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they charged me for an at-home sucess kit to earn money at home. they did it once before i did not want it I unsubscribed and all that and here I see my bank sends me an overdraft charges for another google esucess kit/ I have been ripped off enough I lost alot of money already I even had to close my card and they still found a way to lie to me and i never gave permission for this dvd thats what they sent and alot of fake sites with different names and I was looking at home jobs but not this Like i said I was faked into buying it one time but no way not 2 please help me i need some way to prove this so my bank can reverse the charges? I dont even have the money to pay for it

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  • Er
      Jan 02, 2009
    Google - fraudelent charges
    United States
    Phone: 954-720-5232

    I asked google for a cd that was to be charged to my account for one dollar($1.00) I never got the offered kit. Then the billing started. None which was authorized.the four charges amounted to
    27.85. Now I understant there is another 11.95 charge coming this month. It has got to stop. All I asked for was a $ 1 google kit. I am not paying any of the charges and they should cease and desist.

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  • Go
      Jan 06, 2009
    Google - prior cancellation 12-2007 of kit
    5625 Park Blvd
    Pinellas Park
    United States
    Phone: 7276571264


    To whom it may concern at customer service:

    I never got my $ back that withdrawn from my account even though I cancelled and no one ever acknowledges that and again cancell the kit and do not bill me for january 2017 either!!! Thank you

    Debra germaine poulos

    You can e-mail me when you decide to acknowledge that I cancelled and should not have been billed for december and that it is cancelled (Kit) and will not be billed in january 2017.

    Debra g. Poulos please acknowledge, once again, immediately to email today, please 1-6-2017

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  • Am
      Feb 09, 2009
    Google - offensive listing of results after a search
    United States

    Upon searching on Google with the query "Catholic doctrine in a nutshell, " hoping to find an abridged summary of Catholic teaching, the first search result is "Catholic doctrine contradicts the Bible." While everyone is entitled to their opinion, such biased search results should not be placed as primary search result. Rather, an unbiased summary of what Catholics believe (without reference to the author's opinion of the validity of such beliefs" should have been first. I am highly offended that Google would be so careless as to allow a site offensive to over 67, 000, 000. Google ought to reorganize such search listings immediately, and it should also check that when searching for basic information about other religious beliefs that the same is also not the case.

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  • Ru
      Apr 13, 2009
    Google - unauthorized use.
    United States

    I recently received documentation from the IRS stating that Google claims to have paid me back in 2017 and that I owe roughly $3, 600 in back taxes. I have never received ANY money from Google, if I had I would of kindly paid the taxes on it. I've tried to get in touch with GOOGLE for the past month, they offer no telephone contact what so ever, they don't offer a help topic or even a way for me to get this resolved.

    I've essentially given up trying to get this resolved with Google, very disappointing considering their decent (yet declining reputation)

    If anyone knows ANYONE at Google I can contact please email me [protected]

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  • Va
      Jun 23, 2009
    Google - false charges
    United States
    Phone: 434-525-5033

    Google ripped me off. I was charged $67.00 for nothing. When I called, they said I had ordered a google success kit which I did not. They refused to refund my money and said my only recourse was to call the police and report it as fraud! And to top it off, this bogus charge caused me to overdraw my account! Now I have to paid double to cover something I knew nothing about. I am going to report this to everyone I know and put the word out that google is run by thieves. DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH GOOGLE!

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  • Vi
      Jul 26, 2009

    The scam has nothing to do with Google. At the bottom of the ad you responded to was the disclaimer saying you had 7 days to cancel or you would be charged a monthly membership fee. It is a fraud but going after Google won't do you any good.

    By the way, placing Google ads is a FREE program offered by Google for web site owners. They are the same ads that appear at the top of this site which means is a Google "Publisher".

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  • De
      Jun 16, 2010
    Google - new password not received


    My Google id is [protected], I haven't used the id for about 2 months and I lost my password. I went to the password assistance page and asked for a new password to be sent to my recovery address which is [protected] and I still have not received it even though it was mentioned that the mail would come to my account in 24 hours.

    Please kindly do something and send my password to my recovery address as soon as possible. Will appreciate it. :)


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  • Ab
      Dec 17, 2010

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  • Ab
      Dec 18, 2010

    Ding ding ding -----------------> Winner
    Do not use God' s name to seduce people.

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  • Po
      Dec 31, 2013

    I have been charge 99 cents a day sometimes 2 and 3 times a day I want my money back!!! this has been going on since October.

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  • At
      Dec 31, 2013
    Google - chrome flash crashing
    tims barber and styles
    United States

    been using chrome since it came out and until about 4 days ago it was wonderful. However Adobe flash keep crashing and I am waiting forever the request to go through and pages load as well, I have uninstalled it re installed it . checked plug in to make sure just one flash drive was installed. Still keep having the problem and it is frustrating as heck

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  • Ma
      Sep 12, 2015
    Google - ignores my site for "unoriginal" content
    Mountain View CA
    United States

    Google ignores my site for "unoriginal" or "duplicate content."

    According to AV Stats from In Motion hosting, hits dropped drastically from 236K in June 2017 to 12K in July 2017. A computer guru told me that Google could be ignoring my site because of "unoriginal content." Most of the 800 translated articles are original translations that would not otherwise be available to English-speaking readers. I think I need a Google sitemap and filed a Google complaint three days ago without receiving a response. What do you think?

    I am perplexed about the lack of "original content." The articles are mostly original translations that are not available to the English speaking world. These articles are not copied or duplicate. I usually include a link to the original German address so readers can pick up a dictionary and do some translating. It seems super-hard to get a book or anthology of translated articles published in English. First, there is a leveling-down so scholarly, technical or abstract work almost disappears. Second, publishers are probably reluctant about paying fees to original writers and translators. In Germany, there is more of a market for 100-200 page books.

    A massive subsidy program for writers is necessary in the US. This should be a no-brainer since qualitative growth must replace quantitative growth. Unlimited growth is impossible on a finite planet. Reducing work hours is the only way to guarantee the right to work and is also a socio-economic investment that offers better long-term health and time sovereignty. Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people. Access could replace excess as enough could replace more. As Jim Hightower said, we have too many 15-watt bulbs in 60-watt sockets. Elitists can't seem to accept post-growth, post-fossil and post-autistic economics. Trade agreements benefit foreign investors and not labor and the envi8ronment. For them, the future is only a continuation of the present. In truth, the future should be anticipated and protected in the present (cf. Jurgen Moltmann, "Theology of Hope").

    On Open Culture - The Best Free Cultural and Educational Media on the Web. we are given 700 free movies, 700 free E-books and 450 free audio books (including "1984"). Another incalculable treasure is that goes back more than 10 years. Enjoy the feast! Corporate types seem to make "free" and "shared" into taboo realities that hardly get a hearing.

    Thanks for your time. I look forward to your comments and email.

    Marc Batko


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  • Re
      Oct 01, 2015

    I am a regular user of yahoo i reset my phone after then i was trying to open my account but i cannot access but yhoo send i verification code in gmail acount but here i never receive any code. my account name is [protected] and gmail account is [protected] sir please solve my problem thanks.

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