Greyhoundmy trip from hell

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I was appalled at service from all who worked for them.They were ignorant and rude.I was shoved, cussed at, spit on and that was before i left ny, to florida.I left upstate n.y. at 4 p.m. on friday, at 9 p.m. nothing open in port authority, with a 6 hour layover.Now we have 3 buses of people trying to get on one, that was almost the first riot.Since when do you put your own bags on and off the bus?I helped a young women with two babies, two carseats, two bags, because nobody from greyhound would help her.I am a 55 yo disabled female who helped all the way to fayetteville n.c.Thats where the second riot took place because the driver got lost and missed
raleigh n.c.have 2 c if i can continue my


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      Oct 14, 2009

    greyhounds policy is that the PASSENGER is fully responsible for their own luggage. How difficult is the concept of taking care of your own stuff to understand? it is fully described on the back of all greyhound baggage checks, and the inside flap of the ticket envelope for all consumers to read. lol

    Since when? since 2001.

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