Greyhound Linesthe driver left me at a rest stop in avenal, california!

R Nov 14, 2017

I have called greyhound already to make a formal complaint about my travels from Hayward, CA to Santa Ana. Ticket # [protected]. Scheduled to leave on October 29, 2017 at 9:15 a.m. I got the bus from Hayward. It successfully stopped in Oakland and they headed to Avenal. When we got to Santa Ana. I am almost 100% sure that I heard the driver say that we have forty minutes to break. After spending less than 10 minutes massaging my feet. I walked to the rest and used it which took less than ten minutes. After leaving the restroom I figured we had some more time. By the way the rest stop was packed with patrons - meaning that there was two buses. I heard some kind of announcement over the intercom, but it was very unclear because it was very noisy inside. After walking over to the subway food hub. I spent less than five minutes there - I did not order food because I thought there was not enough time. As I approached the front door at the Avenal gas station. It looked empty. The driver drove off and left me at Avenal. Then I found out there was another passenger that got left too. We were inconvenienced for three hours and had to wait for another bus going to the LA area - which was already delayed. I think that the driver should not have drove off and left me. Did none of the other passengers on that same bus tell the driver that some people were not on there. I would like a whole refund of my ticket purchase from Hayward to Santa Ana. My name is Radiah Fort. I can be contacted at [protected]. My email address is: radiah.simone.[protected]

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