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rapid refund on taxes!

My son and his wife went to H & R Block for a rapid refund and spent an extra $200.00 for the service. The...

scam and cheating!

I had my taxes done by H&R Block. I relieved my refund but the IRS took a lot of money from the taxes. I now...

terrible experience!

I had submitted an atm dispute 30 min after the incident occurred on 1/15/08 rep that took call did not do something right i should have had my money back within 48 hours on 1/26/08 I called to find out what was going on and a rep said she did not see a dispute she resubmitted a case and no on 1/31/08 i called to check status and yet another case is submitted. I am tired of waiting for my money especially when I am doing everything I am suppose to do and the mess up is on their incompetent agents part. And the worst thing is I have to sit on hold for more than 30 min at a time and then be on the phone even longer with a rep I just want my money that rightfully is mine.

  • Tu
    TUSHI HILL Feb 13, 2008


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  • Ro
    Robert Dela Cuesta Feb 21, 2008

    I also am a very unhappy customer: I excepted there Emerald card advance. Then they sent me a bill witch I paid,then they took it out of my refund amount again. They admit they have a credit for me but are unable to tell me when they will but it back on my card, it has been a month and I can not get any answers from them. Very unhappy with them and will never do my taxes there again! They need to be put out of business for good.

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  • I am supposed to have a year round line of credit. Bank has taken paycheck with out approval and. Line is supposed to be $800 and the $800 has been paid now they say my line is only $300.

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  • thats wrong I have been a client of H&R bank since I started working and did not get appoved for the loan It comes right out of your taxes there is no way to rip them off most people with good credit have money and dont need a loan what the hell!!!

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On tues. jan 29th had my tax prepare in lynn mas 1040 ez form.To be told as my person was done, I should pay $149.20. I politely said, last year I paid for the same service only $89.00. She quickly pointed out, she used the wrong form, and she would go down to $120.00. I refused, told her i will never come back. And low behold we found another mistake, and my bill came to $91.00. What is wrong with does people, and i am not sure if she correctly did my taxe's either. Will never go back, consumer be aware.

  • Ma
    Mandy McAvoy Feb 13, 2008

    We paid almost $300 for our taxes to be prepared and filed by these idiots. We opted for the 8-15 day refund to be put on the Emerald Card... which was mailed to me a month or so ago. They "claim" that by putting your money on that card you will receive it quicker. Well, I went on the IRS website and it showed that our money was "scheduled" to be put onto the card on the 15th day. If my refund has been approved and released by the IRS, then why am I waiting until the last day to get my money? These people are liars and theives and should not be allowed to mislead the American People any longer.

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  • My
    Mystery Responder Feb 13, 2008

    Who is the idiot, if it says 8 to 15 days then it could take up to 15 days. Also who ever explained the process to you must not have explained it correctly. The cards are set up so that people who do not have a checking or savings account to direct deposit their refund in to have access to the card to use as a savings account that draws 4 % interest on the amount on the card. Also it makes it easier so u dont have to pay someone to cash your check, and you can have your payroll check direct deposited to the card. If you had questions you should have asked them when you had your taxes filed. Plus it is not H&R blocks fault, the irs did not pass all the tax laws til the middle of Jan so there were a lot of peoples stuff held up. Also there were other tax laws that did not pass til Feb 11th. If you want to complain about something then complain to the irs about the situation. The irs has to approve all tax returns before your money is put on the cards or direct deposited or you get a check printed for it to be legal, no matter what tax company you let do your taxes.

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  • Co
    Comeback at you! Jan 22, 2010

    Mystery Responder must work for HR Block. Clearly if you the statement you will see that she is not complaining about the card but HR Block. If the IRS already deposited her money what is the reason for the hold-up? HR Block has been doing these types of things for a while now, I am just glad that I am smart enough to know better. I havent use HR Block in three years and I plan to never go back to them.

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  • Va
    va_native Feb 19, 2010

    I just looked at our H & R Block fees, $389!! I think that is crazy! Especially since I just looked up what it costs to use Turbo Tax online and its a fraction. I dont get what the hell are we paying so much for?? I can input the same info online, what advantage do I have going to "professionals"? They didnt give me any tips or breaks that I couldnt do on my own. I will NEVER go to them again! Crooks! Im super pissed right now. Have you ever seen a breakdown of exactly what you are paying for? Cause I have no idea.

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  • Ma
    Marge Gunderson Feb 10, 2011

    Don't pay even $89 to have someone fill out a 1040EZ!! There is nothing they or anyone can do on that form that will get you even a penny more in refunds, or a penny less owed if you've underpaid. It takes literally five minutes once you've done all the legwork of gathering up your W-2s and other info.
    Anything that would help you get more back or pay less would require at least a 1040, if not even more paperwork.

    Even if you think you need the money desperately, obviously you've all survived the ridiculous delays they've put you through, right? Which are much longer than if you'd just waited for the money to come to you unaided.

    File it on your own (it's free through H and R Block online for the 1040EZ); with direct deposit and it's in your account in 8-10 days, and you owe nobody anything related to it. Even a hard copy check will be in your hands in less than three weeks if you prefer not to do direct deposit for whatever reason.

