Greyhound / horrible/terrible company!!

Horrible company! Terrible experience!: (

They charged me twice for a ticket they never gave me. So, I ended up paying $250 for a nightmare experience from new mexico to colorado. I had a huge fight in albuquerque with the customer service representatives. They wouldn't let me board the bus without paying again. Idiots! I demanded to speak to their supervisors, and I asked for everyone's name. I called the corporate headquarters and the customer service department, and they were rude and belligerent! I fought my way onto the bus, and I was squeezed in the back of a mexican bus, near a man with a dirty-diapered baby. The whole bus smelled like diarrhea, and it made me want to puke. The bathroom was nasty, too! Some # bought a dog on the bus, and it kept crapping on the floor. Eventually, the bus driver had to pull over the bus on the freeway, and the #ic owner had to get off on the side of a busy highway, and walk their damn dog. What an a*hole! What kind of dumba* brings a dog on a 500-mile journey?! Omg! Wtf? Insane!!!

I am still trying to get a refund for my ticket. But after reading the other reviews of this pathetic gayhound, I think i'm just going to write it off as a lost cause. I may mail a copy of my ticket receipt and explanation to the corporate office, and visit my local office in cali. But I doubt they will actually help me. Everytime I call the customer service line, they keep me on hold until the business hours are over/closed. What a great way to treat customers... Not!

Please stop riding gayhound! If enough people refuse to give them their hard-earned money, this so-called company will ultimately go out of business and die! Boycott gayhound! Stop the insanity! Don't give them a cent! They suck! They will treat you like dirt! No more! It is time to take a stand! Yes, we can!!! Lol!

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