokarts was contacted to take down any and all logos that belong to the b.b.b.", and it goes on to say that they tried to call and they failed to acknowledge the b.b.b.s warning to not use there logos that are still being used today. I left nothing but negative comments about there business practices on their Facebook page as others have. Not one comment was a lie. I was just trying to warn other potential buyers not to shop at that site and blocked me from making anymore comments. What does that say? I guess maybe I was making them lose business. Good!! If they lost just one customer, I'm doing my job! I will not give up, there is always a way. But I warn you like the article above me, stay away from this so-called company.

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  • Ha
    Harry Tompkins Sep 25, 2015

    I purchased 2 ATV's from these folks one for my grandson which was 110 CC and the other a 250 CC for me. The 110, ridden by a 8 year old boy in a very small field after 6 months the frame broke in half, They told me they could not get a new frame. The 250 CC has had the front axle break 3 times while being ridden. I had a terrible time getting the parts the first time, and forget the second and third times. Family Go Carts never even returned my phone calls or email. This place is terrible.

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familygokarts.comwarranty yea right

I purchased a Hemsuim HS250ST-6 ATV 250cc from Family go karts. I lasted 2 rides for my Son, It started Smoking. I contacted Jeff Becker the owner. Filled out the forms and sent Pictures of the enging problem in February 2009. I have sent more emails then any one could amagin. Attorney letter / Filed with the BBB in Minn. Nothing has even been done. I founfd out that Warranty Protect / Gloria McDonald would take care of the repairs. I contacted Her, Two month's go by, She finally talked with me. After taking it 38 miles my self to a shop She set up. It stayed their 54 days, They could not even get the head off the engine. I picked it up and brought it home. It has been in my way / In the garage ever sense. Jeff Becker is a LIER. He will not Help any one. Their sale's technech is Fraud. I will at some point in my near future take this C*** to Minn.and confront Him Personally, If I have to I will cut the darn junk up and leave it at His front door. Family Go Karts is a Dam Joke. I assure everone. DO NOT BUY THIS CHINESE JUNK.

  • Go
    gokart.comsux May 03, 2010

    WE are having the same problem right now, my nephew has saved up for almost a year to get a go kart (parents paid for the rest). He drove it once and it shut off. refuses to help and do not want to honor their warranty. Do not buy from GOKARTS.COM. They are thieves. Not just that, they advertise American GO KARTS and ours is clearly marked made in China. Not that we have a problem with China, but who will fix it here? So, lets add liars to the thieve remark.

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  • Ro
    robw4 Jul 11, 2010

    Caution, Dont sign libabilty statement, I have had this kart for about a year, within first 2 weeks gas tank leak s on engine, gas and heat not good, ask bout replacement parts within warranty time frame never happen, After 1 month Brake caliber fell off it would not stop. This goKarts is a death trap DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE. This by far the worst piece of Sh-- Ever If you love your kids and don't want them to get hurt do not buy from these people. religious I dont think so


    P.S. The brake caliber fell off a second time

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  • Pc
    pcd1 Nov 28, 2010

    OMG, I have had the worst trouble with the kart I purchased for my son. It arrived and immediately was in need of repair. There were were stripped threads that needed repair before I could even assemble it. After assembly it would hardly run or keep a charge on the battery. It stopped running after about 30 minutes of use. I have had it to the shop many times for repair. No one even wants to work on it. I had leaking gas tanks, stripped threads, loose wires, poor running and many other issues. All repairs at my expense.
    We have owned the Kart for 6 months and it has been used about 3 times. I could not even start it for the first three months.
    I have also called the BBB and have had terrible response from the Jeff Becker and the rest of the comp. They will not even take my attorneys calls.
    I would not ever recommend buying anything from these people. I think I am going to burn it and ship back to them.

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  • Mi
    mike gilbert Feb 15, 2011

    I bought my 31/2 yr. old son the 110cc go kart last april 2010 with the remote start, it started out to work fine then the remote start quit and then it started to c*** out at accelleration, the rear disc brake bolt came loose so the brakes didn't work so I had to mickey rig with a bolt that didn't fit because some of these parts are from another world. The gas cap was pooring out gas, the axle nuts were sent wrong they gave me regular nuts rather than the castle nuts with cotter keys those came loose a couple of times. So I emailed jeff about the problems he responded most of my emails but did nothing about it. So since then I bought a new carb and am looking to buy a gas tank that will fit but looks impossible. My poor son always ask is my gokart running today and I have to til him I'm working on it, it is very disappointing.