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cheated out of money by deception

Nathan reed

1841 grove circle
Mesquite, tx 75149

United states

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H&r block

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701 e cartwright
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United states

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I first went to h&r block on lake june balch spring on january 7th, 2008 to inquire about the "emerald card loan". the so called "tax professional" couldn't do the tax return properly so he had to have his "manager" help him. he verbally told me my tax return would be $6309, but he needed my w-2's to finish the return. on january 11th, 2008 I went to the office on 701 e cartwright and had my tax returns done again to get the "emerald card loan". they took my last pay stub for the year with clearly states my income for 2007. again they prepared my taxes. they printed a sheet stating my estimated refund would be $8256 and my 2007 income was $14976, when my last pay stub for the year clearly states I made almost 2 1/2 times that amount. again I wasn't able to get the anticipation loan until I brought in my w-2's, but qualified for the "emerald card loan" of $500.00. when I got my w-2's january 22nd, I rushed down to the office and handed to them. I forgot to bring that paper that clearly states what the refund said I was going to get. I got there and again they had to prepare my taxes. this time I am only to get $3907.60 back in my returns. I called h&r block january 23rd. I have spoken to at least 3 different people in 5 days and every time they said they would call me back because they "had to make phone calls", only again to be put on the back burner. I was told today (1/28/08) that someone would call be back at 2:30pm and it almost 7:30pm and no phone call! h&r block hires people who have no knowledge or have any experience in the tax field and then under trains them. how can you get 3 different return amounts if they were "professional tax experts"? I am still awaiting to hear what the district manager is going to do, after I refused their offer to cut my tax preparation fees in half due to their mistake. but being as they said someone would call me at 2:30pm and I haven't heard from them who knows where this will go.

Damage resulting
Being as h&r block wrote my refund on paper to be $8256 for my refund, I thought I would get that back. so, I took out $3,000+ to get my kids beds and myself an economical car since my work is rather far. as of now I am $3,000 in debt because of their mistake.

  • Ch
    Charlii Mar 08, 2008

    Refunds are never guaranteed. The higher your income, the higher your tax liability which may result in a lower refund. When you stated that your income was over twice the limit compared to what was entered when you applied for the loan, it changes the anticipated refund during tax season. Unfortunately for you the difference in actual tax refunds are in part due to clerical error when assessing your last pay stub. Hopefully by now, you should have heard from the district manager in your area. 1-800-hrblock or if that fails, you should have arbitration forms in your possession. These are forms that you sign before you file for any product. The loans against refunds and pre season products are heavily geared toward the poor and underserved. I have yet to see a wealthy or rich person apply for those type of products. Good luck

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  • Es
    Ester Mar 18, 2008

    Sometimes people seem to forget that we all are humans and therefore subject to human error. That goes for H&R block and any other business. This company does have a Peace of Mind offer where they let the clients know that human error can occur and if so, they hold themselves accountable for it. Please try not to be so critical of people and consider yourself as if it were you the tax professional. Could you do it? Turnover in this business is high. Thank God that someone is willing to be trained to do YOUR taxes even though they have to get help. That is what managers are for... to help the staff. I know that their error was a costly one, but try not to be so hard on people for their humanity. You just might find yourself on the receiving end of the same kind of treatment. How will you measure up?

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over billing!

Beware, company quotes a 69 dollar prep fee for basic return. They quote additional forms are more. When they...

h & r block is a nightmare!

Paid for Peace of Mind Guarantee in 2003, H & R made error on my tax return, they actually admit it but deny...

refund fraud

I work for H&R Block and I know for a fact that the reason the refunds are held up is most of the time because of a wrong SS# for them or the children or they owe something the government can take from their refund and it is held up because of that and my office does not charge them for a RAL if they do not get it.


  • Ja
    Jamie Mccormick Mar 28, 2007

    I will never use H&R Block again, and neither will anyone else i talk to. Had nothing but a run around and lies filing taxes this year. Never again H&R Block.

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  • Kris Apr 14, 2007

    Usually the lies are coming from the people trying to get something for nothing, not the people who want your business. They have no reason to lie.

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  • My
    Myriam May 01, 2007

    I also work for H & R Block, their training is great. I am very good at what I do. I am fair, understanding, and caring to my clients, they come back to me time and time again. In LIFE we ALL have choices, just like in our jobs. I never tell my clients which choice to make on getting their refund, that is up to them. I explain each one, and I ask them if they understand each one, then they make their choice. Everyone is complaining about the RAL, after the fact that they took the Money. You could have said NO, like most did. If I believe in a service or product, then and only then will I tell my clients about them. There are products that I agree on and there are others that I don't. I am an Honest person, and I treat everyone with respect. I believe in "What goes around comes back around but worst". I LOVE PREPARING TAXES!!!

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  • *$* Mar 09, 2009

    Of course you are gonna agree, you work for a company stealing hard earned money from people who desperately need every penny owed to them. In your line of work i'm sure you all make more than enough with out having to steal from those of us trusting you with our money. The upside to a statement you made was what goes around comes around comes around, and I feel confident that one of these days you people at H&R will find out what karma is all about!!!
    So you just keep loving doin taxes and taking our money!!!

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giving the wrong information

My wife is from Montana and when she moved here in Iowa the second year we took our taxes to H and R Block. ...

tax refund scam!

I am writing to inform others of the H & R block tax refund scam. 1st they tell you that you will receive a...

bunch of crap and total rip off!

Hello I've been using h&r block, for years. Never had a problem--the new promotion this year, is called...

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