Greyhound Lines / bus trip from grand rapids mi on greyhound on 11-21-2017

On approximately 11-21-2017 I was cursed out by the night shift manager at the Louisville Kentucky Greyhound and subsequently had the cops called on me. This all started due to the fact that my continuing bus had no heat and the driver from Indianapolis delayed her trip to Louisville. She eventually conceded and her along with us took the 2 hour jaunt in a freezing bus in absolute attempts to make our connections. Once arriving in Louisville, there were no resolutions to the problem. After approx. one hour that manager in Louisville attempted to fill seats on buses that were headed on to Nashville which was part of my journey. At this point and time we were told to get our carry-on's of the non heated bus and that we would have to leave our other baggage. I along with the few others who chose this option, voiced our disdain and refusal to leave our luggage during this peak traveling. The manager became irate and begin cursing out myself and several others. I was called a [censor] among other things. I inquired as to her superior and she bragged that it was her brother and continued to curse and threaten me. After i began to retaliate with words of my own she called the police. They arrived and informed me that they were assessing fines to this location due to the number of calls by her in effort to remove paying customers from the building and prevent further travels. The security guard even informed me of the numerous complaints against this woman to no avail. Those police officers also said that corporate was aware of all problems and have failed to act. this incident should be available on CCTV at the station. At this time i am seeking a courtesy return ticket to Grand Rapids MI from Tallahassee, FL on DEC. 3rd 2017 However, with or without that gratuity i will be going to the media. Not to mention the driver to Nashville was lost for over an hour. Also the Grand Rapids location refused to take a check from a local veteran's agency who was paying for this emergency trip for me. Your customer service failures are beyond Reproach. I will use my affiliations and all initiative to put a halt to these shameful tactics. which includes the Federal Transportation Administration.

Avon Morris, Jr.
Veteran U.S. Army

Nov 27, 2017

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