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I went to this place with my daugther and mother, and we have this lady (Kelly) to help us she was the rudeness people I ever seen, she did not listen, or give advice you know abouth hairstyles for your type of face or something like that, anyway my daugther was crying her haircut was horrible no style at all, my mom did not like either, no even close that she wanted she just ignore us, I complaint, then I had I call from the owner I guess and he said to give me credit till now I have not seen not credit, dont go that place, or al least dont let this woman help you!! Beware

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  • Ru
      Oct 24, 2009

    I will never take my chld to Asheboro Great Clips again! The girl who cut his hair (Sonia) was so rude to him I could not believe it! My child was almost in tears when we left and he is only 5 years old. The girl obviously has some sort of issue with cutting childrens hair since they won't be still the whole time, so why is she doing hair? If Great Clips wants to keep their future customers, they might want to do something about this rude girl!!! I'm done with going there myself...I have searched for a number to call but can't find one other than that location.. Wonder why??? Somebody needs to know about her!!!

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  • Co
      May 23, 2010

    I dont understand why you let the mangers get way with all they do the great clips in Columbus ind is bad My daughter work there and i cant belive the things she dose then lie and you the owners belive her WHAT she put her 2 week noices in and they made her leave before her 2 weeks was up just on here say . And this lady still bugs her about things when she has tried to move on and she run her out os a asst. mangers job and didnt even tell her until the new one walked in and she is not a nice person so why would you think i would have anything good to say about Great Clips . Maybe the other stores are ok but the one here suck and she ran the other owner off and now she thinks she miss bad ### well she not and i think you need to check this out what a loser she is

    Thank You

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  • Tp
      Sep 10, 2010

    I do have to agree with the comment above. I have been taking my children to the Asheboro Great Clips for years, as well as getting my own hair cut there. There use to be a manager named Michelle there who was wonderful. Recently my husband brought my kids to get their hair cut before school started, and they butchered both of my boys hair. A simple bowl cut, that even I myself could do if I had the time, was all hacked up and crooked around their heads. My husband insisted it was not right and he still had to pay for the cuts. When we complained to the manager and asked for our money back, she said she was the one who cut their hair and it was a bowl cut... but looked better blended in (or hacked up, depending on which point of view you saw it from). I had to call corporate office and complain to the owner, who took the managers side, but did give our money back anyway.
    Luckily, the barber shop was able to fix both cuts, and luckily my daughter only got her bangs cut (which were crooked too. We will NEVER go back to that salon so long as they are running it the way they are. It is such a shame Michelle is not still there, she did a great job.

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  • De
      Jan 11, 2012

    nice grammar!

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