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  • Je
    jerry edd Apr 17, 2012

    i bought 2- wheelers from these people...biggest pieces of ### on this planet...the 4 wheelersare as well.they do not return phone calls they will do nothing after they get your money.if anyone is interested in filing a class action lawsuit please contact me @[email protected]e people must be held accountable for the c*** they sell...i have had nothing but problems since day one...

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  • Sh
    Shirley Upthegrove CEO May 01, 2012

    I own Family-Go-Karts, an amusement park in Port Austin, MI. I sure hope no one will think we are affiliated with this co. that sells go carts. We do not sell carts, only tickets to ride them. Come join us and have some fun.

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  • Cb
    cbhh0708 Jul 14, 2012

    Well I was gonna get my 4yr old son a 4wheeler from here but after reading nothing but bad complaints I think I will keep looking.

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  • Td
    tdsmithers Dec 21, 2012

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Jeff will tell you anything you want to hear until he gets your money. Then you are SOL after that!!! STAY AWAY!!!

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  • De
    Deshawn1 Dec 28, 2012

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Jeff won't help u at all!!! 4 wheelers are trash!! Brought my son one for Christmas an it ain't last 30 mins!! They don't honor any warren ties !!!

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  • Un
    Unhappy single mother Mar 20, 2013

    I wish I found this page and did more research before I bought my son gokart. We could not get it crank becuase the harness wire obviously has a shortage in it so we had to hold it in order to crank it. While my son was riding it after finanally getting it crank, the damn muffler fell off. I'm now getting the run around from the comapny in regards to getting this matter taken care of. I've done everything that they asked from sending emails, pictures, etc. I'm still waiting on them to let me know what their going to do. I'm a single parent and can not afford to throw away money on anything. I trusted these people with my money and believed in them and their product. I will not advise anyone to buy anything from these people. They are a rip off!!!

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  • Ra
    railroad5005 Mar 27, 2013

    I bought a kandi 90b gokart and it has been nothing but trouble from the start. The brakes didnt last three rides and for every hour it is used I have to spend at least an hour fixing it. If you do buy one you better locktite everything, becuase everytime you use it something will vibrate off. Then if you do need something sent to you good luck. They give you the runaround and you can forget customer service! they wont talk to you unless your wanting to buy something. You have to email everything and your lucky if they will respond to you. Save your money and buy a brand name product that will last and has a good reputation.

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  • Ho
    hollybrooke Apr 17, 2013

    I contacted Jeff within 45 days and told him my 4-wheeler would not run and he spent the next 4 months telling me to try this and try that. We finally got fed up and wanted to return it. He sent me an email this morning and said my 45 days were up. My daughter rode this thing for 3 weeks and now it does nothing. There should be a Lemon Law for anything over $500. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. I have wasted $900. It's like my daughter didn't get a Christmas present.

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  • Am
    Amy haring Apr 24, 2013

    I have all of the same issues that everyone else is having! My sis year old son is without a birthday present because of this awful, awful company! The ATV I purchased is the 110 cc and has NEVER RAN! There products are JUNK! I am going to try and dispute it with my bank because I'm not paying ship something back that never worked in the first place!

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  • Ra
    Rabat1228 Jul 03, 2013

    I don't want to beat a dead horse, but we have experienced the same problems with Do yourself a favor and spend your money somewhere else, we are extremely unhappy with them.

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  • Wh
    WhatAJOK Jul 11, 2013

    My sons ATV has only had just a few rides before it too stopped working. The claim 100% money back guaranteed but I have asked 3 times in 3 separate emails for authorization to return it and he just ignores that part of my emails when responding. As of now I am waiting on replacement parts.

