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Great Clips / employment

1 4902 S. Val Vista Drive, Gilbert, AZ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 480-899-9975

This is a employment complaint and a heads up for new and old stylist and barbers what to expect because when you walk away you personally do not feel good about youself...I am going to start with the good. The health benefits are the regular 20/80 not a supplement and they offer other benefits life insurance, different disability insurance and students just out of school Great Clips will pay 50% of your tuition. You have to work full-time to get these benefits anywhere from 34-32 hours and it does depend on the franchise owners, they keep two people on duty at all times but it is sosososo much better to have two stylist not a stylist and receptionist. Now I am going to start with the bad, brace yourself this is ugly, when it starts happening to you it is a living nightmare.
1. When you walk in there are eight stations or more for the stylist. what upper Management wants is for each stylist to move as close to the front as possable. That means you never have your own station. You have to pack up each shift. I have seen stylist and barbers leave their license but that is not a good idea. It would be too easy if a stylist forgets their license to use the license that is not theirs instead. If State Board came in and found something the other stylist was doing wrong it would be against you not them. That would be fine mess to fix.
2. Your schedule chages each week and I have had work six days straight just to get 36 hours.
3. If it is slow and there is more than three people some one gets sent home, less hours and if you have clients or starting to get request this what makes regulars, illregular.
4.The franchise owners and the human relations department do not have enough control over each employees working hours and that includes the managers. There is no structure, no- when you are hired you are to work a set such and such hours. If the Managers need more hours, the employees get less hours. when you are hired and not working enough hours the Managers can hire more people and that gives you even less hours.
5. When you start you are sent to hair cutting classes and this is the basic hair cutting class that you are taught in the freshman class in beautician school. If you stop working for Great Clips before three months you will be charged a 100.00 fee and it will be taken out of your next check. You are not taught how your average at the end of the day is 17 min. or less. and this is something that is enforced by Great Clips. If you don't meet it your working hours become less, or get written up and you have to sighn a contract saying by such and such date you will meet the 17 min or less for the end of the shift. Longer hair take longer 20 min or more but you make it up with the short cuts taking less time. When I got written up and sighned a contract, I felt total frustration, I am going to be doing crappy cuts. Then I started listening to the radio it really relaxed me and by the fourth song I would start wrapping things up and it would keep each cut under 17 mins.
6.When you are hired at 9.00 an hour and you get 80 hours after taxes your check will be about 580.00 . 70 hour is about 460.00 anything less how in all that is human does Grat Clips expect you pay your bills, get a loan, make a deceint living.
7. If the average turn over for employees at Great Clips is high each day, week, month and year and then what I have stated is the heart of the reason.

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  • Mk
      14th of Feb, 2009

    I have to agree with all of the above. I have asked to work 20 hours a week. Sometimes its 10 sometimes its 15. They hire new people all the time and my hours get taken away.Then when they quit I get them back. There is not consistency with the hours or days. I have to do haircuts in less than 14min. That's what my owner requires. Its crazy. I work part time. I could never survive there full time.
    It is sooooooooooooooo monotonous. Your have to say to every client that walks in the store: "Welcome to Great Clips" not Hi or Hallo thanks for comming in I will be right with you. I feel like I work for MC Donalds.
    We dont have a receptionist so you have to leave your coustomer everytime the phone rings or you need to check somebody in. That takes away from my HC times. I would not recoment Great clips for full time work.

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  • Sa
      14th of Mar, 2009
    Best Best Advice

    Yeah I agree we just finished this ridiculous haircut sale for $4.99! We've had 2 in the past 2 months; they work us to DEATH. I guess I'm lucky we don't have to say "Welcome to Great Clips". I'm trying to get something put together to send to corp and Dept or Labor. Really get them good and feel an impact.


    Give me some more of your thoughts it would be great.

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  • Be
      6th of Apr, 2009

    Agree strongly on all of your comments . they should be sent to labor board for all the crap they pull on their employees . They treat their employees like dirt, dont want them to take breaks and cut at a certain time and pay them pretty close to nothing. I worked there for 5 years and thank God I finally quit I hated that place.

