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H and R Block / ripped off by emerald card

1 784 Hand Ave. #1 , Cincinnati, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5134077103

On feb the 15 of 2017, I used my emerald card to get my first withdrawl out a atm located in williamstown ky, on hwy 36. So when I pushed in a large amount of 200.00 I got no money but it was takin off of balance. A tech. Was there workin on the atm the time and promised me it would work then says oh it will be back on there by midnight. So at that time I got the number off of atm and made a immediate phone call to the bank. The bank was closed. So I left a few messages. No response after that, I called and spoke with the women who takes care of this and she begins to tell me how it was already put back on h&r block s bank. So it should be on my card and to contact the irs. Which I did and they told me a few days turned into almost a month later. I am really upset bc that money is mine. I worked hard for it and I know need that money. So next year and from now out I will not go through h&r block ever again. The card also has hidden fees and charges to use it. I was very dissapointed with this run around and im still waiting on. I think im writing obama about this.

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  • Am
      8th of Mar, 2009
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    totally agree..

  • Tr
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    H and R Block - tax thefts
    H and R block
    Las Vegas
    United States

    My husband is in construction and one of his friends recommended us to a tax preparer that works for H and R block on durango at the rhodes ranch shoping center. My husband's friend told him that you give the prepare all your receipts and they do all the calculations and advise you on what you should do to prepare yourself for next years tax. Well, we went there with all our information. I mean everything because I kept every single receipt we had. I just didn't know what was tax deductible so I kept everything in order, we always used a friend to do our taxes before and we depended on that friend so much that we never really new much about taxes. This year we decided to use H and R block to see if they could help us more by letting us know what is really deductible and what we should do to maximize our returns. My husband also worked in another state and had information there too so I wasn't sure how to do our taxes, so we decided to give H and R block a try.

    Well, let me tell you that H and R block is a total scam, first that lady really didn't do anything for us, she told us to calculate everything ourselves and then give her the numbers, and the worst part is she didn't tell us anything about taxes. We had some medical expenses that we wanted to know if it was deductible and she couldn't tell us if it was or not. We had so many questions and all she could tell us was that we had to do our own calculations and all she does is enter it in. Huh, she charged us $340.00 and then told me to learn from her and become a tax preparer. FOr $140.00 I could learn from her, wow the nerve of her. She told me that maybe next year I wouldn't have to pay and that I could do it all on my own. So I went home and went on to turbo tax for the federal tax and entered in all the numbers I calculated myelf, and guess what??? Yah, I got the same return for FREE!!! Yes, H and R block is a scam. DOn't go to them. Seriously turbo tax is free!!! Let just say that I may have lost some money in this but I learned a very valuable lesson, NEVER go to that H and R block AGAIN!

  • Ev
      27th of Jan, 2010
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    H and R Block - has given me another mans return and not mine for 2008
    H and R Block
    Oak Harbor
    United States

    I got our taxes done at H and R Block in 2017 for the 2017 tax year...I went to pick up my envelope as usual after my taxes were done paid over 100.00 to have them done...
    I am filing my taxes now and need my information from 2017 and go and pull out our tax return and I HAVE ANOTHER PERSON RETURN IN OUR ENVELOPE. Now I have this persons account number and everything about him...And I am wondering who has mine...THIS IS OUTRAGOUS. Now that I reported it I have to wait another 5 days for a district manager to call me back and then they want to charge me 20.00 for a copy of my damn return...I have not told my husband yet due to he is in Iraq and is going to flip when he hears this and that someone could be out there using our information...I want to report this to someone because now I am sure my husband is going to want to close banks and so forth..but we can't just change our SS#'s...and this poor guy I have his information and I am going to try and contact him and assure him it is safe but he should know we have his return as well don't you think...If anyone knows who I should report this too please email me [protected] am pissed off beyond belief right now...needless to say I WILL NEVER EVER USE THEM AGAIN...LOST OUR BUSINESS FOREVER.

  • In
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    Put in a complaint to the Attorney General of your State and also report it to the IRS compliance division.

    I would also go to your local news channel and report it to the "SHAME ON YOU" team! and your local newspapers.

    I went once and never again. At H&R Block, employees are not trained, and this is due to lack of madetory UNPAID training. They don't care...I'm very surprised the number of people that go to H&R's as sitting down on your computer at home and do your own taxes on Turbo tax.

