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Victoria, MN, United States

Receipt no [protected] 092 service 06-14-18. Cashier Kaylynn G. checked out a female for 6 large briskets with three separate transactions. The customer paid in written checks for two transactions and a credit card for the third. When asked why the transactions took so long, I was told that there was a customer limit of two so the cashier had to separate the purchases. What is the purpose of limiting the number for each customer when it will be conveniently ignored by some cashiers and not by others. I've purchased multiple briskets before and was NOT allowed to buy three, much less six. This lady and I are of the same age only she is Hispanic and I am white. So I have to ask, why a manager would allow customers to wait in line for 30 minutes for this? And why can't I purchase more than two at a time?


Mar 16, 2018

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