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  • Ha
      15th of Apr, 2009

    THe only break you get is when you work 8 or more ours. Then you punch out anything less then 8 you dont get a break at all. So if you are busy for 6-7 hours which at some days we are no break for you. I sometimes just go to the bathroom to hide and strech for a few minutes. I am part time, work less then 20 hours and make 7.50 an hour. no raises for 3 years.
    Then you have all these crazy sales for 6.99 or 7.99 and you get some strange birds walking in . You think your tips will be better because they don't have to pay so much for the haircut? Wrong... Our Haircut times have to be 13 min a Haircut.

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  • Ch
      10th of May, 2009

    I work for Great Clips and I have to disagree 100% with the above. The opportunities given to each employee is amazing. There are so many incentives which are given at the franchisees discretion. You can advance in your career so much with this company. I understand some people have bad experiences, however would you much rather go to a booth rental pay 125 a week and chance not making enough to cover that charge?!?! Take what she stated about your pay and add what you make in tips each week, which on average is over 200 a week. There is no reason you cant make a living. I have been approved for loan ect without a problem. Also we have our commision bonuses, product bonuses among many other. It is a great place to work. As for the hours yes managers get the most hours to cover if state board does come in, also every salon has an employee handbook stating the requirements not just Great Clips. Those salons dont pay near as well or take near as good care of their employees either. If a stylist does not produce we will work with them, their hrs may be cut so we can help them with one on one training. As for training it is a refresh course and shows each employee how to manage their cuts within standards plus you are paid for that training and you get your ceu hours. Seriously there is not one complaint I have about the company I have learned a lot and will continue my employment with them for a long time. Not everyone is going to be happy, oh and I dont know what franchisee she worked for but I have never heard of the 100 dollar fee for quiting within your 90 day probationary period. Its a great place to work!

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  • Lo
      12th of May, 2009

    I would strongly advise any stylist or barber considering great clips employment to do your homework first. I do not recommend great clips for full-time employment or for stylists (new to the hair industry). It is very draining and cut throat. And yes great clips requires you to pay back the (training cost) if you leave the company before your 90 days.

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  • To
      3rd of Jun, 2009

    I too would warn any new or old stylist about working for Great Clips. I am not sure about the rest of the company or franchise but BEWARE!!! if you are looking for a job in the Tennessee area. They have a supervisor there that is very petty and always makes accusations about things that are so far in left field it is pathetic. I recently was terminated from one of their stores because of said "CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS". But low and behold, there was no proof to the supervisor's claim. I did not have no more and probably has less than some of the other stylist, namely the new manager she promoted in my store. But really what she was pissed about was my comment on how unprofessional, and unbusiness like and just down right wrong she was about my former manager's husband and that she should not have attacked my former mgr at work, while working, about a personal matter. It was ridiculous!!!

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  • St
      22nd of Jul, 2009

    Great Clips is a DEAD END JOB! No stylist will ever make enough to make a decent living at any Great Clips. The money paid is SO low. They nit-pick you to death. There are CONSTANT "warnings" that are just fear tactics. Fear Tactics do not give incentive for anything but a faster push to leave. This company wants it's employees to look non-artistic when hair stylists are artists. It makes no sense.. Almost as little sense as to why I'm still a Great Clips employee. I couldn't get lower in the industry. I don't recommend it to anyone. There is nothing "Great" about it except I'm giving $50 hair cuts for $13 to cheap-assers who tip like they ordered a cup of cofee. Great Clips customers all deserve mullets for being so cheap.

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  • Lo
      3rd of Aug, 2009

    One more thing ... They really really want you to push products down peoples throat. You only have s few minutes to cut their hair and people come there for cheap haircuts ... Do you really think they are going to pay $16 dollars for a bottle of shampoo? These clients are far and few in between at Great clips. I feel like I am a car sales man. They keep track of how much you sold each day, each week. I JUST WANT TO CUT HAIR. IF I FEEL LIKE THEY NEED SOMETHING I WILL TELL THEM .

