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Hardees / poor service

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I have been a loyal customer of hardees in myrtle beach and columbia sc, charlotte, nc, and chattanooga, tn, eating there nearly every morning for 25 years. Until several years ago, when I had occasion to travel into alabama and had the misfortune to stop, as usual, at hardees.

I pulled up to the drive-through at hardees in bridgeport, al and ordered a sausage biscuit with mustard, and they handed me a bag containing a sausage biscuit. I was three miles down the road before I opened the wrapper, and realized that they had neither put mustard on the biscuit, nor put a mustard pack into the bag.

So I returned to the restaurant and went inside and asked the surly clerk who had waited on me if I could please speak to the manager. After a five minute wait, a pleasant looking manager spoke to me and I showed here the sausage biscuit and bag and absence of mustard. She politely apologized, and took the bag from me, went into the back and returned the bag to me and said she he had taken care of that problem, and smiled again, and I left the store feeling that my problem had been taken care of satisfactorily.

A mile away from the store, I opened the bag and pulled out my now cold sausage biscuit, unwrapped it, and found mustard leaking from every portion of the circumference of the biscuit.

Obviously, the biscuit now contained more mustard by weight than sausage. I returned to the restaurant, obtained a comment card, and completed and mailed it and got no reply from either the franchisee or franchisor.

Three years later I have still not gotten an apology from hardees, and I have taken my business elsewhere. I estimate that I have reduced hardees gross revenue by $4500 since this happened, and I would bet that the franchisee who hired the smiling manager still doesn't give a rip about his customer's satisfaction with their service levels in bridgeport. (Where hardees is the only fast food restaurant. )

I smile every time I pass through that town, however, since every single person I meet there is told my "mustard story", and they tell similar tales about their experiences there, and explain that the guy who owns the franchise doesn't care because he sleeps with the manager. So much for franchise standards and quality assurance at hardees.

  • Crystal Coquyt's Response, Jun 01, 2017

    I ordered my food and when Kyle brought my food he set it on the table and didn't say what it was or if I needed anything else. He wasn't polite and friendly at all. Very unhappy with the service. Don't think I will be coming back here again.

  • Crystal Coquyt's Response, Jun 01, 2017

    Service was bad. Kyle was rude and didn't ask me if I needed anything else. Just put it on the table and walked away.

  • Crystal Coquyt's Response, Jun 01, 2017

    Not happy with the service

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  • Mi
      9th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    everyone needs to understand fast food is just that. Good service comes from real restaraunts. you get what you pay for. Hardees is not a restaraunt based on customer satisfaction just volume.

  • Po
      5th of Jun, 2011
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    Thi was the third time I was in this Hardees and they got my order wrong. To day they got my order wrong two times. My wife and I could not rember why we did not go to Hardees more often.Once we got the order we rembered why. I think it will be a long time before we go to another Hardees.

  • Ma
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hardee's in Kernersville N.C. is nasty, trust me I use to work their

  • No
      16th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hardees service is the worst!!! I see some angry employees have posted concerning this complaint. Well fast food needs to be fast now that gas is $3.50 + a gallon. The one comment about needing to think about the person working behind the counter or in the kitchen ????? You must be about 18 and this is your first job! I have worked fast food also in the delivery business side of fast food! You need to do your job or get on a CHECK!!! People trying to get to work waiting 20 to 30 Mins in drive thru. That is what I ran upon this morning! Where I work if your late 3 time in a quarter you are written up. MAN to waist on of those write-ups on a $ 3.00 Hardees Breakfast!!! That sucks!!! Not to mention that $ 5.00 worth of gas for letting my vehicle run while waiting. It was no faster to park and go inside a fellow worker went inside and I followed him to work this morning! People need to realize that they are offering a service and if there service STINKS!!! People will get that service some where else! When the right amount of people go some where else for that offered service?!?!?!?! Guess what??????? You don't have a job! McDondals right up the street never tasks more that 3 Mins. for order in the Mornings it just has more business than it can handle now due to the HARDEE'S Slack!!! Man Bluefield WV Hardees needs a New manager!!! Never had this issue when Wayne was the Store Manager except late in the evening!!!

  • Gi
      28th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    It took 10mins to get my burger and there was no people there! once they got it wrong 6 times in a row!

  • Ta
      6th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Today I went through the Hardee's drive thru in Casper Wy and while I was placing my order the drive thru employee Lauren cut me off, gave me my total and told me to drive forward even though I hadn't completed my order. I drive forward and the woman at the window takes my money and when I informed her (come to find out she was the morning manager and her name was Linda) that I hadn't finished ordering she just walked away. When another employee came near the window and it opened I stated that I didn't know Hardee's now decided when a customer was done ordering she stated that they didn't. At this time she had 2 chances to allow me to finish my order but failed to do so. We finally get our food along with an attitude from Ms. Linda and as we are pulling away my 16 year old so announces that she is laughing at us. That just topped off the total lack of customer service that I received. The irony in this was that the order that didn't get placed was mine and I was actually hungry and as a cancer patient I don't actually get hungry very often anymore. The Hardee's in Casper Wy nearest the mall totally sucks, I am highly recommending that no one ever go there. When I got home to Riverton I did call and speak to the night manager and he wrote down my complaint and said sorry. No offers for coupons, no offers for anything other than I hope that you come back. I doubt I ever will as it seems that no Hardee's cares anymore about customer service, trying to keep a customer, or doing anything to make up for rude and horrible service to the offended customer.

