Greyhoundrude behavior of bus operator

My wife booked a ticket for her and my son from Pretoria to Harare where I am currently managing a project on behalve of a telecoms company. After seeing remarks about luxury busses we decided to go this route when they came to visit me, to give my son the experience of traveling in a luxury bus. The experience is anything but luxurious. She phone me and told me that she was allocated a seat right at the back of the bus close to where the engin was situated. The aircon did not work at the back of the bus. They were sweating and dehidrated from the heat generated by the engin after traveling a few hours. When she approached the driver and asked him if she could moved to the front of the bus were there was two vacant seats with luggage on, he told her that those seats was reserved for him and his luggage. His behaviour was rude and he told her it is not his fault that the aircon at the back of the bus was not working. A experience that should have been pleasant turned into a nightmare and we have undertaken never to make use or Greyhound servises again.

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