Greyhound Bus Lines / disturbing conditions of buses and stations


On July 27, 2009 I embarked on a Greyhound bus ride from San Jose, CA to Chicago, IL. I've been traveling on Greyhound since I was a teenager and I have always enjoyed this method of transportation. However, I enjoyed little on this particular (and last) trip via 'the hound.'

While the drivers were as friendly and professional usual (and now have snappy new uniforms), the buses were in poor condition -- posted instructions WRITTEN IN MARKER INK, gum and old food stuck in between the windows and seats, bus bathrooms without sinks and often without tissue. Also, the commodes are large enough for a toddler to fall into! The bus stations were unbelievable. Something that you might find in a fourth world country: filthy floors, garbage stewn about, bathrooms strewn with feces and paper towels and unknown liquids on the unwashed floors. Again, sometimes no toilet paper at all. JUST AWFUL. And, I felt, DANGEROUS. I can easily imagine an outbreak of swine flu starting in almost any Greyhound station. That's a strong statement, but until Greyhound gets its act together, I would advise people to take a plane or train.

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