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1450 W Grand Pkwy S Ste B, Katy, TX, 77494, US
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Great Clips - termination

In febuaury 2010 I Erica Bass put in my request off days for the month of May.Ms. Tammy Miller (MY SUPERVISOR) and I Always discuss upcoming events, scheduals and even personal issues. I needed to either be off or be out by 1pm on may30th. (I lived approximately 35 min. from the salon) I was sure to be the first to submit my request. In april 2010 I sat wit Ms. Tammy Miller and we discussed the schedualing for the month of may. Tammy and I decided THAT I WOULD WORK 10AM TO 1PM. The month of may came and I was not worried because Tammy and I had already discussed and taken care of my schedual. Three days prior to may 30th Tammy finally posted the schedual. The schedual stated that on the 30th I were to work 10am to 5pm, and there were still 2 other stylist availiable to schedual for that shift (Diana, Dana). Yet she was busy and everytime I attempted to contact her, she was not availiable. On sat. may 29th I spoke to Tammy about the schedual, she explained to me that the reason 10 to 5 was there because a former employee (Gloria) had quit. I then told Tammy that I was still positively sure I would not be available. Tammy said " Ok honey, just leave the schedual as is, DON'T WORRY, and I will take care of it and go ahead!" That was the last I heard from Tammy. On may30th around 11am, only 2hours away from my shift ending, I walk to the breakroom and my co-worker Lisa stated that Tammy said I have to stay til 5pm because she couldnt come to the salon, and if i had any QUESTIONS to call her. For (ONE) Tammy told me by mouth NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT! (TWO), I DID NOT HERE FROM TAMMY NOR MY MANAGER, I WAS TOLD BY LISA, (THREE) TAMMY HAS STATED TO MORE THAN ONE STYLIST AND RECEPTIONIST NOT TO LISTEN TO LISA, (FOUR) TAMMY WAS NOT ABLE TO MANAGE THE SITUATION ON HER OWN, SHE DEFINATELY HAD TO CONSULT LISA (A NORMAL EMPLOYEE) TO MAKE A DECISION TO TERMINATE ME. So i continued my daily duties and finished my shift. On sun. may31st (MEMORIAL DAY) I came in to wrk at 8:38am and immediately started completing my duties and set up my station for the work shift. I did one haircut and the was no wait time so I went to the back and started folding clean towels. Mr. Carl Smith (THE FRANCHISEE) came in as usual, and said "Morning!" and that was normal. I finsh the towels and started the capes and the door bell went off so I was checking to see if there was a customer waiting. As i open the door Mr. Carl and I almost bumped into eachother and Tammy was behind him. Tammy asked that i come speak to her a second. Tammy stated that I should have stayed on the 30th til 5pm because the salon lost 6 customers. And that "Lisa said that I said I was probably going to be fired." THAT WAS TAMMY'S DEFENSE AND ONLY REASON TO FIRE ME!( I WAS THEN ASKED TO PLEASE SIGN THE TERMINATION FORM) So she then said I was terminated. There has been Sundays before that we were extra busy and it was only for of us working hard from open to close. Also (TAMMY HAD ALREADY TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT).So I did as told by Tammy's mouth and did not worry about it. I WAS TREATED AS ROSA PARKS IN THE OLD DAYS ONLY BECAUSE I STOOD UP FOR MY RIGHTS. THIS IS TOTAL INVIOLATION TO MY RIGHTS AS AN EMPLOYEE. I HAVE A 7 YEAR OLD SON @ HOME, HIS FATHER PAST EARLY LAST YEAR, SO HIS GRANDMA (MY MOM) HELPS ME WITH HIM BUT SHE IS IN A REHABILITAION CENTER FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE DUE TO SEPSIS INFECTION. MY RENT IS DUE IN EXACTLY TWO DAYS. AND NOW I HAVE TO SEARCH FOR EMPLOYEMENT. (THIS HAS BEEN A HEADACHE, STRESSFUL, AND HARRASSMENT AS A THREAT TO MY HOUSEHOLD) THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT RIGHT!

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Ksaty, US
May 04, 2013 10:19 pm EDT

What in the world was so important on May 30th that was worth losing your job over? Do you not understand that when you work in a salon, business (aka customers) take priority over your personal life? If your rent was due in two days and you have a child to support single handedly and whatever other issues you are whining about, you could have worked a measley 4 extra hours. Case closed.

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