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  • Tp
    tpw3 Jul 26, 2013

    I am one of the suckers that spent almost $2, 000 on a gokart from Jeff Backer and it hasn't ran over 15 minutes at a time without something falling off or tearing up!! My sons have wanted a gokart for so long and I had to finance this thing and I am still making payment on it, but it is sitting in my garage broken, where it has been for 2 months!! I thought I was spending my hard earned money on something my kids could enjoy and have fun on. Their website says we stand by what we sell...that is a LIE!!! What comes around, goes around, so Jeff might should watch out, because he is doing alot of families wrong!!!


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  • Ma
    mart04 Aug 30, 2013

    DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PIECE OF CRAP LIARS. Family Go Karts is disgusting. I bought an ATV and the battery was not working from the get go. I contacted Jeff Backer and he told me the battery is not covered under warranty. UMMM HELLO???? I would expect to at least get a working battery to start out and if it goes bad over time, so be it. He is such a smug POS and Im sending the junk back. Luckily Im within the 45 day return policy. Yes, I will be out the shipping, but its better then dealing with this terrible company. I wish I would have found this site prior to purchasing from them. Lesson learned.

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  • 12
    12SeekTruth Nov 21, 2013

    I agree with everyone else..DO NOT BUY FROM FAMILY GO KARTS!! I purchased atvs from this company for my children and it would not even start. I got jerked around for several months, try this that..try that..before I finally said I wanted my money refunded or a new atv, well lo and behold I'm am outside the the 45 day return period. In my opinion, the delays of fix this or that was merely a stall tactic to get past the 45 days. The more I pressed the issue over the last several months, I got told that the piece of junk is not their responsibility, but is the product maker and I can't get a refund now. I wish I would I would have found this website a while and learn.


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  • Ks
    ksimonds Dec 22, 2013

    Tell the truth and shame the Devil this is NOT a Christian Company! Heartless crooks! This company owe over $300, 000 to vendors several years ago and I feel this is how they make money is by promising one thing then taking your money and doing another! Jeff Backer has anger issues and is a rude pompous jerk. Website guaranteed deliver before Christmas then emailed me day and a half before delivery and said it would not be here but I could drive to Illinois to pick atv up, mind you I live in OHIO. I explained to him that this was my child's Christmas gift and my son is going to be devastated he told me I should have planned accordingly. Jeff Backer was to worried about trying to point blame at others and all customer service went out the window. He even told me "stop busting my chops, " what business owner would EVER say that to a customer after ruining a child's Christmas?!

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  • Ba
    Badboy Report Apr 07, 2014

    wow I have not found one good cheap modped scooter good person or dealer YET. I have not bought one after reading all the bad reviews on these companies.

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  • Ba
    Badboy Report Apr 07, 2014

    Wow can anyone tell me where in the heck I can get a good 50cc bike for around 700 dollars at that is not a piece of crap? Or bad company to buy from? I have been looking for a year and EVERY company I have dealt with has been crap and tons of bad reviews. Killer motors ports safterwholerser, powrsports, on and on now this one. geese. I cannot seem to find a good company that sells scooters, bikes. mopeds inexpensively.

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  • Td
    TDinDE Apr 08, 2014

    We bought a Kandi go kart for our son for Christmas 2013 and we have had so many problems with it in the last 3 months. We've contacted their customer service multiple times and they are no help whatsoever. The first thing that was disappointing was that we specifically asked for yellow and as a second choice blue. When the go kart showed up, it was lime green. Not a deal breaker but it would have been nice if they told us that they couldn't honor our color choices. We brushed that off. What really bugs us is that this thing has so much trouble starting from day one. We had to spend so much money already in repairs - the latest that just happened this past week is the leaking gas line and the battery would not charge. The gas line should be plyable - it was rock hard so that had to be replaced. Before that is the fuse that had to be replaced. It took us forever to figure that one out. Another annoyance is that nuts, bolts and screws constantly fall off of this thing. One day I found 3 of them laying in the driveway! My husband had to tighten each and every little screw to try and keep this thing from falling apart (literally). If I had known this thing was going to cost us so much time, money, frustration and disappointment we would have never purchased it. It really is a hunk of junk. We promised our son he could go out and ride it last Saturday and it wouldn't start up. My husband tried for an hour and took everything apart to try and figure it out. The look of disappointment on our son's face was enough to send us over the edge. My husband had contacted their customer service countless times and they do nothing - they do not call back or try to help you in any way. They were supposed to send us our replacement parts when we first got it such as touch up paint (because the go kart showed up scratched) and also some new wire covers that were missing. They never sent it out to us! Now we are stuck with this crap - major rip-off! Buyers beware!!! Very unhappy with this company and product!

