Great Clipsmanagement

I just had to quit my job due to feeling threatened and harrassed. The manager Debbie at great clips on sooner in del city said she was writing me up because she had to help me three times and I would not stand there and watch. The first time she did even out a customer's hair for me. I walked off and asked her where the first aid kit was because I had just cut myself and was bleeding profusely. The second haircut I was not finished with and she came and took over because she normally cuts this guy's hair. I did walk off on that one because I felt as if it was unprofessional to just come up and take over. The third time I asked her to buff out a line for me because my clippers aren't that great to do so. I know how to fade but no matter how much I went over the line it would not blend. After I corrected her on the write up she came real close to my face and yelled at me "do you want me to correct it then." I stated yes. After that she says well now I'm writing you up for being late today. I asked her how was I late and I was clocked in by 5 o'clock. Which is what time I was scheduled for. She stated that she told me to come in 10 minutes early and I was 8 minutes early. Although my station was set up and ready to go by 5. I will be doing a complaint to corporate also. If you are looking for a job I wouldn't do great clips. Or at least make sure the manager is not on a power trip and lying on you and yelling at you while everyone is standing around. I have never felt so intimidated in my life.

Jul 25, 2018

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