Goodwill / no price tag policy

Millington, United States

I've frequented and loved our one local Millington Goodwill for years for one reason more than any other... as a low-income mom, it's one of the few places I can take my young daughter to where she can really have some fun knowing she can pick out almost any toy she wants (sometimes that's that one truly unique thing unattainable anywhere else, at least for a reasonable amount of money) and actually be able to afford it with her allowance money. She loves the place more than I do - it's always been such a special thing to look forward to. Today, that changed. We were in the store almost 3 hours ago, and I'm still trying to make my daughter feel better. She found that one special thing today, after looking forward to our weekly visit for a few days. No sign informed us that the rules had changed since the week before, when it wouldn't have made a difference, but when we reached the checkout counter, the cashier informed us she couldn't sell the item to my daughter as it had no price sticker on it. My daughter was heartbroken. I asked if the manager was still there, and the lady informed me that it was a new rule, and that even if the manager spoke with us, he/she wouldn't be able to do anything about it either, and then gave me a speech about how people remove stickers before reaching the checkout in hopes of getting a lower price. So... my daughter has the prize she picked out and was willing to pay anything she had for it taken away with no hope of ever finding another one like it, I got treated like one of "those" people (no matter that I've never removed a price sticker in a store in my life for any reason, let alone to flim-flam the business), and the pricers in the back, also managed by this manager, have more say than that manager?? Wow, makes the manager look great, not to mention an organization that "strives to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families". Guys, you run the Bargain Barn business, too. NOTHING in there is individually priced, but sold at fixed rates depending on size, material, etc. My daughter left in tears, thinking she'd done something wrong, and now I've spent most of the afternoon as a result to explain corporate rules to an unprepared small child, a total crimp in my parenting that I thought could wait until I was at least myself prepared. So much good will towards humanity there. You just lost my business AND my donations.

Jun 3, 2015

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