Hardee's Restaurants / rude and unprofessional service

Rolesville, North Carolina, United States
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This is my first visit to a Hardee's restaurant, and most likely my last. Today, 4/27/2017, I visited Stored #1638 in Rolesville, N.C., after receiving a coupon in the mail. My wife placed the order and proceeded to the window. Once she gave the attendant her coupon (for a 10-piece spicy chicken strip order), he told her; "in the future let me know when you have a coupon", in a rude manner. After waiting 3 minutes at the window, he told us to park in a parking spot. After making us wait an additional 10 minutes, I got out of my car, took my receipt inside, and asked for the Manager, Kellia, to request a refund. Once I explained what occurred, she yelled at the employee, not for being rude, but because she did not want to issue reimbursements. She did not offer to make my experience better, nor did she offer to give me the order at no charge due to the inconvenience and rude behavior. Moreover, she kept the coupon that I gave her, instead of returning it. Being a manager in the hospitality business, I always put the customer first, but based on this experience, it does not appear to be the Hardee's motto. I have been to many fast food restaurants, and this is by far the worst treatment that I have ever received. Perhaps these employees would benefit from training at a Chick fil'a restaurant, where the service is professional and polite.

Apr 27, 2017

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