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  • Jd
    jdt from Virginia May 02, 2014

    I have to agree with your complaints and we have had the same problems that EVERY complaint has had to date 5/3/14. We do nothing but replace, fix, replace, and fix. We have lost so many nuts and bolts, fix parts, had trouble starting, now the key switch does not work, and I am having to try to find an exhaust bolt again..we have lost all of them. We bought a 125 cc ATV for Christmas 2013 and to date we have worked on it every time it has been taken out!! I was so frustrated at Christmas as it would not even start for the grandsons to ride. I placed many emails&calls to after the first ATV was refused in shipment when we went to
    pick it up. We are dealing with the 2nd one now and I guess we are just like all of you...we do not have money sitting around to throw away. Yeah..Jeff Becker was nice when making the sale and the brother too! but, afterwards they are some mean guys. I think they like to get you fired up so you don't push them into doing the right thing and fixing all of these "not good products". Me I am not the yell at ya person but..had to raise the voice lots of times to both of them. Hey guys stick to your guns and I think they can't keep dealing with the negative responses from people. If I would have read comments like these I would have not made the purchase from these guys either. If, they don't want to respond then they hang up on you, ignore your emails, put you off and they want that!! DON"T BACK DOWN !! yeah it is easy to sit miles away from them and they think they call the shots..but you all have rights. Just try to contact the right offices in your area and make sure to file the complaints with the BBB, and you have every right to dispute the charges in small claims court and make sure you keep all documentation to back you up!!! or a lawyer if you need to... I am really surprised this company has had so much in ways of negative complaints that they are allowed to continue to sell, talk to people in nasty manners, and say they are "family concerned".

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  • Jd
    jdt from Virginia May 17, 2014

    I had to send this out...I posted the comment from jdt in Virginia on May02/2014. I was sent an email asking to rate my support from on May 9th. I am not sure why they want to ask now as our opinion of the company stays the same. I did say second one in my posted comment. We refused the first one as the warehouse workers called us back to the shop area and ask us to take a look. No pallet, cardboard shipping box all dented in, part of the metal packing frame missing etc., They even lifted it up for us to see underneath the damage that was visual. We told them to leave it on the shipping dock after I took pictures we returned home with no Xmas gift. We sent the pictures, kept calling, emailing etc., Again..don't back down!! they can make you mad enough to spit nails!!! They let us know you should have taken the four wheeler and should not have refused it. We don't live a skip and jump from the warehouse it was sent we have to work. Well we called every free second/minute of the day/night personally I think they got tired of us calling, emailing so... we finally received number two although packaged right it has been a never ending chore to work on. I was told to take the brand new battery to have it checked out because it would not charge. We did do that and imagine our surprise when we were ask who? went? phone number etc., we took the battery to. Today 5/17/14 my husband as I type this is replacing yet another set of bolts to hold on the he is trying to see why the darn thing will not start without moving the kill switch. I hope that they have a chance to read these comments posted..yeah I forgot that is all they'll do!!!

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  • Ss
    SSSteveSSS Jun 19, 2014

    DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM FAMILY GO KARTS!! They are very unreliable and do not back the products that they sell. I purchased a scooter from them, it arrived damaged, they tried everything they could to point fingers at me, at the freight company, etc. I understand that someone has to be responsible for the damage, but in the meantime, they need to take care of the customer who paid for a brand new undamaged scooter. They failed to do so, it took two months before they finally issued a refund...the cost of the scooter, but the shipping was not reimbursed. I will never purchase anything from this company again, customer support was poor and unprofessional. Several emails back and forth without any progress for several weeks. I even emailed the owner, Jeff Backer, , with little assistance. He directed me to Sara Johnson, his customer care person...very unprofessional. A very frustrating and disappointing experience, do not buy from this company. There is a reason they do not belong to the BBB...he has a "cute" little video explaining why, but after the experience I had, it's really placing blame on the BBB for their negative reviews. Their website is nice, it makes them appear to be caring, family oriented, and with christian values...not true...This has nothing to do with the product...a tao tao scooter, it has everything to do with the service, customer experience, the backing of their products, the interaction and professionalism with their customers...POOR.