    Note I live in the United States of America and when I walked in to H&R Block the tax person that did my tax return said sorry because they only had "spanish" written folder for all clients. They ran out...Note it's tax season and you run out of english written folders??????

    This would be a nice lawsuit...I'm thinking about it and have 180 days.

  • Je
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    H and R Block - h and r block debit card
    New York
    United States

    the state said my check was released on 3/12/10 and if i put it in my own account it would have been their instead h and r block said it would be good to put it on the h and r block debit card and i ok and did it that way, now mind ya i have been waiting since 1/22/2017 for my state tax refund and was told by h and r block officials at head quarters they have had the check for 3 days and i will be waiting another 3 days before i receive it on the card. this is robbery to the tax payer who keeps these guys in business. wrong wrong wrong i say.

  • Ta
      21st of Mar, 2010
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    Evelyn F:Did you get this resolved with your District Manager? What you described is outrageous and should never have happened. I am shocked that someone tried to charge you another $20 for a copy of your return. If I were you, I would demand that the District Manager pay your expenses for credit bureau monitoring for the next 12 months. Obviously he/she should refund this year's tax prep fee. Do not surrender the other person's return that you received until H&R Block has done at least this much for you. They owe you at least that much. If your District Manager is less than cooperative, report back here and I will try to get you the names and numbers of the next couple of guys up the corporate ladder. Everyone makes mistakes. It's how a company responds after the mistake that makes the difference. I hope this gets resolved to your satisfaction.

    Integrity123: Are you saying you want to sue because the folder was in spanish? Hang on a second...ok I have stopped laughing now. One of these days, maybe after health care is passed we can get tort reform. When people like you start paying attorney fees to the other side when you lose these frivolous cases, maybe you will quit wasting the court's time.

  • Tr
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    H and R Block - thay took money I did not oue
    United States
    Phone: 661-746-3404

    I have had my taxes done for the last 4 years. At h and r block in shafter, ca, and have had so many problums with them. Hear is my complant : I had my taxes done this year and thay took money that I did not oue. And I am giving them a change to fix it or I am having my attorney take care of it. My name is martin salaazar address is 746 mayer lane shafter ca, 93263 I am faxing over the things u need

  • As
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    Well first why would you call the IRS??? That has nothing to do with the bank that owns the atm? Did you speak th HRB's disputes dept. If you read the terms and agreement of the card ( just like any card) there are no hidden fee's. You just were simply a irresponsible adult who didn't read before you used. AND If you saw a person that was there fixing the ATM why would you use it?? Duh common sense! When you dispute a transaction of course it will take time for the any bank to put it back to your account. They of course are going to do their research to figure out if in fact the funds are yours band belong back in your account. There is such thing in this world that is called FRAUD!

  • As
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    your dumb

  • On
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    H and R Block - liars!
    h and r block
    Battle Creek
    United States

    I have dealt with these ppl, b/c like most of us, I was desperate! For 4 yrs they have raised their fees, but b/c I need the xmas money, I go thru with it. I did it again, so now I owe them the $900 I borrowed, but now, after many yrs as a LOYAL customer, I'm hearing that there is no RAL! And it is now close to $400 to FINISH the process, and it STILL takes 14 days! The same as if I did it myself, for $40!!!If these ppl think I'm doing my taxes there, they are CRAZY, they claim they arent making enough PROFIT to continue w. the RAL, HA what a joke! I know I owe the $ but I will not be stupid again, I am going elsewhere to file my taxes, they are not getting the $900 back! I am sure they will come after me next yr, but I cant see myself going there, even if in the long run I will have to pay.I didnt mind being screwed if I got my $ in a few minutes, but to wait 2-3 weeks, at THAT price, they are immoral, and they deserve for NONE of us to return! We must all go elsewhere, and put their ### out of business, but then I'm sure they will get a bail-out from the gov't! I'm SICK of big businesses screwing over us little people! We must stand up for ourselves!

  • Na
      26th of Jan, 2011
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    Thats funny I live in Indiana and 2 people I work with got their loans before christmas they began here on Dec. 5th personally the only people I know who do this are the one's with children who get the unearned income credit. Unless its an absolute emergency why would you pay these fee's your refund is in the bank within 10 days My therory is you made it thru out the year without so you can wait 2 wks..

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