    We are so short staft this moment its not funny. As a madder effect we are always short staft. People don't stay there very long they usually leave with in 4 months. Why? Pay stinks...too many restrictions... u are always on a short leash. zaps out all of your creativity.
    I think i got all i needed to say.
    Hope I wont be working for this company much longer.

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  • Gr
      24th of Oct, 2009


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  • Ha
      26th of Oct, 2009

    If you work for Great Clips- don't get sick. They will cut your hours/cut your position or simply cut you- even with a note from doctor. There is no empathy with this company. I have worked with two different owners and neithor cared to find out I was deathly sick in the hospital! All they care about is filling the hours needed- not their employees. They do not care if you are an excellent stylist with fantastic customer service skills. I could go on forever.

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  • Lo
      21st of Dec, 2009

    That is so true. They dont care. I wonder if all the owners a like that. Mine has like 6 salons and they are all doing good.
    He is soooooo cheap!!! Thins just fall appart and he does not take care of it. U dont have al ife with Great clips. U could work every weekend and if you request for a specific day of you get hell. There are no set schedules witch means no life besides Great Clips. This company wants you to buy all the Great Clips propaganda with out giving anything to the stylist in return.

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  • Gr
      19th of Feb, 2010

    I feel for anyone who is working at Great Clips and wants to quit but can't because of financial reasons but I had to quit to save my sanity and my health. I've known people to quit and be poor because of the inhumane treatment they received by the district manager and manager. They just want the money they can get if they aggravate the life out of the stylist to sell products and cut faster even if it means causing trouble for the customer. I'm now working for a company that cares about my life and making it fun to come to work every day. I am a person not just a number. I pray for anyone thinking about working for Great Clips in Charleston SC. I hope the owner will check into the problem and make some positive changes because you never know how much you're hurting someone's life unless you ask and really care about doing something.

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  • Te
      24th of Feb, 2010

    I am reading everyone's complaints and will not pass judgement. I have worked for Great Clips off and on for 4 years of my 7 years in the industry. I have worked for the Owner's who seem to be a bit overwhelming; however, I am now working for the most successful Great Clips owner in the Cleveland-Akron Districts and he is wonderful. The point I want to bring to everyone's attention is... every single one of you signed a paper stating you understood and agreed to the terms of employment. On top of that, why would you just sit in the breakroom and no help your team? There are days where I feel overwhelmed, but anywhere you work is going to be overwhelming from time to time. Work can be fun anywhere you work. I do not agree with the whole no friends at work. The salon I work at is amazing and we all get along inside and outside of work. We all go out together from time to time and we can rely on each other. I am sorry you worked in an atmosphere where you were not comfortable. All I can say is everyone here complaining about the demand Great Clips has just please remember you didn't have a problem with any of it the day you were hired. Also remember Great Clips is the most successful single name brand out there and a great opportunity to advance higher than being a stylist.

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  • To
      4th of Jul, 2018

    @teenersdd They are successful because they have found a CAPITALIST MODEL, that works people to death and doesn't compensate them accordingly. TOO MANY COSMO'S out there...that's the problem.

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  • Je
      23rd of Nov, 2018

    @teenersdd Thanks I recently quit great Clips after 6 years to go to full service, I'm not going to make it due to the low traffic flow and type of clients the franchisee attracts with his 25 dollar cut and color Tuesdays. I've been there a month and i'm considering going back to great Clips

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  • St
      8th of Mar, 2010

    I would have to disagree with all of you who say it it Great Clips... no, it is your owners! I have been at the same location for 5 years, and if all of you think your pay sucks, maybe you should work a little bit more, and complain a little less. Maybe that is why turnover in your salon is high, stop bringing other people down with your bad attitude. If you think the pay is better somewhere else... maybe you should make the turnover rate at your salon higher, and leave! However, the pay is basically the same at all the "chain" salons! As for all of you that complain about getting $1, or "stiffed", well once again, where are you doing your complaining about that? On the cutting floor, in front of other customers? I think that you are setting yourself up for not being tipped. There is no where that says they have to tip you, they tip if you go over and beyond their expectation of the service. Hmmmm... should have listened all along, and watch your best stylist at the salon you are at. You would probably say that they are suck-ups? Well, hate to let you in on a secret... that is what the service industry is all about. I just have to say... I am so glad you are not working at my salon!

