Hardee's Restaurants / hardee's as a whole

Laurel hill, FL, United States

I was employed there until Thursday the 14th. I have NEVER been wrote up, never been late, never called out, every customer that came through always had something good to say about me! Heather Brock of Laurel hill is the problem! This store let's anything go and Ms Wanda Jacobs covers it up. Someone needs to pull some tapes! The mangers sleep in their car on the clock, managers get drugs through the drive Thur, employees asking customers to buy their food everyday and giving them the employee discount! I have dates and times to Everything o there is more!!! I went to my manager serval times with complains and Jim Brooks answers he will take care of it! Lol yes he took care if it. I'm fired! How does that work? I will be seeing y'all in court. Paper work don't lie. And videos don't either

Sep 15, 2017

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