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  • Fa
    FAMILY GO KARTS Sep 03, 2014

    i bought a 150cc kandi go kart on the 18th of augest
    and from day one it took us 6 hours to put it together and then i cound not even ride it bc of a bad carb i had to go and buy a new carb that cost me 83 dollars and then i got to ride it one time the belt broke on it its not even the right belt that go's on it and the title does not even match up with the motor and it has hole in it, , i thought it was soupsed to have holes in it and the finance company said its not to have any holes in it bc its a 2014 jeff then tells me he will send me half of my money back on the carb still no check its still under warnrty and then he tells me on a recourd phone call that kandi will not do didly squat that he is sending me half my money back out of good faith and the belt will be shiped i told him that i want to give it back to him to send me the shipping adress and he said ok still no email and also the spark plug in the motor was used i had to buy another spark plug to YOU and today is sept 3rd still nothing ...DO NOT BUY ANTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE ...YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU EVER DID ...THIS IS CRAZY

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  • Ml
    m,lechner Jan 14, 2015

    thank you for all the feed back, im glad i checked about this compant and im sooooo sorry that you people got taken. i was going to order the 2300.00 one but no way now and thanks again

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  • Tg
    tgrissom Feb 05, 2015

    SATISFIED CUSTOMER...OK when my husband and I started looking for a Go Kart for our 5 yr old grandson, the Kandi 90B was my husband's top choice. He did a good bit of researching first and while reviewing all the negative reviews, we were afraid but DECIDED TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT anyway. Because most people only post reviews when they are dissatisfied with a product. We thought out of all the negative reviews, there must have been many purchasers that didn't have a bad experience. At least we hoped! Delivery went as stated and yes there were a little more to assembly than we thought, but put the product together and also checked all the other nuts and bolts for tightness. We did experience some issues with the gas cap not fitting, so sent the email to and received a new gas cap immediately. Then to find out it wasn't the gas cap, it was the gas tank. So emailed again and the company mailed us a new gas tank. So I can say, yes we had some issues, but the customer service from the company was excellent in getting our problems corrected. After several rides my husband checks the nuts and bolts and makes sure they are tight. And yes, the muffler had come loose after the bumpy rides and almost fell off. Just need to keep the unit serviced and maintained. I truly feel for all the above customers that had a bad experience but had to post this as a SATISFIED CUSTOMER.

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  • Ro
    ROOKIE BUYER Feb 23, 2015

    If you buy anything from family go karts then you deserve to have your money taken from you. Their products are garbage and Jeff backer is the worst. Their communication sucks along with what they sell. If you read through this complaint board and still give that company your money then the problem is you. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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  • Ra
    Randy Suess May 30, 2015

    I read and agree with all the reviews- from stalling you until your out of the warranty time to dragging their A$$ and not returning emails to using the Christian family angle as a ploy to bring in customers. Shame on you !!! I'm agnostic and I'm offended! smells of whiskey and cigarette butts. Don't buy from them !!!

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  • Pa
    paboyeeee Aug 21, 2015

    Agree with these complaints, very similar to what I went though, I found a "dealer" near Pittsburgh who wouldn't even take the go kart I had back ...offered me $50.00 for it!! Had problems with it from the beginning. Worthless Chinese crap!! I ended up donating to our local school for a project just to get it out of my yard.

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  • Ro
    Ron Watson Nov 06, 2015

    I too was treated wrong by "christian" Backer. They said I needed to call their customer service to verify an order for a scooter. I had paid by check online. Tried 3x to contact and could not get through. Cancelled the order and the next day they cash my check. Now I have to wait a week to get my refund. BAD COMPANY!