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  • Gr
      10th of Mar, 2010

    I Totally disagree I have worked for great clips for 2 1/2 years now & I have the best group of stylist ever & the best manager, we even get together outside of work to hang out of fun all the girls I work with are very talented !!! do we have bad day sure who doesnt, do we get redo yes again who doesnt but 9 out 10 we left it to long big deal I feel badfor all the bad reviews on here you should love were you work!!!

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  • Gr
      6th of Jul, 2010

    Great Clips is a terrible place to work. I am embarrassed and ashamed to have ever worked there. In 2 weeks, I will be leaving. I will be rejoicing to the heavens when this day comes. I am supposed to be full time. They keep hiring new stylists and just like some other stylists here have stated, when this happens, your own hours are cut. It doesn't matter how much seniority you have or how great of a stylist you are. They do no care about you. Period. You are just an assembly line worker when you work for Great Clips. You are replaceable and disposable to them. The stupid monthly reviews are ridiculous. There is no real way they can track whether a customer came back to Great Clips because the customer could have gone to another Great Clips in the area that was convenient to them..or maybe the customer was not in need of another haircut just yet. There are so many variables to the equation and yet you, the stylist, will be punished for it! They set you up for failure. It's like one of those games in an arcade with the claw that picks up the stuffed animals... the game is made so that your chances of winning the stuffed animal is very slim. Well, same concept applies here... your chances of making a decent productivity bonus.. VERY slim. Unless you are Edward Scissorhands, you will never make much in productivity (if you do, it might happen once or twice in the whole year and you will be exhausted after you do). They work you to death. This job is physically and mentally draining. Most of the stylists you will work with are trashy for lack of a better word. Working here will age you... drain you... and it could leave you broke when they cut your hours because they keep hiring new stylists. A lot of customers who go to Great Clips are also really dirty and gross...and you have to cut their hair without shampooing it first! The managers can make your schedule however they want it... you will have absolutely no quality of life here. I worked the day before and after Christmas and spent Christmas alone because my family lives far from me. My manager knew this and she scheduled me that way.. I didn't complain because I thought that if I just did it, maybe it would show that I was dedicated. WRONG. Nothing good that you do will ever be noticed here. They are quick to point out all of your shortcomings (which are stupid things such as a 20% customer return rate, which, as I said above, their data to calculate this is very questionable). Just don't work here if you want a good life. Period.

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  • Gr
      10th of Jul, 2010

    Great Clips has been a terrible experience for me. I am so ashamed and embarrassed that I ever worked for this company. Today was my final day working there and I am so glad. I feel like it will take a while for me to get over this because I am pretty upset about the things I experienced while working there and how I was treated, however, I am rejoicing that I will never again be in a horrible work environment like that. It really cannot get much worse than this...

    First of all, I was hired to be full time. Did I ever see 30 hours a week? No, not really. The only time I had 30 hours was during The Great Haircut Sale... which in and of itself is a reason to AVOID working at any Great Clips! The Great Haircut Sale offers haircuts for 4.99 and during this time, the most disgusting, unclean, unkempt, nasty people come in to get their haircut. This might be the only haircut they get all year. The smells coming off of these people... the dandruff, the possible head lice cases, the DIRTY, GREASY, SMELLY hair (which by the way, you do not shampoo a person's hair before cutting it at Great Clips unless they request that ou shampoo it.. and most Great Clips customers are too cheap to pay the extra $3 or so for a shampoo!).

    Next you have your co-workers... now, some of your co-workers may be great, but the ones that I have had the misfortune of working with are ghetto, trashy, uneducated, use improper English, are lay, and extremely unprofessional. They yell things across the salon floor. One girl that I worked with is a grown woman of approximately 31 years old and she tells small children that their hair looks "sexy." I am so embarrassed when she does this... telling a 4 year old child that their hair looks sexy is just plain wrong and inappropriate.

