Hardee's Restaurants / unethical and disrespectful manner

Al ain mall branch, United Arab Emirates

I just want to complaint about the manager namely ahmed in your store at ain mall branch. I was your regular customer and i used to buy always your hand scoop strawberry flavor. Everyday after my duty im always buying in your store around 4pm and it was not busy that time. All the crew was doing their works then that ahmed putted cream on my drinks which is i requested him and all of a sudden he was rudely telling me that "oh maybe you want more you want me to put it on cup this cream?" Sounds so sarcastic then he told me that "you know what?? This is not my job okay? Im not the one who should put this, " and i just replied ok thank you for assisting me. The fact that he is not busy and he is busy on talkng and laughing on his mobile its not the usual thing i always seen on the hardess store. This makes me so upset and dissapointed because i love to eat on your food of choices. I hope you can do something about this matter. Many thanks

Sep 15, 2017

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