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  • Wi
    Winton Williams Jan 02, 2016

    This company is a joke. I ordered a go kart for my son Christmas. I paid extra money to have it delivered by Christmas eve.well Christmas eve came and the go cart didn't. Two days before Christmas eve I received a phone call from a lady named sarah. She confirmed that the item would be delivered by Christmas eve.when the item didn't arrive I tried calling the company with no answer I sent them a email. Bout an hour later I got a email from a jeff backer he claimed the order had been canceled do to me calling and fussing about the shipping cost. The thing was I never called anyone. After some back and forth emails Mr backer said he could re ship the item. I told him that i would like a discount were my son Christmas got messed up do to the cart never showing up. He never gave me a straight answer so I told him to not worry about the order.that I would go elsewhere to buy my son a go cart.i was sure there was a company out there would be happy to have my business. A few days later my credit card got billed for the kart that I had told him I didn't want anymore. I had to contact them again to get my money back.if anyone is thinking about buying from this company don't waste your time they are not a stand up company. They messed up my son Christmas. 1-2-16

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  • Hi
    Hitmyheadagainstthewall Jan 08, 2016

    This is such validation. I thought I had stepped into a Twilight Zone episode. Dealing with Jeff for 14 days. The e mail string would be hysterical if it wasn’t so painful for me. I want my Christmas back. They hijacked it. I could not figure out why. Now I know. They are liars and fakes. Brother Jay today on the phone was so incredibly rude, and made me out to be the bad guy. $1200.00 of carts. I have been miserable ever since they arrived. Which was no small feat in itself. I despise this company and wonder what kind of church they could possibly go to. Details seem redundant at this point on this site. But it was missing parts, bent parts, no instructions, and being led down a 14 day e mail road to nowhere.

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  • Co
    CoMar Nov 04, 2016

    Horrible experience! Support and sales people extremely rude.
    Stay away from them if you don't want sales reps yelling at you and phone hung up in the middle of a talk that doesn't go well for them. Nasty people, never experienced something like this!

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  • Pw
    pwartist55 Sep 04, 2017

    This company is a fraud. My gokart arrived broken . a deflated tire, steering problems. a seven year old turned it over in less than two minutes of use on a flat surface. This owner Jeff Backer did nothing to help. The company should be investigated by the State of Minnesota.
    Do not buy from this company.

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  • Ov
    Overthetopangry May 23, 2018

    Oh my goodness - we apparently did no research on this company - I think we were just so excited about purchasing a go-kart for our grandkids, and after all, this was from a "christian-owned" company - oh please - with the type of business they run - I am afraid they are going to be splitting hell wide open. This company is nothing but a ripoff, sweet and helpful before the purchase, can't get in touch with them after the purchase. Go-kart was "lost" for a month, and like everyone else has stated - tears up after every time it is ridden. I can guarantee it hasn't been ridden 1/2 dozen times since Christmas 2016 - always toren up, something different everytime. Like one customer said - it is so irritating when you have to look in the faces of your grandkids - everytime they come over - "is the gokart fixed", No, I am sorry it isn't, or if it happens to be fixed - it ALWAYS tears up with something different everytime they ride it. We are looking at a new motor now to the tune of $300. Trust me - buy local - you will save money and heartache in the end! DO NOT buy from this company!!!

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  • Ba
    Barbara Handy Jun 15, 2018

    Well, I do wish I had seen these reviews before we bought our Eagle 150cc. We were going for the 150cc TAO TAO, but were out of stock, so Jeff gave us the Eagle for same price. Thought it was a great deal, until it came to us. Box was in good shape so we opened box, deep scratches, rounded off bolts, no lock nut for axle, deep gouges and sm hole in seat. Would have sent it back, but was way to much trouble to do so. If my husband did not know a few things about bike assy, we would be paying someone to to assy it. I was told all I needed to do was add batt acid and charge it and she would be ready to go. LIES. Has two single wires left after he assibled handle bars, not one person there could tell us what they were for. My husband said words I never hear, he was so mad, Had to request title and bill of sale, what kind of crap was that. Should have hung up phone when Jeff was smart ass to me right off the bat

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  • Ke
    Kevin Riley Jul 25, 2018

    I ordered two ATV's from Family Go-Karts. The second day one of the ATV's broke. I've been trying to get them to help for 3 weeks now. I keep calling and they keep feeding me a line of BS. Their Tech is always out of the office or working from home, or on Vacation. I have a feeling they have no intentions of helping me with any of my stuff. I wish I would not have bought from them. Stay away!

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  • Ju
    J.U.stice May 22, 2019

    received a damaged engine and kept my money! Customer service (Kayla) responds by hanging up the phone. claim #46459.

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