    If Great Clips tries to recruit you (which they do go around to beauty schools, etc and post help wanted ads), they will boast that they can offer you all kinds of "awesome" benefits such as paid vacations, health insurance, a 401(k), etc. Well, I worked there for a a year and 9 months. I left for a short time in between and when I left, I was considered a new employee again. You have to be with the company for 90 days before even qualifying for health insurance. You have to be getting at least 32 hours a week during this 90 day period to qualify for it as well. I was hired to be full time. I needed those hours.. and since I didn't get them, I also could not get health insurance. Their health insurance was also extremely expensive.

    The manager likes to schedule herself the best hours. Her favorites also get the best hours and they do not work but one evening during the week. They are out by 3 on Saturdays. Who is going to be closing the shop on a Saturday? YOU... if you are not "in" with your manager, she will leave you to close. If she needs more hours, yours will be cut. And they are notorious for constantly hiring NEW girls...even when you are already not getting enough hours.

    I worked holidays and didn't complain. I rarely requested off. I worked nights and weekends. I didn't even get to see my family for Christmas because she scheduled me to work the day before and after Christmas. I did these things because I thought maybe it would eventually pay off.. maybe it would help me in the ong run. Did any of this matter to the company? HELL NO. Was my hard work even acknowledged? Again, HELL NO.

    Now lets' talk about the type of clients you will be seeing at a Great Clips... CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. You will have the rare, diamond in the rough customer who tips well, is articulate and and an overall clean person who uses good hygiene, but for the most part, you will be cutting the hair of smelly, disgusting individuals who think a one or two dollar tip is good. Think people who REEK of cigarettes! It's absolutely disgusting and makes me shudder just thinking about it. Your hands will actually smell like cigarettes after cutting their nasty, disgusting, unwashed hair. Men will come in there sweating. Some will come right from the gym without taking a shower first...or right after they mowed their lawn and then decided "Oh, I could use a haircut...I won't shower first because that hair will be all over me. I'll shower when I get home."

    It takes no creativity whatsoever to use a clipper. And not only this, but your hands, back, and feet will be worked into a slow exhaustion... you could be in your early to mid 20's ... if you work like this, it will take a huge toll on your body as it has mine. You will regret it. You are not a machine that cuts hair. ou are a person with rights and feelings... and creativity. You are an individual. If you want to remain this way, do not work for ANY GREAT CLIPS!

    It will take me a while to recover from working in this hell hole. That may sound overly dramatic..and I hate to sound that way, but I am very upset by what I have experienced here. I do not have a good self esteem after working here. As this original poster states, "When you walk away, you personally do not feel good about yourself." She is so right about this! Keep this in mind. Is it worth taking a job for the quick buck or is keeping your self esteem and dignity more important? I will go with the latter any day. Please..hold out for a better job.

    Great Clips is no place for any self respecting person.

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  • Gr
      10th of Jul, 2010

    One last thing..

    one commenter stated that she feels like she works for McDonalds..

    Well, Great Clips is the fast food of hair.

    I can remember recruiters for Great Clips coming into my beauty school years ago and trying to get girls to come work for them. They were proud to say that in the next few years, they planned to be "The McDonalds of hair."

    Well, they got their wish. Let's choose not to be a part of it!

    +1 Votes
  • Pr
      22nd of Jul, 2010

    I am sorry to inform all of you. Great Clips is a scam. The only people who make money are the corporation at Great Clips. They have formed a system that does not work for anyone but them. They tell investers that they do not need to anything about hair to be an owner. Right there should be a RED FLAG. I have seen atleast three Great Clips close becuse of this... investers did not know anything about the industy. It is insulting to the Hair Stylist to have to cut hair at such an alarming fast rate. It is not going to be a good job when it is rushed. I would never go anywhere a stylist is being timed to cut hair. Great Clips does is not a full service salon like fantastic Sams, I hate to say it but FS is doing way better than any Great Clips. GC does not offer all the services that a women needs and it is incomvenient to go to two different places. I would not do it, I wandt everything done all at one time color, cut, wax etc. great clips suck they are the bottom of the barrel.

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