  • Tt
      25th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    jubail industrial city
    no body answer at all time
    they want you to come and order then wait more than 30 minutes to take your order
    they dont accept any order to delivery
    and they talk with missbehaving to to the customers

  • Ha
      11th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    oh well i got lot of complaints on Hardee's, specially in kuwait i order 2 meals they get me one in price of estimated time 45 minutes and that's only for show then i wait another 45 minutes and more to get the other meal because of some call center employee who don't even get what he deserves because all others even their supervisor cover for them and after i get the second meal i figure they put fresh fries not crispy as i ordered and then again 1 hour till i get the crispy fries and all i get we're sorry i spent 3 hours waiting to get my dinner ready and they think all that is solved with we're sorry like hell i'd call that FF Rest.

  • Fa
      21st of May, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I would like to say how resentful deal of staff. Where I ordered for my children Kids meal with cheese, and found later demand a piece of meat with ketchup only, without any things else As requested.
    Branch for information on the Hardee's by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques direction of Saudi Arabia.
    I am enclosing Images & receipt of order
    Fahd Abdul Rahman al-Faqeeh +966555707469

  • Ja
      24th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    My girlfriend & I went to hardees, Store # 1478 just outside Chattanooga Tn on 08/23/2013. We waited almost 15 min for the cashier to take our order. She was too busy talking to her boyfriend. Finally we had our order in & went to take a seat. She was laughing out loud & acting like a 10 yr old. The Mgr was standing at one of the tables talking & laughing for atleast 30 min. then the Cashier named Megan emp # 00251 came to join her. They were being loud & rude. Then approx. 10 min later as we were about to finish our meal & leave, one of the other employees was getting off work & told the boss "see you tommorrow goober" This is very unprofessional behavior. It's rediculous & i dont think they should be working in a customer environment like this. They should retrain these girls or let them go because apparently they werent taught to show respect for the customer or just dont care

  • Ca
      21st of Sep, 2013
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  • Up
      13th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    I usually love the Hardees apple pies and the price of buy 1 get 1 free. About 2 weeks ago I was at the Hardees in Blacksburg Virginia and the fries were so old and hard as a rock I couldnt hardly eat them. One apple pie was just a shell with absolutely no apples in it except one teeny tiny corner. One bite off of that pie was all she wrote. My co-workers couldnt believe it. However the second apple pie was very good. It might have been so good however since there wasnt any apples in the first pie that to have apples in the second pie was really great. The time of my visit was 9:00 pm. Thats my lunch time at work. I always thought that food was not suppose to be served after it has sit over a length of certain minutes. The managers there need to be retrained. I dont blame the cashiers the managers are suppose to see to it that the rules and regulations are followed .

  • Wo
      4th of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    I want to know y my dad has to respond to fire at a location in Cleveland TN that is for the fire department so do they need a maintenance man there that makes no scenes to me and I don't hardly get to spend time with him as it is

  • Ah
      17th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    I ordered 2 Roast beef and I found that the quantity of the roast beef in each sandwich is not the same also when I ordered before several times I find the quantity is not the same

  • Ea
      2nd of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    We done

  • Ea
      2nd of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    That is not me

  • Gl
      2nd of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    Haredess in Newport Tn has a manager named Kim that told her co workers "I guess we have to feed the pigs today" when local law enforcement walked in one morning. They heard her say that and walked back out . I left myself and wont be back

  • Sa
      13th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Hardee's Restaurants - Supervisor
    Saudi Arabia

    The supervisor misbehave to me infront of all employees and customers...his name is mohammed fawzy...rastorant located in rakah(dammam al khobar)

  • St
      14th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Hardee's Restaurants - Bacon egg biscuit (no cheese)
    United States

    Good morning, went to Hardee's last week and the biscuit I ordered was wrong. I ordered it without cheese and low and behold it had cheese on it. This has happened twice now, so I called them and the manager took my name and said next time you come we will replace it so I went today and gave them my name but they wouldn't do it without a receipt.

  • Er
      14th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Hardee's Restaurants - shift leader
    Glen Raven North Carolin
    United States

    clarice Davis said we couldn't have no tighs n a 8pc chicken.
    I don't eat that part of chicken. she was very rude and dis respectful. I use to work here so I know they can do it. I was very un please with the so called service I receive and will !I also saw another customer with the same problem and left as well.

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